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Change of approach

Another sign that it’s not Urban Meyer’s team anymore:

Florida is spending more on assistants than it is on first-year head coach Will Muschamp.

The Gators have committed $3.05 million to Muschamp’s nine-man coaching staff in 2011, according to contracts released Friday.

Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis signed a three-year deal worth $2.465 million. He will earn $765,000 in 2011, then $850,000 the next two years. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn signed a two-year deal worth $1 million. He will get $490,000 in 2011, then $510,000 the following year…

Ol’ Charlie’s not making Malzahn money, but he’s doing alright there.  I believe that makes him the third highest paid assistant coach in the SEC.

Not only that, but it looks like almost all of Florida’s staff works under multi-year deals now (a trend that did start under Meyer).  I wonder if that’s something Greg McGarity will be forced to react to down the road.



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Child’s play

If you’re looking for a succinct comment on motivating the college football player, it’ll be hard to top Kirk Olivadotti’s:

“ . . .  But at the same time people are people.  You’re going to have guys that are going to work their butts off; you’re going to have guys that you’re going to have to motivate, and you’re going to have guys that you have to always make it their idea in order for them to want to do it. Those are the different things that you do in life. I have to do it with my 3-year-old daughter.”

Remember, this is coming from a guy who survived six head coaching changes in Washington.  He must have some idea on how to read people.


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