Perhaps I’ve underestimated Mark Cuban.

I didn’t read the fine print in his Radical Football proposal.

… Cuban said the purpose of the company was to “to impact college football so that the last two teams playing are the best two teams.”

He’s found the Holy Grail!  I can’t wait until he shares the secret recipe.  Hopefully every organized sport on the planet will move quickly to adopt his formula.

Once he gets that taken care of, he needs to set his sights higher.  A genius who can figure that out should find that balancing the federal budget without offending anyone is a piece of cake.



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12 responses to “Perhaps I’ve underestimated Mark Cuban.

  1. gastr1

    What, you don’t respect the power of absolute hubris, Senator? Didn’t Dean Wormer teach you anything in your time at Faber?


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, buy low and sell high!


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Maybe Cuban should be working on the NFL. The teams in the Super Bowl are almost never the 2 best teams.


    • Prov

      What? But they settle it on the field!


    • The Watergirl

      It might not be the best two teams every time, but they have no one to blame but thereselves and thats all we have been asking for!!
      Dont let computers determine who plays for championships let it be settled on the field


  4. Macallanlover

    Like trying to push a string through a hole, the “best” is a moving title that varies from week-t0-week and wouldn’t be determined even if we had a 120 team elimination season. It doesn’t exist in the NFL, MLB, or college basketball/baseball/golf, etc., so why hold Cuban responsible for finding the mythical, illusive “Best”. All you can have is a legit champion, but that is no guarantee of who is best, imo.


    • Know One Knows You're a Dawg

      Cuban is holding himself responsible for finding the “best” two teams. And as you point out, a tournament champion is not necessarily the “best.”

      Maybe Cuban could have his two teams play a best four-out-of-seven series like they do in the NBA.


      • Macallanlover

        I applaud anyone’s efforts to get us to a true playoff system but I don’t think Cuban will win this battle. Best chance of success is/was the 4 SuperConference system we almost came around to this past summer. Other proposals are not likely to make it through the resistance during my lifetime.

        I would prefer Cuban work on getting an NFL “minor league” system for potential pros who really don’t fit into an academic setting. I believe this is doable. He has the cash for a startup and can sign players 18 and over for a piece of their contract if they make it. It would only take 6-8 teams scattered over a few regions of the country to handle the number of athletes required to be a true “feeder” lead. It would help if NFL owners would kick in, but he doesn’t have to have them, imo.


  5. 69Dawg

    Hey don’t laugh at Mark, Dan Patrick has single handedly solved the NFL labor problems. The only problem is nobody will listen to him. Just having good ideas is not enough somebody in power has to give a rat’s butt.


  6. It might not be the 2 best teams but the plus one format would satisfy me. The BCS now does not. Neither does a multiple teams playoff.


  7. Ray

    The budget certainly won’t be balanced when this administration spends trillions more than the budget and supports state representatives hiding out so they don’t have to vote. That shows their true agenda. As for Cuban’s idea, I think Mac hit it on the head.