On Mike Bobo’s ‘honey, do’ list

Mike Huguenin reminds us about one of the more daunting tasks facing Georgia’s staff this spring, assembling a new wide receiver corps.

As with Alabama, the Bulldogs lost their star receiver when A.J. Green decided to turn pro a year early. But Georgia also lost its No. 2 receiver, as Kris Durham was a senior. That means the Bulldogs need a whole new pecking order at the position. Green was the Bulldogs’ best offensive player last season, and junior-to-be Tavarres King likely gets first crack at Green’s old go-to receiver role. King has 47 receptions in two seasons, including 27 last season. No other wide receiver had more than 11. [Emphasis added.] That was junior Marlon Brown, a former four-star recruit who basically has been invisible in his first two seasons (13 total receptions)…

No wonder the coaches are giving the top-rated cornerback prospect in the 2011 class first crack at wideout.


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10 responses to “On Mike Bobo’s ‘honey, do’ list

  1. Matt b

    How did we let it get this bad? I have no confidence I our receiver corp.


    • Spence

      We had the best wr in the country last year and a senior stepped up big. That is in no way a problem. We have recruited well and it is time to reload at wr. These things happen when you have good/great players.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      Georgia’s WR Recruiting:

      Walter Hill – Bust
      Israel Troupe – Bust
      Xavier Avery – Never enrolled
      A.J. Green – Great production
      Tavarres King – Good production
      Marlon Brown – Minor production
      Rantavious Wooten – Minor production
      Michael Bennett – Redshirted
      Lonnie Outlaw – In JUCO

      First problem is that we only sign 2 WR per year. If you’re doing that, you better be getting production from the vast majority of the guys you sign. Out of the 9 guys signed in the previous 4 recruiting classes, 5 of them have not contributed at all, and 2 of them have only contributed a little bit. Out of the 2 remaining receivers, one is about to be a multimillionaire and the other one (King) is back on campus.

      It’s easy to see why we are where we are, essentially relying on a bunch of freshmen. It’s easily my biggest worry going into 2011.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Good analysis. Can’t fathom why we don’t recruit better at WR in a state like GA. How can we be sooo loaded at TE: Charles, White, Lynch, Figgins (now FB), Rich (walk-on) & Rome, and not have enough receivers! Put too much emphasis on Rodgers and got screwed. The recruiting has smartened up lately, but they dug themselves a huge hole.


  2. Dboy

    The receivers will be fine. Given the opportunity, they will catch footballs. If you have AJ Green and a freshman QB, why throw it to anyone else? Let’s just hope the receivers this year can present enough of a threat to give some running room for our RBs. If not, Crowell better be Barry Sanders redux


  3. HVL Dawg

    It’s not like we saw our backup WRs dropping crucial balls last year. Anyway, it seems that having a Superman player on offense just makes 10 players watch and depend on Superman to win the game for us. It hasn’t worked out for us.


  4. MGFR

    Your 100% right!. Add to the receiver question mark, the weak offensive line and you have 2010 deja vu all over again.