Change of approach

Another sign that it’s not Urban Meyer’s team anymore:

Florida is spending more on assistants than it is on first-year head coach Will Muschamp.

The Gators have committed $3.05 million to Muschamp’s nine-man coaching staff in 2011, according to contracts released Friday.

Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis signed a three-year deal worth $2.465 million. He will earn $765,000 in 2011, then $850,000 the next two years. Defensive coordinator Dan Quinn signed a two-year deal worth $1 million. He will get $490,000 in 2011, then $510,000 the following year…

Ol’ Charlie’s not making Malzahn money, but he’s doing alright there.  I believe that makes him the third highest paid assistant coach in the SEC.

Not only that, but it looks like almost all of Florida’s staff works under multi-year deals now (a trend that did start under Meyer).  I wonder if that’s something Greg McGarity will be forced to react to down the road.


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  1. mandelbaum

    Charlie also received a Golden Corral Gold Card- entitles holder to lifetime unlimited dining at any Golden Corral in any SEC town. Malzahn DOES NOT have that .

    • Vindexdawg

      They don’t call him Cholly Cheeseburger for nothing .

    • Dog in Fla

      When they heard from mandelbaum what Golden Corral did, Steak and Shake on SW 13th across the street from Shands offered Charlie his very own booth (double-wide) and a gurney (industrial strength). When it’s “go time” for Charlie, he can be wheeled directly into the cardiac unit making it that much easier for Charlie to being able to finish out his the three year contract.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Did Charlie demand unlimited Skeeters BLT’s in his contract? The only other times I’ve seen that much bacon it’s on the hoof.

        • Dog in Fla

          Charlie really would have liked that place*.
          Now he’ll have to waddle** on over to the Flying Biscuit for the Eggstravaganza.

          *”Skeeters in Gainesville is long gone. The one on 13th Street and just north of 23 Avenue burned under very suspicious circumstances. Skeeter, himself, is dead. His partner opened the infamous Cafe Risque on I-75 at the Micanopy exit (and also one at Warner Robbins, GA)where “We Dare to Bare” is the motto. Popular with truck drivers and frat boys from UF. I’m sure the food is a big draw. Skeeters was always gross- pretty much a place where you could eat at 3 in the morning after having drunk too much, listen to a bad musician and barf in the parking lot. A Books-A-Million is in that location now.”

          **”To this day, Weis said, he waddles, he has limited use of his feet, and his hips ache.”

  2. JaxDawg

    F Florida and F their model for paying asst coaches. F Will Muschamp, Charlie Weiss, Jeremy Foley, and the entire administration, fanbase, and legacy. And F Tim Tebow while I’m at it. I truly wish I could channel my anger to our AD and entire staff of coaches so that they could simply look Florida in the eye and say “We’re coming after you MF’er”.

    I want to beat them, beat them again, beat them some more, and beat them till the blood runs from their eyeballs. When the pendulum shifts, and it will, Florida better prepare themselves for the rage and hate that is coming their way from thousands of fans just like myself. Too long have they had the upper hand. It has GOT to change.

    • S.E. Dawg

      JaxDawg, I agree. But man go get another cup of coffee.

    • What fresh hell is this?

      No more coffee for you…. well maybe some decaf, and start eating more tranquility food….fruits, nuts, berries, maybe layoff the red meat too.

      • mwo

        I think JaxDawg should be the team nutritionist at UGA. The team needs to have the same attitude he does. Not just for Florida, but for every team that wears orange.

        • SOWEGA DAWG

          Amen, JaxDawg. I hate a damn gator and a damn auburn tiger. And I agree with you mwo. I want revenge NOW.

        • Dog in Fla

          “I think JaxDawg should be the team nutritionist at UGA.”

          Not a bad idea but Jax may be better suited to be the team chaplain. If only we had that and Cameron Diaz as a tutor

    • Zero Point Zero

      Can I say Amen to that with all the implied F Bombs?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The pendulum started swinging back the day UGA hired McGarity as AD. He was the real brains behind the FLA football and basketball programs. He’s in Athens now and, just as importantly, is NOT in Gainesville. Watch them fall back to earth and land with a thud.

      • Mike

        Funniest thing I have read in awhile

        • JaxDawg

          I agree with what you’re referring to Mike, which is that will continue to succeed as long as foley is in gainesville. And I share the same confidence as most Georgia fans in that Mcgarity is a substantial upgrade from the novice, politically correct choice we had before. This will certainly serve Georgia athletics well.

          Furthermore, if you and I can agree that Foley is the key to florida’s success, then we can also agree that without him florida will have a tough time replicating that success. Agreeing with that view, however, depends on your level of humility and historical perspective. Neither of which florida fans are known to have.

          • Mike

            Agree with your point about McGarity. And acknowledge your logic about Foley. That said, Foley is hardly the only thing Florida athletics have going for them

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Foley was/is a paper tiger. We all have seen situations in business where there was someone behind the scenes propping up the boss. If that guy wasn’t there the anvil would fall on the boss’ head every time. Well, that was the FLA Athletic Department for the 20+ years preceding UGA’s hire of Greg McGarity. When did FLA hire McGarity? When did the football program (and later the basketball program, both were directly under McGarity’s control) take off like a rocket? Coincidence? I don’t think so. Things are already unraveling in Gainesville now that he’s gone, too. This Muschamp/Weiss thing is going to be a clusterf#ck, just wait and see. We can only hope the Gators keep trying to make that work for 7-8 years. That should put ’em in a deep enough hole that they will never climb out.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    As a Notre Dame fan once put it, Charlie “likes to throw on 3rd and long, 2nd and long, 1st and long, 3rd and short, 2nd and short……”

  4. Irishdawg

    Looking at lard lads like Weis and Mark Mangino and others I have to wonder; how do coaches let themselves get that fat? They have round the clock access to world class facilities, nutritionists, etc, but they look like they work a graveyard shift at Krispy Kreme (mmmm, Krispy Kreme). Hit the weight room every once in a while, fat ass.

  5. JaxDawg

    Let me be the first to admit that living amongst florida fans for many years has caused me to develop a rather unhealthy hate for them. I have many friends who are florida fans and they are genuinely fine, fine people. However, few of them actually went to florida and instead chose to go to W&L, Sewanee, etc. Funny how they never mention those teams or schools – I guess they were too good to attend florida but not too good to pull for their sports teams – whatever. But to give you an example of how tough it can be (year round) living amongst these extraordinarily arrogant people: I stopped in Subway today and bumped into a guy I know and his family. An acquaintance, but a good guy who for some reason found it necessary to mention he went to florida. He asked where I went, I said Georgia, and he laughed and (the first damn thing out of his mouth) said that he was in Sanford in ’95 when they hung 50 on us. I told him we owe them for that one and that running the score up was unnecessary. Then he fondly recalled the ’93 rain game where “our freshman DB called a TO right before you guys scored the winning touchdown”. I proceeded to tell him (calmly) that when he worm turns, the florida fans better learn to take it as good as they dish it out. His response was fair enough, something like you guys will probably rebound before we do. “We’ll see”.

    This exchange was with an honest-to-goodness good guy, but reflects the genuine arrogance and hubris that they will throw in your face year round. It’s second nature for them, being arrogant and offensive that is. And believe me guys, they cannot CANNOT take it. florida fans are universally known as classless winners, but to see them when they lose…..beautiful. They truly believe, just as they did prior to ’90, that it is their inherent birthright to win. As if they are the spawn of god himself – and when this “entitlement” doesn’t occur, you’ve never seen more whining and wailing and gnashing of teeth. The one thing you WILL NOT hear is that the better team won. floridians believe they are always the better team, regardless of what the score says. You didn’t beat them, they beat themselves.

    The best analogy I could give the folks on here, most of whom live somewhere other than florida (probably Atlanta), is to recall when Tech beat us 98,99,00. No matter where you went, tech man was there to rub the shit in. Multiply that 3 year run by 7 and quadruple the opposing fans population and you’ve got a Dawg fan’s idea of jacksonville.

    See you all in October for the game.

    • mwo

      JaxDawg, I can only imagine the shit you put up with. I grew up below LaGrange and all my friends and family were Auburn people. To this day, every time I hear “war damn eagle”, my blood pressure goes up and I am so pissed I could fight. I have the same loathing and hatred for Auburn that you have for UF. times 1000. I didn’t speak to my parents for over a year after the grounds crew at Jordan Hare turned the hoses on our fans and band. I haven’t spoken to my brother since I cussed him out when he called me from Glendale in January. My wife says I have issues with Auburn, but I think she just thinks that because she is an AU alum. JaxDawg, try watching Swamp People on Discovery Channel, I really enjoy watching gators die on television.

      • Dawg3fan4

        I am from Columbus so I fully understand where you are coming from on AU. I will leave it at that as thinking about them at all will ruin the rest of my night tonight at work.

        • Sammy Lott

          Columbus is choke-full of simpleton auburn fans who failed to qualify for UGA and therefore are resigned to work in half-ass banking or insurance jobs and spend their life playing meaningless golf and reminiscing about their frat days on the plains. Matt Mize is probably the epitome of this.

    • Ausdawg85

      I’m with you. Guy at the club had a brother play hoops for the gators, so this bandwagoner gives it to me every weekend. Yesterday, I politely asked…ok, yelled out on the range for all to hear…”Exactly what year did you graduate from Florida?”

      Could have heard a pin drop….then a woeful, “So that’s what’s it’s come to?!”

      Stupid gators….

    • sniffer

      May I jump in here? Agreed, there are no worse fans than FL people. Alabama people are more arrogant (if that’s possible) but not nearly as profane. I have heard things come from the mouths of Gators that may not be heard in hell.
      Worst Fan Base In the South: Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Clemson.
      Best FBItS: LSU, Ole Miss, oh, who cares…

    • Mike

      The following is but one reason Florida has such a healthy dislike for Georgia.

      From Wiki:

      “Having lost many players to service in World War II, the 1942 Florida Gators brought an inexperienced 3-4 squad into Jacksonville for the 1942 contest with Georgia. The Bulldogs, on the other hand, still had many star players on the team thanks to the University of Georgia’s ROTC program, and brought a 7-0 record and #1 ranking to Jacksonville.
      Georgia backs Charley Trippi and 1942 Heisman Trophy-winner Frank Sinkwich were the brightest stars on the afternoon, combining to score 7 TDs as Georgia blew out Florida 75-0, the largest margin in series history.”

      Florida players were off fighting the war. Georgia players were playing football.

      • anon

        Charley Trippi missed 2 seasons at Georgia serving in the Air Force during WWII.


      • JaxDawg

        Here’s “Mike” again, still trolling a UGA blogsite. Anyway, your point is well taken and certainly true since Wikipedia is the bible when searching for and verifying all things in this world. But to insinuate or claim that the University of Georgia or it’s athletic teams or participants didn’t fight for this country, bleed for this country, and die for this country is fucking low dude. Furthermore, to also insinuate that florida is somehow more patriotic and American than Georgia by using the 1942 game as an example to back your claim is also egregiously foul and sincerely offensive.

        Like I said above mike, your arrogant fanbase better be ready to take it when the tide turns b/c it’s coming and it’s coming in spades. I’m sure you disagree and believe that your team will always remain dominant, but you couldn’t be more wrong. History has proven me right over and over and over again.

        • Mike

          All I am saying s this; that particular year Florida players were fighting the war and Georgia players were playing football and running it up on underage boys.

          Now, I am not saying that UGA players did not “eventually” go to war, but they certainly were playing football that year, were they not?

      • KJS

        Ah wikipedia, reference materials for the slow and dull witted.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          “Muke” probably wrote the wiki entry himself.

          • Mike

            Nope. You UGA fans are so fond of quoting history when you talk about the Florida/UGA series, I thought you might benefit from a little different history.

            If you can find something factually incorrect about the matter, then I will stand corrected.

            Otherwise the point stands.