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Athens, 2011, where even the drama is boring

Washaun Ealey isn’t going to Statesboro.  He isn’t transferring.  He isn’t being run off the team to make room for Isaiah Crowell.

He’s just doing what he’s supposed to do to be reinstated to all team activities.

This continues to be one of the least soap opera-ish offseasons in recent memory.  As a blogger, I could wish for more material, but as a fan of the program, I hope they can keep it going.



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Sunday morning buffet

Not particularly lengthy, I’m afraid.

  • December 3rd has the makings of a monster day of college football.
  • Alabama’s new House Speaker roomed next door to Herschel Walker in college.  Then it all went downhill when he left for a job at Auburn.
  • Ironically, by going public when he did, Harvey Updyke may have given Auburn the chance to save the Toomer’s Corner oaks.
  • Matt Barkley, I could have told you that some people don’t like it when you mix sports with politics.
  • It’s too bad that Goldman Sachs doesn’t invest in one of the BCS games.  Then PlayoffPAC might be doing something beneficial for the public.


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