Weis is a genius! A genius, I tells ‘ya!

The Orlando Sentinel is all in on my favorite meme this offseason.

… Florida was one of the worst red-zone teams in the country last year, struggled so much it needed to use three quarterbacks and almost never looked like a team that had things figured out on that side of the ball. Enter Charlie Weis. The Gators’ new offensive coordinator is enough reason to be optimistic that Florida will be much improved here next year. John Brantley is a much better fit for Weis’ pro-style system and could live up to expectations in his senior year.

I’m figuring that by the time everyone gets done with this, Urban Meyer, former offensive guru, will be turned into such an idiot that the WWL will have to get rid of him as an analyst out of sheer embarrassment.


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34 responses to “Weis is a genius! A genius, I tells ‘ya!

  1. Bad M

    Just look at the numbers. ND couldn’t be stopped in the red zone. I think they averaged 100 point a game while he was there.

    • Joe

      That’s true, they were unstoppable!

      And to amplify the point, The Patriots Offense fell apart when he left. Proving again, It is and has always been all about the Weis.

  2. Jim

    Other than Tech I rarely wish ill on our rivals. However I hope florida under muschamp is an unmitigated disaster for the gators.

  3. crapsandwich

    And what baggage Weis comes with. Do love having Urban Meyer at one end of the Athletic coaches facility and Charlie Weis at the other end. Oh and Muschamp in the middle, and I wonder how long it is before Will wonders how he got in this mess.

  4. gastr1

    You have to admit that Weis does have a good track record here, though. His teams in NE and ND were pretty prolific, and his last team in Kansas City went from one of the worst offenses in the league to around the middle of the pack in one year.

    • Joe

      Yes, But NONE of those teams flounderd after he left and the one he said he could turn around, ND, pretty much got worse, but with better talent.

      The fact that NE got BETTER after he left is not a tribute to him. Those teams were simply good already and he rode the wave.

      He may be good, but he isn’t as good as he thinks he is!

  5. JBJ

    The general feeling down here in Gainesville is that Corch was not calling the shots on offense last year. It was all Addazio. Conspiracy theorists believe Corch came back to give Addazio a chance to run the show behind the scenes. If he succeeded, then he would get the HC job. He failed, Corch hit the eject button.

    • It’s all part of the meme, brother.😉

    • bad m

      It was all Addazio’s fault! Burn Him! BURN HIM!!!
      I guess Corch in his genius just forgot to tell him how to fix things when everything was going to heck. Kind weird how the whole season coulda been fixed if he woulda just said, “Umm, Steve…your doing that wrong.” He was only the head coach with two huge rings…guess he felt it wasn’t his place.

    • Dog in Fla

      “The general feeling down here in Gainesville is that Corch was not calling the shots on offense last year.”

      That’s exactly what a control freak would do.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    “I’m figuring that by the time everyone gets done with this, Urban Meyer, former offensive guru, will be turned into such an idiot that the WWL will have to get rid of him as an analyst out of sheer embarrassment. ”

    You ARE kidding, right? WWL? Embarrassment?

  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    Don’t forget the push back from Corch. He’ll have a pulpit this year to dissect every Weis move that doesn’t work perfectly. Remembering the respect and manners Corch gave his predecessor in public, it should be easy to talk bad about a fat guy who cusses a lot.

  8. Mike

    It would not be hard for any coach to improve on Florida’s offensive performance next year, especially in the redzone.

    I think Florida only had one game where its red zone peformance was notable. That game they went 5-6 in the red-zone, with 3 of those TDs

  9. Irishdawg

    Florida’s offensive wizardry came from Tebow and Percy Harvin, and an aggressive Gator defense that always got turnovers. Take those away, and we see the pedestrian offense we saw this year in Gainesville. Tebow bulled his way for 1st downs and close TDs, and Harvin was a potent receiving threat.

    • Mike

      You mean if you take away a team’s two best players and it best attribute (defense) they might not be as go0d?

      Damn, stop the presses. I think you might be onto something here!

      • 81 Dog

        maybe you should fire up the DeLorean and send this back to yourself last August, when all you Meyer-worshipping jort fanciers were predicting John Brantley would win the Heisman as he led UF to another national title. It would save all of you some angst as the season unraveled.

        • Mike

          I do not think I was one of those guys that thought Brantley would win the heisman.

          But Florida fans having an optimistic view of an upcoming season coached by one Urban meyer is an opinion based in reality, one would think. At least, prior to 2010.

  10. 69Dawg

    I think that Urban was in a state of shock last year. He had lost the Great One and he looks around and sees the Second Coming playing for Auburn. Now granted he had the Second Coming in the fold but for whatever reason had let a little law breaking cost him a 3rd MNC. He was very fragile last year and the UF fans are not for the faint at heart.

  11. TimRankine

    I love me some memes! More please. Can’t wait to see the hope-springs-eternal-and-confounds-all-logic meme develop in Gainesville this spring. We’re already off to a fast start.

  12. Irishdawg

    Well, Mike, if you have a renowned offensive genius, as Meyer was supposed to be, the drop off shouldn’t be that pronounced. It’s not as if Florida was completely bereft of speed or talent when Harvin left; so spare me the sarcasm.

    Meyer was said to have perfected the spread and is widely credited when UF ripped through it’s schedule in 2008. But it was all Addazio’s fault when the offense struggled in 2009 and floundered in 2010. Perhaps Dan Mullen deserves as much credit as Meyer does for Florida’s offense.

    • Mike

      The Meyer offense was either in the top of the SEC or in the top two for four of his six seasons at Florida.

      That spells offensive success to me. But maybe you guys use a metric not bound by facts?

      • Dog in Fla

        3-18 is one metric ton of fact.

      • Will (the other one)

        Four years eh? For 3 of the first 5 years in the 80s UGA had an incredible running game too.

        • Mike

          Like I wrote, take the best player off the team, and you think they might not do as well?

          AFA the early 80s and UGA, I truly hope Florida does not have to wait 20+ years for the next SEC Title