Their mascot can kick your mascot’s ass.

These guns are deadly, people.

Either that, or that Vandy student validated every nerd cliché you know.



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15 responses to “Their mascot can kick your mascot’s ass.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Break. That. Nose. First. Down. Vanderbilt. (Foghorn).


  2. hailtogeorgia

    That didn’t really look like an accident to me, and judging by the girl’s reaction standing behind Mr. C, it didn’t to her either. I’d have been pretty angry if I were that kid.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    A buddy of mine went to Vandy and on a couple occasions got in a scrap. Both instances are instructive.
    -In the first, the site of blood had concerned students awe struck and recommending he seek medical care, e.g. “my father is a plastic surgeon, you really ought to have that properly set”.
    -The second attracted the attention of the authorities and as a result of an excited utterance yelled during the affray, he had to take a “Sensitivity Training” course (even though he was defending himself from another geeked up student).


  4. Dog in Fla

    Unlike Al from Deadville, Mr. Commodore already has his defense planned. He got it from Deadspin.

    “but our tipster relays that the bloody student had grabbed Mr. C’s junk during a crowd surfing stunt. Mascot justice.”!5768251/vanderbilt-mascot-punches-vanderbilt-fan-bloodying-his-nose


  5. Brandon

    The mascot and the kid should be invited to the White House for a beer summit.


  6. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    I warned y’all about Mr. Commodore.

    All the losing and those apathetic fans were going to make him snap one day.

    It was inevitable.



    • Dog in Fla

      Russ, I’ll tell you what’s also inevitable. Your gene pool is Olympic-size, at least compared to the last two. We think it’s time for you to ask Sonny again to have his stylist dye your brindle white so you can come back as RPM.


  7. Cecil Newton

    Looks like a complete accident to me. Similar to the “blessing” I received during Cam’s recruitment.


  8. hodgie

    Haha. Good one Cecil.


  9. Spike

    Right wing talk radio must have made him do it. Shall we ban mascots?


    • Dog in Fla

      “Right wing talk radio must have made him do it.”

      Not sure. This one didn’t involve a semi-automatic with a large capacity (“Party-Size”) magazine or an abortionist.

      “Shall we ban mascots?” Just human mascots. Except Rocky.


  10. aious

    I am not sure why that guy didn’t just attack the mascot right after the punch

    I mean, come on


  11. Dan

    I never would have though Vandy’s mascot would be so tough. This guide to college mascots rips him as being lame:

    Then again, people do seem to like him: