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Another subtle sign of change

Leather Helmet Blog has a Gentry Estes observation about the job search for Belin’s replacement:

This is Grantham’s hire to make, like the OL hire in many ways was up to Mike Bobo. Richt will have a say, but it’s doubtful that Grantham wouldn’t get the coach he wants. (This, by the way, is an enormous difference from Alabama. Saban just hired a WR coach that went against what his offensive staff originally recommended, I’m told).

It’s different from how Georgia used to operate, as well.  Richt didn’t delegate the Jancek hire to Martinez when he became the defensive coordinator (granted, both were in play because of VanGorder’s departure, but it’s not like Martinez was a stranger to the program) and the McClendon move wasn’t Bobo’s call.

Now we’re seeing more of an effort to let the coordinators structure their staffs.  I don’t doubt that was something Grantham insisted on coming in and maybe Richt now feels that what’s good for one side of the ball is good for the other.  Or maybe this is coming from McGarity.  Either way, it’s not business as usual.



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Sure, I can see that.

Shorter (Georgia Tech fan) Michael Goldfeder:  Boise State’s 2007 Fiesta Bowl win is proof that Paul Johnson is a recruiting genius.


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Mark Richt’s buzz kill

This some-random-guy-with-a-keyboard’s anti-Georgia rant isn’t particularly well-written or original, but there’s one part I’m genuinely curious about:

… Scandals regarding Ealey’s driving habits engulfed last year’s preseason and his new discipline problems have now overshadowed the program’s great strides in recruiting this offseason.

I can’t say I’ve gotten a general impression from coaches, players or the fanbase that Ealey’s suspension has taken the glow off of the Dream Team signing.  But, then again, I tend to lead a sheltered existence.  Anybody else notice that?


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