Coaching hire hostage watch: I’ve got questions.

It’s been twelve days since Belin resigned.  Where’s the fan base nervousness over no announcement of a replacement?  Where’s the random wild speculation about candidates who stand as much of a chance of being hired as I do?  Where’s the smug Mark Bradley column about how this proves Georgia Tech is the program on the rise?

Get cracking, people.


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24 responses to “Coaching hire hostage watch: I’ve got questions.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    Friend. Crowell. Rome. Mitchell. Ward. Dantzler……(repeat)

    I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening, did you say something?

    • ZDawg

      Chuck Oliver said the stain of Ealey’s suspension made us forget all those recruits but I had a hard time hearing him over the sound of a top 5 recruiting class.

      Get it done this year CMR. We are rooting for you.

      • Careful Brad

        Just like Richt can’t hear the critics that say he has never won anything, his two SEC Championship rings are plugging his ears.

        Greatest trash talk line ever and probably hockey’s great contribution to society. Thanks Patrick Roy!

        • Macallanlover

          Sure, because those two SEC titles aren’t much of an accomplishment since, afterall, there is one other team in the SEC who has won three since CMR arrived. (No one tell Alabama they only have one in the past ten years.)

          I expect to see Richt on the Tallahatchee Bridge any day now since he hasn’t accomplished anything in his tenure. Afterall, this is Athens where our grounded fanbase expects SEC titles 75% of the time, Top 10 rankings 60% of the time just won’t cut it, and running a program with ethics and class counts for nothing!

          • Careful Brad

            Just to clarify, I was making the point that Richt has won in the past and hopefully will again.

            and Alabama is still learning this whole winning titles vs. “claiming” titles thing. It might take some time.

            • Macallanlover

              Thanks for that, sorry, I did interpret that to mean he had not accomplished much and was complacent. We hope for the same thing (will again)!

  2. Go Dawgs!

    Well, we seemed to be at least a little better when the linebackers were coaching themselves under Jancek than we were with a really talented linebackers coach last year, so we’re really not sure what to think.

  3. Skeeter

    We got no depth at Dawg. That has me sad.

  4. ucheedawg

    Really good point, Senator. Pretty comical.

  5. ZDawg

    Mo Lewis! I read it on a famous dawg themed internets board. Discuss…

    • 69Dawg

      We could do a lot worst. After all Mo Lewis is still remembered as the man that gave Brady his big chance by killing the Pats first string QB.

  6. jferg

    When your DC is also a co-LB coach….I don’t think there is as much panic as say, an OL coach. What, is Bobo gonna line up with the big ugglies? I believe CTG is just looking for 1B to his 1A in coaching LBs.

  7. Bark Madley

    This means Ga Tech is on the rise.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe CTG is working his way through CMR’s list of hangers-on, er, I mean candidates – family, friends, former players, co-workers, etc., til he finally gets to somebody worth having.

  9. Cojones

    W Cobb Dawg- Do you mean that Buck has made his way to Athens?

  10. heyberto

    Yeah, but why preach doom and gloom on the coaching search front when you can just blast us on the recruiting front?

    I mean.. signing more in-state players this year means that we’re slipping in other states because we don’t oversign, so that’s reason enough to mention why CMR and staff will fail. But when you’re GT, you don’t slip in recruiting, you just lose players you don’t really need.

    • merk

      It usually pretty hard to get the #1 DE prospect…when o you have the #2 on ur Line up…also when said #1 has academic issues and #2 is an ordained preacher in HS.

      Yeap…CMR is so stupid, no going all in on a guy who might never even make it to ur school instead of all in on the next best guy. Cause those rankings are so accurate that cloweny will have 10x the number of sacks Drew does…EVER.

  11. “Maybe CTG is working his way through CMR’s list of hangers-on, er, I mean candidates – family, friends, former players, co-workers, etc., til he finally gets to somebody worth having.”


    Sad but true.😦