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“When you’re at the top, people question things.”

It’s nice that Dennis Lorio had no negative answers about Auburn when the NCAA questioned him about the recruiting of two former players.

On the other hand, it’s the questions that should bother you if you’re an Auburn supporter.

The NCAA asked him about two players only, Reed and Robinson. The NCAA asked him about one college only, Auburn.



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If Tom Lemming didn’t exist, we’d have to invent him.

One of my favorite ledes ever:

Not long after Tennessee football Coach Derek Dooley told a crowd Saturday that the large amount of attention paid to high school prospects is a serious problem, former Ensworth standout Antonio Richardson showed up and was swarmed by Vols fans.

Dooley’s right about one thing.  The recruiting services don’t exist in a vacuum.  They make money because we let them.


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Perhaps I’ve underestimated Mark Cuban.

I didn’t read the fine print in his Radical Football proposal.

… Cuban said the purpose of the company was to “to impact college football so that the last two teams playing are the best two teams.”

He’s found the Holy Grail!  I can’t wait until he shares the secret recipe.  Hopefully every organized sport on the planet will move quickly to adopt his formula.

Once he gets that taken care of, he needs to set his sights higher.  A genius who can figure that out should find that balancing the federal budget without offending anyone is a piece of cake.


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S-E-C! S-E-C!

You’re Boise State.  You’re opening your season on the road against a team that runs a pro-style offense and one of those rare pro-style 3-4 defenses.  How do you prepare?

Here’s one way.

Half of the Boise State football coaches will visit their colleagues at Alabama next week as part of the staff’s annual professional development.

Four of the Broncos’ offensive coaches — all but new wide receivers coach Robert Prince — and defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski are making the trip to Alabama.

This is why I’ve never gotten the conference solidarity stuff.  It’s not like SEC schools go out of their way to support one another.


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