Friday morning buffet

Grab a plate and go, folks.

  • Jalen Fields, keeping his red and black dreams alive.
  • Depressing Lede of the Day“College football could be taking a few pages right out of the NFL’s rulebook.” Nice spin, Mr. Redding.
  • Depressing Header of the Day“Youth football steadily evolving into mirror image of AAU hoops.” Ugh.
  • Smart Football responds to the musical question “How can a pass-first team score more touchdowns in the red zone?” with a few thoughts.
  • DawgPost grades the 2011 class.
  • If Jay Paterno truly believes that “The pursuit of recruiting rankings has led to over-signing—the more you sign, the more points you get”, he’s an idiot.
  • The Nuttster culls his roster.  (Jay Paterno rushes off to see where Ole Miss finished in the recruiting rankings.)


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7 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. DawgnAub

    Alright JF, I hope you make DGD status,…keep working, stay grounded, compete and don’t settle.


  2. Sanford222View

    I had forgotten Jalen Fields had to attend GMC. Good to hear he is doing well. Keep it up so we can see you in Athens for the 2012 season!


  3. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Interesting to counter the Jalen Fields article with the article about Dexter Moody in today’s AJC. I really hope that the kid can get his act together and wind up somewhere.


  4. Boz

    Love to hear that about Fields. If he makes it here next January, he will then have 3 years to play 2, correct?


  5. Dawgfan Will

    I live in Dalton, so it’s nice to hear about a local boy working hard to reach his goals. Keep at it, Jalen!


  6. HottCheesE

    The 7 on 7 tourneys are glorified backyard football games. I’m going to invite a couple scouts to this years West 4th Street Gridiron Classic (annual neighborhood thanksgiving flag football game) and see if we can get some 25-30 year old signed. Staples profiled one player who measurables were not impressive that did well in the tourneys and improved his stock, but I wonder how many bruisers on the defensive side of the ball get exposed because they can’t cover the seam. And what about the hogs? How long before they get their elite blocking/pass rushing tourney?


  7. Shane#1

    I had forgotten about Fields, glad he is doing well and I look forward to seeing him in Red and Black. It seems the Rivals scouts share my opinion about Seay. I am telling you guys, Seay is a baller. He is also an outstanding athlete, he was an Albany Herald Pick Six as a bball player. He and Scott-Wesley are big guys, and extremely physical. They can get yac and don’t mind going in the middle. Try to jam them and they hit you back!