The least surprising “where are they now?” news you’ll ever read.

From the recent annals of the Indoor Football League:

… Former Georgia Tech standout Reggie Ball went 13/31 for 72 yards and one touchdown while running for 24 yards for the Bricktown Brawlers.

Dog, you’re still missed.


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24 responses to “The least surprising “where are they now?” news you’ll ever read.

  1. Spike

    Didn’t he get a degree from Tech to fall back on in case this football thing doesn’t work out for him? Has he learned to count to four yet?


  2. Dawgwalker07

    I think calling Reggie Ball a Tech standout is a bit of a stretch…


  3. Brian

    Good to see he is using that degree from GT.


  4. I wanna Red Cup

    I get a tear in my eye every time I think about # 1 trotting onto the field in gold and white. GT QB for life.


  5. Pumpdawg

    I was at the “can’t count” game.Our scoreboard guy won that game for us.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Yes, fortunately he missed the huge orange “4” on the down marker positioned directly next to his head coach who was signaling in plays.


  6. Keith

    Just how is that pumpdawg?


    • Pumpdawg

      Ball would come up to the line and look at the scoreboard then start yelling signals down the line.Our board guy wasn’t changing the down number until after Ball would look up at the board.Like Go Dawgs said,I don’t know how he missed the sideline markers.And a quarterback at the college level should always know what down it is.Whatever the case,our scoreboard guy was doin what he could to help.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    He’d been a damn fine DB at Georgia.


  8. Go Dawgs!

    He would have had better numbers, if not for some “home cooking” from the West Texas Roughnecks’ scoreboard operators, who were apparently tardy in updating the down and distance information on the boards.


  9. anon

    That was a typo. The player is Reggie BELL. Go check the roster.


  10. D.N. Nation

    I, sadly, only got half the Reggie Ball experience in person: the Reggie Tries To Punch A Trainer Game, and the Reggie Can’t Count Game. Had to settle for TV for Reggie Gets Punked By Greg Blue and Reggie Runs Around And Then Ridiculously Fumbles.


  11. Scott W.

    I miss him.


  12. Gil O'Brien

    DeMario Minter and Tim Jennings would start jawing at Reggie on the first play from scrimmage. Poor Reggie, he would be messed up as Hogans Goat before he took the first snap. It was pure comical! I can recall a blog stated …..Dawgs most valuable player and it would flash a picture of Reggies #1 Jersey hanging from a clothesline. He just could not stand an opposing player talking smack, he would turn into one of Keystone Cops. What great entertainment!