Who will be the subject of this year’s Verne crush?

Verne crush(n.) – a form of extreme admiration for another man expressed ad nauseam by the CBS football broadcast team.

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We haven’t had a reader poll in a while, and this seems like a good topic for a cold February morning.  Who do you think will be this year’s heir to the throne of Verne’s and Gary’s unnatural fixation, following in the (giant) footsteps of players like The Two Davids, the GPOOE™ and Spawn of Cecil?

As always, your comments are welcomed.


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31 responses to “Who will be the subject of this year’s Verne crush?

  1. Bryant Denny

    Will Muschamp.


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I thought John Brantley was the favorite in 2010? He should be back on the list for 2011.


  3. Sanford222View

    I think it will be between Lattimore and Murray. It will depend which one ends up on CBS the most this year. If Georgia has a good season Murray will be playing well and he seems the most likable of the list above.


  4. When I think of who the best player will be on the best team… I think Trent Richardson. But, there really just is not a front runner. My second choice would be Lattimore, but he doesn’t seem like the flashy, rah-rah type the last two were.


  5. Irishdawg

    Another question is whose jock is Thom Brenneman sniffing ever since Tebow left? Did Brenneman spend this past season crying?


  6. Toom

    Lattimore. OR, dare I think it, #6?


  7. DavetheDawg

    I think Tim Tebow should be a write-in option.


  8. Biggus Rickus

    Richardson, Lattimore and Murray are your front-runners. My dark horse candidate is Bray if Tennessee exceeds expectations.


  9. Careful Brad

    Imagine if there was a duel qb system where the two guys were actually on the same peewee team, one threw jump passes, the other was 6’6″ 250 and had a shady dad.
    This is Verne’s dream.


  10. TomReagan

    You need two things to qualify for the Verne Crush.

    First, you must be a top player on one of the top teams in conference.

    Second, you must have a compelling back story.

    Since the SEC is so wide open, I have no idea who to choose here. Mettenberger would be my pick if he can play well. But that’s a pretty big if.


  11. fuelk2

    Not exactly responsive to the question, but I have a prediction. Ray Drew will be widely hated by those outside Athens before he leaves UGA. All of the ingredients are there: talent, religion, and he’s a showman.

    Book it.


  12. King Jericho

    I’ve got to go with Aaron Murray. We all know he’s a stud QB, and if the Dawgs can have the type of year we’re all hoping for, he’ll get plenty of verbal groping.


  13. Fitzdawg

    Can you imagine what would happen if Murray and Mettenberger both have stellar seasons and end up meeting in the Dome in December? We’re talking movie rights here. I know I’m dreaming, but that’s what the off-season if for… right?


  14. Jaybird

    Trent Richardson because he plays for bama…and we KNOW ol’ Verne just loves him some bama.


  15. watcher16

    I’m hoping Crowell!


  16. Bulldog Joe

    Les Miles.