Child’s play

If you’re looking for a succinct comment on motivating the college football player, it’ll be hard to top Kirk Olivadotti’s:

“ . . .  But at the same time people are people.  You’re going to have guys that are going to work their butts off; you’re going to have guys that you’re going to have to motivate, and you’re going to have guys that you have to always make it their idea in order for them to want to do it. Those are the different things that you do in life. I have to do it with my 3-year-old daughter.”

Remember, this is coming from a guy who survived six head coaching changes in Washington.  He must have some idea on how to read people.



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11 responses to “Child’s play

  1. Russell

    As someone who supervises others in a union environment, that statement pretty well nails it. Not because the people I work with are bad people, they’re not. ..They’re just people. Motivation comes in many forms.


  2. ZDawg

    “You play if you run to the ball and hit something.’ We’ll take it from there.”
    There’s a strategy I can get on board with.


  3. Dooms Day Dawg

    I have repeatedly told myself not to get excited by coaches/players soundbites this off season. However, I really like this! If the O-line shows marked improvement, this could really be a solid year. Who knows? An improved O-line AND D could save CMR.


  4. S E DAWG he meant we have new coaches in both areas-Coach Friend new O-Line Coach most people I talk to are expecting improvement in all areas-this could be a special year-win the 1st 2 (tall order) and we are rolling-GO DOGS


  5. simpl_matter

    Some names just sound right in my head; “Coach Belin” was a name that sounded pretty good to me from day one. When I heard MSU’s new DC was “Manny Diaz” I was pretty sure we were in trouble. “Coach Martinez”, on the other hand, never left me inspired.

    I have to say, reading “Coach Olivadotti” has me expecting great things. In our over-acronymized (not sure that’s a word) world, “CKO” is as close to three-letters of bad ass as you can get.

    In all seriousness, I think he’s going to be great. I am a little concerned about his first year. I think we can all recall a few semi-gimmick plays from last year, plays you never see on Sundays, that burned us. I expect Spurrier and crew are going to test our ILBs with some wrinkles right away. Here’s hoping we don’t see another “Wheel Route” that burns us repeatedly.


  6. SouthGa Dawg

    I coached HS football for 12 yrs. Worked with a DL coach who once said, “Defensive lineman are like Kindergarten students at PE – They get tired real easy and always want water…so true. It is hard to make kids work hard to get better on the field and in the weight room but when you do it, great things happen.


  7. Irishdawg

    I was a sergeant and a squad leader in the Army. Same thing; some guys need no motivation, some need positive reinforcement, some need to get their asses chewed. Unfortunately, there are also always those that are hopeless f*ck ups that are beyond salvage.


  8. I wanna Red Cup

    I hope Coach O makes them an offer they can’t refuse.