8 responses to ““It wasn’t anything intentional…”

  1. Reggie Ball

    I don’t see why the media has a problem with Houston Nutt. Counting is hard.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am not sure whether it is all good , but one of the by-products of the explosion in non-traditional media is is that it is becoming more difficult to be a scumbag (or is it scum-bag?) and your guilt not find light of day somewhere.

    I hope most parents of kids who are potential college players are able to access this stuff. They need, at least, to know the questions they need to ask.

    The “conversation” about oversigning (or is it over-signing…or over signing?) started on the Web and the issue still gets more attention there than in the “traditional media”

    I hope it is getting to the people who need to know.


  3. Sleaze finds Houston Nutt offensive.


  4. Texas_Dawg

    You can’t shame the shameless.

    Maybe not… but shaming can do a lot to expose them.

    Everyone got mad at Congress for “wasting its time” with steroids in baseball, but ultimately the Congressional shaming of Palmeiro, Sosa, and McGwire, which led to the Mitchell Report, is what finally killed an embarrassing era for baseball.

    It would be nice if this scourge on CFB doesn’t require Congress as well.


  5. CDB

    My father used to say ” you can’t shame a s**tass”.