“Unless you’re calling to apologize, don’t call my phone no more,”

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for Auburn football.  In addition to the school’s confirmation that the trees at Toomer’s Corner were poisoned, FoxSports.com’s Thayer Evans reported that the NCAA is hot on the trail of Trooper Taylor for possible recruiting violations.

… Lorio said the NCAA investigator who interviewed him asked if he believed Auburn had committed NCAA violations in its recruitment of Robinson, who signed with the national champion Tigers earlier this month. Robinson and Reed, who redshirted as a freshman this past season, were both primarily recruited by Trooper Taylor, Auburn’s assistant head coach.

“I can’t say what Auburn did because I don’t know and I wasn’t involved very much,” Lorio said Wednesday. “I really don’t know truthfully.”

“My answer is what went on with Greg’s recruitment, you’re going to have ask Trooper Taylor, Greg, his parents and, I believe, Sean Nelson. I don’t have any more answers because I don’t know.”

Nelson sounds like quite a guy.

… Nelson says his mentoring program, Total Package, consists of 30 kids, has 10 workers and is based out of a local church. He says not all boys in the program are involved in athletics, but for those like Robinson, the program provides opportunities to work out with an adult in the evenings.

“It’s for kids that need help in any kind of way,” Nelson says.

Nelson says he hopes to someday devote all his time to the program. He plans to seek grants for it; he currently raises money through donations and fundraisers.

Nelson says he has known Reed since the player was in sixth grade and became his guardian after Reed’s mother died nearly two years ago. He says he didn’t realize Reed had a chance to play college football until the youngster performed well at an LSU camp early in his high school career, and says he didn’t have a plan for Reed’s recruitment until a higher power stepped in.

“God gave me a vision,” he says.

According to Nelson, God told him to take Reed to camps and “live on the Internet” so he could do research and network with web-based recruiting gurus.

The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes, although in this case, Trooper Taylor seems to have figured it out.

… Lorio said the NCAA investigator also asked about Robinson’s grandmother, Lydia Robinson, whom Lorio said he has never met. Robinson said Wednesday she was not interviewed by the NCAA and declined further comment.

But she told FOXSports.com last month that she was unhappy with Auburn’s recruitment of her grandson and Nelson having taken him to Auburn on unofficial visits. Robinson also hoped her grandson would choose another school.

She said Auburn’s coaches “weren’t very intelligent” and was especially critical of Taylor, who she says “got a lot of lies in there when he was talking.”

That sort of sounds like the old joke “how do you know when XXXX is lying?  His lips are moving.”

Look on the bright side, Auburn fans.  At least the story doesn’t involve Cecil Newton.


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27 responses to ““Unless you’re calling to apologize, don’t call my phone no more,”

  1. GreenDawg

    Jeez, whether they believe the Cam stuff or not, you’d think they would at least be keeping their heads down. Trooper Taylor is not exactly doing a lot to win back any fans in the SEC either. The list of fanbases that he has screwed over keeps growing. Looks like Auburn could be the latest addition.


  2. Gravidy

    OK…I’ll be the first to get all righteously indignant about the trees being poisoned. I’m as big of a UGA fans as anybody else, and I don’t have any particular love for Auburn or their tradition of lobbing toilet paper into trees. But having said all of that, the guy who purposefully killed those 100+ year old trees is a shitbag of Old Testament proportions. If for no other reason, decent people should want his hide for the “destruction of property” angle alone.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I hate Auburn. I despise Auburn to the core. I grew up in Columbus, and have been surrounded by Auburn fans all of my life, and half of my friends from back home either went there or cheer for them.

      That said, I’m willing to volunteer my time if they ever put together a manhunt for the person/people responsible for the Toomer’s Corner vandalism. It’s disgusting. There are pranks, and then there are just vile acts of vandalism, and I don’t think I really need to clarify which category this falls into. I would be laughing if someone had just spelled out “BAMA” (or the school of whoever was actually responsible) in the grass near Samford Hall like the Auburn fan who spelled out the score of the Iron Bowl in rye grass next to Bryant-Denny. But this isn’t funny. And it’s not just about Auburn University. It’s about destroying a central landmark in a town, and about wiping out a piece of our shared heritage as SEC football fans. So, to whoever decided it would be funny, to whoever decided it would make them a real big man to kill the trees at Toomer’s Corner, I just wish you unhappiness, and I bid good luck to the people investigating.


      • Reptillicide

        They’re fucking trees. Just like grass, you can re-plant them. “But they’re 130 years old!!!” Well, you can transplant old trees, too. Sure it costs a lot of money, but Auburn can afford it… hell they can afford to pay the football team.

        I don’t condone it, but for gods sake let’s stop acting like someone raped Trooper’s wife.


        • Gravidy

          Yes, they are (in fact) “fucking trees”, but that isn’t the point. If I had two 130 year old trees on my property and wanted to poison them, I’d do so without blinking an eye. And I’d dare anybody to try to stop me.

          The point is that they aren’t Al’s “fucking trees” to kill. I don’t care if they were “fucking crabgrass” or “fucking ticks” or “fucking rattlesnakes”, they weren’t his “fucking property” and he had no “fucking business” doing it. If I caught him on my property doing something similarly nefarious, I’d put a “fucking bullet” in his “fucking ass”.

          Once again…please don’t misinterpret me. I don’t hold any particular love or hate for trees, but I’m a HUGE advocate of private property rights. In my opinion, Ol’ Al should sit in jail until the trees grow back from acorns. Feel free to disagree with me, but I just wanted to make sure you understand my position.


  3. sUGArdaddy

    Taylor is a cheat. Richt walked right past him along w/ Trooper’s outstretched hand after the game this year. If Mark Richt won’t shake your hand…you are low down dirty.


  4. Joe

    That place just reeks. Worse than Clemson and UF in late 70’s, or UT in 90’s. It stinks like SMU circa 1900-1983.


  5. Puffdawg

    Auburn is the Lindsey Lohan of college football. Everybody is just out to get them and keep making false claims even though they are completely innocent, despite multiple past transgressions allegations.



  6. By the time the smoke clears and all the investigations have been wrapped up, Trooper Taylor won’t be able to get a job retrieving kickoff tees for a D-III program. His shady recruiting tactics make Ed Orgeron look like a choir boy, and it’s only a matter of time before someone spills the beans on all the dirty money that’s passed through Taylor’s hands in one direction or another over the past two years.


  7. Have said from day one that Trooper Taylor is the bag man.


  8. Note to Sean Nelson:

    It really takes some brass to invoke the Almighty in this matter. I am fairly sure the SEC can’t call on Him to testify.


  9. D.N. Nation

    Will Trooper Taylor back-bump the guard on his way into his cell?


  10. Kidding aside, I thought Trooper Taylor was actually an Alabama State Officer.


  11. Bryant Denny

    God gave him a vision. Huh. How about that?

    I don’t know how to do the fancy embedded links, but if you copy the link below into your browser, it will also show that Mr. Nelson has an extremely foul mouth.

    We’re all sinners and such, but that kind of gutter language makes a feller wonder, especially when claiming that you have a vision from God…



  12. Macallanlover

    So who is shocked more dirt is coming out with The aU involved? And especially that TT is involved? Scummiest, most unethical program in the nation….and their fans not only ignore the facts, they actually endorse the actions of their staff, administrators, and boosters. They need to get the maximum penalty.

    On a related note, news reports in the Gulf area this week stated the court action regarding the casino booster (mcgregor?) has been delayed until June. I am sure there will be additional delays by our crack judicial system, all of which pushes the timeline back on hearing the details on the Federal investigation which may have included wiretaps. That is the best chance of killing the squirming snake that lives on The Plains; they will slink away from anything less than audio/video proof.


  13. mdr

    She said Auburn’s coaches “weren’t very intelligent”….

    There’s a newsflash. 🙂


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      They are smart enough to orchestrate a pay for play scheme that got ’em the SEC West title, the SEC Championship and the BCSNC. And all BS aside, they are still doing it full speed ahead and still haven’t been caught.


  14. almightytmc1

    The irony of the trees is they will probably be cut down, pulped and recycled into toilet paper.


    • Shane#1

      +1 I would like to add that just when I think I have seen humanity sink to the absolue depths of boorishness some jerk comes along and proves me wrong. Way to go Al!


  15. Know One Knows You're a Dawg

    Unless you’re callin’ to apolll-o-gize/
    Don’t call my phone no more.

    I feel a George Straight song comin’ on . . .


  16. Dog in Fla

    Ah, NCAA investigation time in Auburn and Spring Training time in Florida

    February 17, 2011
    vbpoindexter#438357 writes:
    “Spring training is my most favorite time of the year.”