We all want life to be like a Corona commercial sometimes.

If you thought Mark Richt’s management style last season was a little too hands-offish, that’s nothing compared to Rick Neuheisel, who, after having botched a defensive coordinator hire and looking at two open slots on his coaching staff, evidently decided the best thing he could do with his time was to chillax in Cabo.  Sweet!

He's down with that.



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9 responses to “We all want life to be like a Corona commercial sometimes.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Look, he had already paid his deposit! Cut the man some slack. He already had his vacation to Phuket canceled. http://www.phuket.com/


  2. Dog in Fla

    Rick either needs some R&R before he fills out his tournament bracket or he’s got an agent like Charlie Weiss and Paul Hewitt have.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Hey, the less time he spends in the office, the less chances for someone in the administration to walk by and say, “wait a minute… we hired Rick Neuheisel?!”


  4. Gumpdawg

    Have you showed this to Dasher yet? haha


  5. Shane#1

    ” We all want life to be like a corona commercial sometimes.” What the Sam Hill do you mean “sometimes”? I suppose Senator that you haven’t been freezing your gonads off like the rest of us. That sound you hear is all the brass monkeys migrating from Ga. to Finland, where the climate isn’t as harsh.