Athens, 2011, where even the drama is boring

Washaun Ealey isn’t going to Statesboro.  He isn’t transferring.  He isn’t being run off the team to make room for Isaiah Crowell.

He’s just doing what he’s supposed to do to be reinstated to all team activities.

This continues to be one of the least soap opera-ish offseasons in recent memory.  As a blogger, I could wish for more material, but as a fan of the program, I hope they can keep it going.


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19 responses to “Athens, 2011, where even the drama is boring

  1. heyberto

    Good job Washaun.. Crowell might be a big favorite, but he can’t have all the carries.


  2. drew

    man this is a great thing. im glad the kid got his act together. He knew what he had to do to stay, the wall was in his court and he did what it took. this is huge for us. hopefully the negative attitudes will change and hopefully these guys will figure it out. my respect for washaun just went up a few points.


  3. Macallanlover

    I just hope Crowell is 75% as good as many expect. I have serious concerns about WE’s commitment to excellence/discipline but having 2 experienced RBs to mix in with the two rookies gives me a better feeling going into the Fall.


  4. JWalker84

    Maybe Ealy will pull his head out of his ass and fly right for once. I’m sure he knows that this is his last chance. Show up for tuturoring and hold on to the ball kid.


  5. Section Z alum

    i fear acknowledging this uneventful period will provoke fate.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s early for Ealey. Remember you had a post last year that coaches wish they could skip July.


  7. shane#1

    Cheer up Senator, spring break is close and then a long hot summer. I have faith that our boys will provide ample blogging material before fall practice.


  8. Some UGA fans are getting panicky and quick to the trigger indeed reading the posts.


  9. Chickasaw

    This is good news, and I hope an indication that Washaun finally has his head on straight. If recent history is any indication, it’s highly unlikely that our preferred, go to back will stay healthy throughout the season. And we’ve had so many “next great running back” busts, that I take nothing for granted. Washaun has always had the tools–just a matter of having the discipline and right attitude to go with it. If he and M Brown live up to original expectations, could be a very good year.


  10. Chuck

    I am so glad to have boring news it’s not funny. Keep up the good work, Senator, bore me to tears.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    There’s always the inside story of Eason and Van Halanger, who have the job of keeping our players out of trouble. Those two must be working 24/7 ! Apparently McGarity has gotten the message across that hangers-on will be cut loose unless they produce results.


  12. OldDawg55

    Goes back to the old gag, “How many people work at the athletic office?”…answer: about half. Say, Senator, what’s the deal on King? Any reports on his status? And, I’m going to laugh my a** off when Malcombe turns out to be a stud back!! All this and Riggins at fullback?!! I’m really looking forward to Spring practice….new coaches, new philosophy (hoping!!) Go Dawgs, GATA!!!!!


  13. Robert K Burnham

    It’s still way too early to say this is a boring off-season. Not even March yet . Once Spring is sprung, there’ll be some drinking ,fighting, scooter incidents , the usual debauchery that we have come to know and love from our players.