Tennessee State’s loss is Paul Johnson’s gain.

With this, I think we can bury the “Georgia Tech has trouble recruiting because of its higher academic standards” myth for good.

That’s not to say the Jackets don’t have trouble recruiting, of course.  It’s lucky for Tech that all the rooms at Nutt’s Inn were occupied.


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20 responses to “Tennessee State’s loss is Paul Johnson’s gain.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    If he’d had signed with Georgia he would automatically become a “thug”


    • Go Dawgs!

      Yeah, but he signed with Georgia Tech, so he’s clearly a scholar who just hasn’t had the chance to achieve yet. It’s StinGTime!

      Also, “nuts in”. hehehe.


  2. 81 Dog

    I think he was awarded a Tyrone Sorrells Fellowship, awarded annually to a deserving transfer student who best personifies the Total Person Concept. The ideal candidate will present a winsome combination of hostility, agility, and mobility, with a dash of calculus aptitude, or at least, the ability to add 2 plus 2 and arrive at a sum within hollering distance of 4, a pleasing moral lassitude, a mild disinclination toward the commercial distribution of cannibis in quantities sufficient to trigger trafficking penalties, and a stoic resignation toward getting beaten in football by UGA in a manner akin to the way they might be beaten if they had stolen something in Singapore (from where, oddly enough, many of their classmates will hail).


  3. Spence

    When auburn turns you down for academic issues and then tech comes in… I don’t think I need to comment anymore.


  4. Russ

    It warms my heart to read how he always wanted to play for Tech…especially after all of Ole Miss’ slots filled up. (Which begs the question, how many recruits did Houston Nutt take to actually consider all his slots taken? 35? 40?)


  5. Coondawg

    Whoa, Whoa, Whoa…What ever happened to Paul Johnson only signs players who want to come to the Trade School???? I thought if you wanted to go elsewhere you were automatically done. Hmmmmm, He’s on the Hot Seat!!!!


    • Will (the other one)

      But he becomes their first defensive line recruit! (At a sure-to-send-OLinemen-quaking-in-fear 225 lbs.)


  6. Irishdawg

    I had a snarky comment, but it fell woefully short of 81 Dog’s masterpiece. So all I’ve got to say is “Bravo” (golf clap).


  7. Chuck

    I have never subscribed to the “Georgia Tech has trouble recruiting because of its higher academic standards” theory for several reasons. My main reason is that I have a brother that went to Tech. They took him and he wasn’t even an athlete. He was in chemical engineering and graduated with honors. Mostly, he spent his time playing snooker in the student lounge, golf wherever he could get on a course, and working at the Colonial at Lenox Square in the produce department. It has just never been that hard to go to Tech.

    But if you ever had any doubts, the Tyrone Sorrells saga sealed it and Techies who have complained about their recruiting disadvantages should focus on lack of campus life and ugly women; that would be more convincing.


    • GreenDawg

      I don’t know when your brother attended Tech, but I know some pretty smart people who are having some trouble there now. It’s definitely no cake-walk.

      I still don’t buy that it is harder there for athletes than it is anywhere else. They get passed along with inflated grades and 24/7 tutoring just like everywhere else in this country.


      • 81 Dog

        if his brother was working at the Colonial at Lenox Square, it was probably a looooooooooooooong time ago. Heck, back in those days, the Cheetah was over on 8th Street, wasnt it?


      • Stoopnagle

        Tech is a tough school, no doubt; but every school has majors into which they funnel athletes and different ways around the academic strangleholds.

        We have gut majors at Georgia, they do calc at Atl Metro. Whatever. They still suck.


  8. Irishdawg

    Tech athletes usually don’t major in engineering or hard sciences, which are the grinder courses. They all major in things like management, which I’m guessing is a kind of generic business degree.


  9. Stoopnagle

    I’m sure they’ll help him navigate the academic life of a transient student at Atlanta Metropolitan College. I hope he enjoys the M-train.


  10. shane#1

    I am getting a little tired of Tech fans saying that they can’t recruit because of their academic standards. Here is a list of players that were offered by Tech but chose UGA, according to Rivals. Bowman, Bailey, Conley, Dantzler, Debell, Drew, Herrea, Marshall, and Scott-Wesley. Other players that might not fit Techs offense like Lemay and Rome were offered schollys by Notre Dame, Duke, Wake Forest and the like. Schools at least as difficult to qualify as Tech. IMO, problems with outdated facilities and poor fan support have as much to do with poor recruiting as academic standards.


  11. Derek

    As long as tech is making excuses for why they suck, the implications of their defenses is satisfying enough for me. I’d rather listen to their excuses than any rationale for success. “We only suck because (who cares).”

    Besides that point, since when is tech ever relevant in the minds of Georgia fans in Feb. unless they won the prior Nov.? They didn’t, so they don’t matter.