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Hey, hey, hey, hey…

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this brand new release:

Note those track listings – you get both the long and short versions of “Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” on this superbad compilation.

Heh. What are you waiting for?


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Jimmy Williamson would like to object. Strenuously.

I’m sorry, SI.com, but I don’t see how you can hold this report out as authoritative on the subject of college football thuggery when it doesn’t contain a single reference to scooters, alleys or middle name withholding.


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ACC 2010, by the numbers

Regular readers here know I’m a fan of Matt Melton’s SDPI metric, which he summarizes as follows:  “The basic idea is to look at how far above or below average (by standard deviations) a specific team is relative to their conference brethren.”

His analysis of the ACC’s SDPI for last season is posted, and as usual it’s a fun read. A few highlights:

  • Jacory Harris, league MVP. That’s not meant as a compliment.  Miami on paper was the best team in the ACC in 2010.  On the field, not so much.  And the reason was turnover margin:  the Hurricanes managed the neat trick of tying for the conference lead in turnovers lost and gained, for a net +1.  Division champ Virginia Tech finished +17.  The good news for Al Golden is that if he can stop the bleeding, his team has a decent chance to move on up.
  • Who knew? “Clemson has ranked either first or second in the ACC in defense each of the past five seasons.” So much for the axiom that defense wins championships.
  • How ’bout that Al Groh? In regressing from 7-1 in conference play to 4-4, Georgia Tech’s defense slid from fourth in the ACC in 2009 to ninth last season.  (Tech’s offense, believe it or not, improved from fourth to third.)
  • Epitaph for mediocrity. This is as good a summary of the 2010 ACC football season as you’ll find:  “For the first time since 2000, the ACC champion managed to navigate through the conference season without a loss. However, unfortunately for the reputation of the league, its champion also lost a non-conference game to James Madison.”


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Job audition

Miami AD Kirby Hocutt left for the sunnier climes of Lubbock, Texas to take the same position at Texas Tech, and the Miami Herald’s Dan Le Batard tries to connect some dots:

… Hocutt could have made not one but two hires that would have been more popular with UM fans but wouldn’t have been popular with the Texas Tech fans he now aims to please. He could have gone after Texas Tech’s Tommy Tuberville, a former UM graduate assistant, or former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who was lobbying for the job. The timing gives the appearance — it may not be so; it may just be an appearance — that Hocutt didn’t give a chance to two popular choices because he had a conflict of interests between the job he was doing and the one he was about to take.

Who is the one guy in the world you can’t even interview at UM if you are angling for the Tech AD job? Leach, who has a nasty and public lawsuit against the school. And you would have to be awfully selfless to hire Tuberville for the job you are leaving at UM while knowing it will make harder the job you are taking in two months at Texas Tech. In fairness to him, Tuberville might not have wanted this job, and Leach hasn’t been able to land anywhere. But what would you do if you knew you were switching jobs very soon? Hire the guy who helps your about-to-be-former employer or the guy who helps you going forward?

The Texas Tech AD announced he was retiring last August. A man doesn’t make a big decision like Hocutt’s in three minutes, especially not when he is leaving a job undone 2 1/2 years after arriving here. If he prefers Texas Tech as his home now, and his family prefers his native Texas, Hocutt had to have noticed that opening like any young climber and family man would last August, especially as disillusioned as he was with Miami’s impotent fan and alumni base. So he had to have known how much or little he wanted that job before he went about hiring a UM football coach — the most important hire in the athletic department.

Le Batard asks Hocutt to respond, and gets this:

“I am disappointed that anyone would try to connect these circumstances,” he wrote.

Well, yeah, I’m sure he is.


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Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!

Good Lord.

Ah, that look.  The artist managed to capture that wistful I-don’t-have-time-for-this-shit persona perfectly, don’t you think?

I can hear it now:  “You don’t think you have a medical problem?  Go stand in front of my statue for twelve hours and then come back here and try to tell me that.”


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