Accuracy in punditry, Mike Bianchi edition

Note to Mike Bianchi – If you’re going to tar the character of every SEC fan in existence with the actions of a certified jackass, you might at least get his moniker straight.  Allow me to help.

Here’s “Al from Dadeville“:

And here’s “Al from Dadewood” (phonetically speaking):


UPDATE: As usual with people like Bianchi, the article’s been corrected without acknowledgement of the original mistake.  (Nobody’s corrected the tag after the piece, though.  Yet.)



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19 responses to “Accuracy in punditry, Mike Bianchi edition

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I think that the heading “Thousands Mourn Tree” is a much bigger indictment of the lunacy of SEC fans than one idiot redneck with some tree poision. It’s a fucking tree people. I truly believe that the Auburn collective mindset has absolutely lost it. Everyone one on earth, outside of them, knows that Auburn cheated last year, yet they still celebrate that team like their own first born child.

    Of course, we treat an inbred bulldog like a little Buddha. That probably goes higher on the list of lunacy than Al from Dadeville, don’t you think?

    Let’s weigh it out-one man’s vigilante act versus a religious devotion to an inanimate object? Hmmm….let’s see which one really defines a group or region as “out there.”


    • Of course, we treat an inbred bulldog like a little Buddha. That probably goes higher on the list of lunacy than Al from Dadeville, don’t you think?


      You’re letting your unhappiness with the program color your perception of reality, methinks.


      • crapsandwich

        Yeah but he is OUR little inbred dog Buddha and we love him.


        • True ‘dat, but it’s not like I’m prepared to go kill something in his name. 😉


          • Go Dawgs!

            Let someone poison the hedges and then we’ll see how “sane” Georgia fans are. Heck, I still remember the outrage over seeing Tech fans and players (and coaches!) walking out of Sanford Stadium carrying sprigs of the hedges that they vandalized and stole as souvenirs of victories in 1998, 2000, and 2008. I still remember a very real sense of sadness when we trampled them ourselves like goobers in 2000 just because we were determined to rush the field against Tennessee. If a fan snuck in there and killed the hedges, there would be some very profound and real outrage, Cynical, and it’s not mourning the loss of fauna. It’s about the principle of the thing, and I don’t think it’s crazy for the “Auburn Family” to be angry about it. Is it a little silly to be taking pictures hugging the trees or leaving “get well” cards for them? Sure. But, that’s also a small percentage of the people affected by it. The whole affair sucks, and I have to say, I understand it.


            • NewnanDawg

              The hedges are probably a bad example, as it would probably take at least a small scale nuclear warhead to actually kill them, and then only if it’s a direct strike. Privets are nearly impossible to kill…


              • Go Dawgs!

                I don’t know enough about gardening or plants to speak intelligently on it. It’s good that they’re tough. Still, if someone set their mind to it, they could cause severe damage. Maybe with fire. My point, really, is that we’ve got pieces of our tradition which we love and that others may not understand, just like the Auburn folks.


    • TennesseeDawg

      Looks like the barners had a better turnout to mourn the tree than the teacher’s union did in Wisconsin.


    • Champ

      I kinda think you’re batshit insane. It is a game associated with a lot of fond memories in most of our lives….that of going to school at the University of Georgia. I like the traditions of UGA as well as all the neat traditions at other institutions in NCAA football. It’s just plain fun and all these silly traditions and mascots add an extra air of novelty to my favorite pastime. I also think it is simply a game, something I spend time reading about, but not something I take so seriously as to negatively affect my view on every single story coming out of Athens. Every time I read one of your comments your being negative, lighten up.


  2. cdawg

    Good point Mr. OCIA, Uga does kind of look like a little Buddha.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    If, say…..(oh God, please sometime soon) we won the national championship and some Tech goon tried to burn down the chapel to stop the bell ringing, how would you feel?

    To the devoted Awbunite (and there are many more this year than last) its the same.

    And Bianchi says Trevor Bayne is a dud? WTF is up wi dat?


    • Sanford222View

      I vote Bianchi as Dud of the Week. He gets Al’s moniker wrong and puts Bayne in the wrong category of his own stupid article. He calls him a “Dud” then lists him the ballot for “Stud.”

      Way to have pride in your work and actually proof read it.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    Bianchi’s right, another black eye for the millions of people in a region stretching from the Atlantic to the Miss’ippi that enjoy the college football.

    -When we SEC fans riot and burn Detroit or Vancouver, it’s a black eye on all of us.
    -When we SEC fans run onto the field at Comiskey and attack a first base coach, it’s a black eye on all of us.
    -When we SEC fans fight with knives and broken pint glasses outside Millwall or Tottenham, it’s a black eye on all of us.


  5. Dog in Fla

    “Al from Dadewood takes care of some loose ends.”

    Bianchi, preoccupied with good bargains at Dadeland Mall and fresh mushrooms from Zellwood, takes care of some syllable reorganization.


  6. Cojones

    As I have heard from my Biochemistry friends, the active ingredient in the tree poison can be inactivated by double bonded Nitrogens saturated with Hydrogens, except for loss of one Hydrogen that will give the molecule a negative reactive charge. This pretty much corresponds with urea. Birds and one species of dog(the one that rides a firetruck) excrete urea, while humans excrete urine. By surrounding the tree with seeded suet holders strapped to the bark and rounding up all Dalmations in Alabama, inroads could be made to inactvate the poison.

    Of course a daily influx of beer-drinking students could gather around the tree on their way home and hope for the best. Many males have practiced prophylactic tree treatment for eons and still do to this day. Just imagining the team effort of these animals leading to a greening of Toomer’s Corner brings one to tears.


  7. Mike

    Bianchi is an ass of epic proportions


  8. Texas_Dawg

    Right or wrong, Bianchi is far from alone in having that reaction.

    Our being affiliated with these losers comes at a price.