No pressure, kid.

Here’s what the Charleston Post and Courier’s South Carolina beat writer just tweeted about the Clowney signing:

When’s the last time a true freshman defensive end had that kind of impact in the SEC?



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  1. Aious

    Not really any different than past years

    USC has always been 1 year away from winning the SEC their entire 100 year history

    The East title last year was a joke considering UF, UGA, and UT were all absolutely terrible and USC barely won it.


  2. Careful Brad

    Wow, South Carolina wearing the bullseye. It will be interesting to see how they handle this.
    I think John Jenkins will be more comfortable in his new defense week 2 at home than Clowney will be week 2 on the road.


  3. mdr

    The last time a true freshman defensive end had an impact on an SEC championship was….well…..NEVER. The real story here is that SC has actually managed to sign the top player in their OWN state two years in a row. That in itself is a miracle.


  4. Prov

    Is Clowney even eligible yet?


  5. hailtogeorgia

    Might have won the SEC today? I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure one player doesn’t win you the strongest league in the country.


  6. Castleberry

    Ahh the Lexicon. 2011 is the Year of the Gamecock, again. Did winning the SEC East create a leapyear of the Gamecock, or do they need to take all the marbles to break the curse?


  7. Pumpdawg

    How is he going to be able to play in those big floppy shoes they wear?


  8. Richt-Flair

    Which kid got the grayshirt letter from Spurrier?


  9. David

    Assuming he just replaces their standout 5th year Sr. (Cliff Matthews) it will be a wash. That alone is a tall order for a true freshman. I’m not saying he won’t be great…but that will be in 2 or 3 years, not 2011.


  10. Normaltown Mike



  11. gernblanski

    Yeah it’s a lot of hyperbole and recruiting always is, but just short of two weeks ago there were people pencilling in Ray Drew as Justin Houston’s replacement too.

    Let’s just hope that they were right on our guy and wrong their guy.


    • Ray Drew might have gotten the talk, but he’ll have to beat out a Parade All-American in Jarvis Jones to secure the playing time. Would you rather be Georgia with a hyped freshman trying to take playing time from a hyped RS So., or USCe relying solely on the brain of a true freshman? I say brain because the dude has the physical skills. It’s whether he can pass his classes and actually enroll that is still questionable.


      • dudetheplayer

        J. Jones could end up playing one of the inside backer spots, though. I personally hope him and Samuel come out in the spring guns blazing ready to take command of the two inside backer spots. And if Drew is all he’s cracked up to be (he certainly already has the size) I could definitely see him playing outside on day one.


        • Puffdawg

          I was under the impression JJ and RS were already playing inside. Especially now with departure of Williams and Dowtin.


  12. Biggus Rickus

    The kid’s a freak, but it’s a tough adjustment to go from high school to college. Still, that video of him busting the 90-something yard touchdown run was ridiculous.


  13. dudetheplayer

    I think the more important thing for USCe to worry about is whether they can keep Lattimore healthy rather than what Clowney can do for them.

    They were a completely different team last year without Lattimore in the lineup.

    Impact by true frosh is a helluva lot more common in RBs than DEs, too. Let’s hope it’s the case with Crowell.


  14. It seems that we are depending on Jenkins, Drew, & Crowell. However I still believe that we other viable options already on campus. Spring practice should help clear that up.


  15. Boz

    Didn’t we go down this road with Da’quan Bowers at Clemson… I’m hoping he sleep walks for two years, then fires on all cylinders just in time for the draft…


  16. Samford Hall

    Like it or not, South Carolina returns the most talent and experience in your division.

    They are the team to beat to get to Atlanta.


    • Hall Samford

      South Carolina was lucky. The whippingthey took in the SECCG showed just how good the Gamecocks really were. Their best team ever and their only one to ever win the SEC East and the team finished 9-5. My regret is that they didn’t lose to Clemson so they could have lost the last 3 in a row and finished 8-6. If UGA can’t beat them we doesn’t deserve to win the SEC East next year. F*ck ’em.


  17. The Watergirl

    No doubt I think this kid will be dominant, but it doesnt happen as a true freshman in the SEC!! Clowney is to thin and hasn’t grown into a SEC caliber DE yet, and from reports going around we won’t see him for another 2 yrs because of grades! Personally, I wouldn’t trade Drew or Bailey for this guy I believe we have 2 of the best around


  18. Spike

    Senator, hang on to that quote for later in the season when the Cocks flame out again.


  19. We all just have to wait about 8-9 more months just to have a clue who are the real deals or busts.