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I’ve got your momentum killer right here.

The Red and Black is reporting that Aaron Murray broke his ankle in two places.  (The school has yet to confirm the injury, it should be noted.)

Can you say snakebit?  I thought you could.


UPDATE: Weiszer says there’s something going on.


UPDATE #2: Seth Emerson says it’s not likely to be as serious as the Red and Black makes it sound.  How surprising.


UPDATE #3: It’s an ankle sprain, which is just like an ankle broken in two places, if, you know, his ankle were broken in two places.  Score another Pulitzer for Zach Dillard.

Murray isn’t expected to miss any of spring practice.



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Shuffling the numbers

In case you were wondering, new ILB coach Kirk Olivadotti will earn $60,000/year more than Coach Belin did, while Stacey Searels’ replacement Will Friend will make $90,000/year less.


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Adventures in marketing

A Bavarian brewer promotes its no-alcohol beer as a sport drink for athletes.


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How to end the War on Terror in one easy step.

It occurs to me that if somebody could link Osama bin Laden to the Toomer’s Corner oak trees, the Alabama media and the Auburn fan base would have his whereabouts, along with those of everyone else in his organization,  sniffed out in a matter of days.


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On Mike Bobo’s ‘honey, do’ list

Mike Huguenin reminds us about one of the more daunting tasks facing Georgia’s staff this spring, assembling a new wide receiver corps.

As with Alabama, the Bulldogs lost their star receiver when A.J. Green decided to turn pro a year early. But Georgia also lost its No. 2 receiver, as Kris Durham was a senior. That means the Bulldogs need a whole new pecking order at the position. Green was the Bulldogs’ best offensive player last season, and junior-to-be Tavarres King likely gets first crack at Green’s old go-to receiver role. King has 47 receptions in two seasons, including 27 last season. No other wide receiver had more than 11. [Emphasis added.] That was junior Marlon Brown, a former four-star recruit who basically has been invisible in his first two seasons (13 total receptions)…

No wonder the coaches are giving the top-rated cornerback prospect in the 2011 class first crack at wideout.


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“I’m full-speed ahead and excited about coaching at the University of Georgia.”

Shockingly, Kirk Olivadotti didn’t resign from his position with the Redskins because he was worried about a possible NFL lockout and he doesn’t find it problematic to drop from the pro ranks to college.

He’s just excited.

“These opportunities don’t come around but every so often,” Olivadotti said in a phone interview. “But I really got excited about it after talking to Todd, who I’ve known for years, and with him having been in Dallas, he has seen the results of my work and the players I’ve coached in the NFL. This was just a great opportunity to join him, and then in talking to coach Mark Richt, and to compete in the SEC, it was just great.”

This is obviously a man who doesn’t read the Internets nearly enough.


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If you’re so smart, how come you’re winning?

This article from the Ohio State student paper answers this musical question – Do lower academic standards provide SEC advantage in attracting football recruits? – in exactly the manner you might expect.  In doing so, it combines the blindingly obvious (did you know it’s harder to get kids into Northwestern and Vanderbilt than Michigan State and Alabama?) with the grudgingly apparent (“The seven states that house SEC schools produced 87 top 250 recruits in this year’s class compared to just 38 from the seven states representing the Big Ten.”)  Don’t expect to be shocked, considering the source.

But there is one bit of interest.  Check out this chart and notice how close the numbers for Ohio State and Georgia are… other than, unfortunately, the final AP rankings.  Compliment to Georgia, or knock on the Buckeyes?


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Accuracy in punditry, Mike Bianchi edition

Note to Mike Bianchi – If you’re going to tar the character of every SEC fan in existence with the actions of a certified jackass, you might at least get his moniker straight.  Allow me to help.

Here’s “Al from Dadeville“:

And here’s “Al from Dadewood” (phonetically speaking):


UPDATE: As usual with people like Bianchi, the article’s been corrected without acknowledgement of the original mistake.  (Nobody’s corrected the tag after the piece, though.  Yet.)


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