Making the team.

I’ve received quite a few e-mails asking that I share this story on the blog.  There really isn’t much to add, except that none of it’s surprising, given what we know about the kind of man Mark Richt is.


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  1. Jaybird

    That IS a great story. Mark Richt is a fine man.


  2. ” I Am Proud To Be A Georgia Bulldawg” . Academics & Athletics.
    The University, the Athletic Dep’t., & the Coaches At UGA all make me proud to call myself a “Bulldawg”.


  3. X-Dawg

    Brings a tear to my eye. Coach Richt has his priorities right.


  4. Irishdawg

    This was a moving, classy act by Richt, and yes, it is completely unsurprising. It made me think of when Rennie Curran put that Boston College linebacker’s number on his helmet when the guy was fighting cancer; another unprompted show of decency.


  5. SCJack

    My wife’s story parallels this one. Coach Richt was in the Lowcountry of South Carolina at a high school banquet, more specifically, recruiting AJ Green. At the conclusion of his address to the filled room a huge line of players, fans and high school coaches formed for his autograph and chat. We were near the front and when we got to him and happened to mention that my wife had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, Coach pulled us to the side (leaving the line waiting) while he talked and prayed with us for over thirty minutes. He had never met us but his compassion for humanity is overwhelming. Oh, did I mention that AJ was standing nearby taking in the scene?


  6. Dawg85

    He i s truly a man you want to root for. I do believe he’ll get it done this year.


  7. Puffdawg

    I just hope Fran Tarkenton doesn’t catch wind of this embarassing act of sympathy. He might unload another one of his patented rants. Who needs religion, right. Guys? Guys?

    BTW good call on us missing on on the “elite prospects” in the state there, Fran.


  8. This might sound weird and roundabout, but this is one of the biggest reasons I so desperately hope we have a great season.

    Mark Richt, from everything I know at least, is a great man. He deserves success, even more than us loyal fans deserve a winning team. The beauty of it is, we both win if karma or who knows what finally delivers what is deserved.


  9. What fresh hell is this?

    Great story.
    Not surprising, but ever more rare in the win-at-all-costs business of college football.
    Listening Auburn?
    I’d sooner have an unsuccessful season than sell my soul for a MNC, and many other coaches sell their soul for far less than a MNC.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    CMR is a great person who is in a really tough business, bumping up against that oh-so-true cliche: ” Winning isn’t everything, it’s the ONLY thing.” God bless him.


  11. MtnDawg

    I agree. CMR is the man.

    …but if he doesn’t win, he can still do this type of thing as the team chaplain–because he won’t be the coach anymore.

    Of course, I want him to win–I want to Bulldogs to win, and I am rooting for them ALL.


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Coach Richt didn’t do it for publicity, but:

    May that story go down in Bulldog Lore beside Larry, Lewis, and James Brown’s best moments.


  13. Spike

    Great story. I had not read or heard about it before.


  14. Bryant Denny

    That really is a tragic story. Coach Richt is a classy guy and appears to genuinely follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I enjoy following Georgia football and pulling for you Dawgs (most of the time) because of Richt.

    I will say this, though. Many of the SEC coaches are probably good guys. (I know, I know.)

    One former Auburn coach in particular did me a personal favor for a good friend and it meant the world to me – and my friend.

    Have a good day,



  15. Bad M

    He will ALWAYS be my coach even though I’ve never met the man. I would follow the man into battle anyday.
    Meanwhile Spurrier is pulling the offer on an orphan. Nice.


  16. Russ

    Thank you for posting this, Senator. Thanks to those readers that suggested it. And thank you Coach Richt.


  17. Bad M

    Maybe we need to start a “Richt Cup” to highlight all the things right he does, not just the traffic tickets a few 18 yr olds get.