This would be funnier if it weren’t so pathetic.

Mark Emmert selflessly wants to offer his services to help create a D-1 football playoff – but only if he’s asked nicely.

“If the leadership of those universities … want to move in that direction, then the NCAA knows how to run championships and we’d be happy to help,” Emmert said while speaking at the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge, of which he was a member while serving as LSU’s chancellor from 1999-2004.

This from a man who’s apparently clueless about how much he’s already got on his plate that’s being handled ineffectively.  Like this minor detail:

Now one of his immediate challenges is ensuring the NCAA maintains credibility with the public.

Maintains?  More like rebuilds.



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3 responses to “This would be funnier if it weren’t so pathetic.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Well, the way the NCAA handles investigations, discipline, and enforcement is an absolute joke. There’s no disputing that, even if you’re the most ardent War Eagle person there is.

    However, the man’s got a point. The organization’s pretty great at running a tournament and monetizing the living crap out of it. It’s the other parts of their mission that they fail at so badly.


    • The organization’s pretty great at running a tournament and monetizing the living crap out of it.

      That’s not the issue. The real issues are whether the Big Six conferences are prepared to redistribute the postseason wealth to more schools and whether they’re willing to risk affecting regular season TV money if the tournament expands (which it will inevitably do). Emmert’s going to favor the first and can’t give any meaningful assurances about the second, so why do the Big Six schools need his services?


  2. Only the have nots and the fans that does not understand the money trail of the current BCS will like an NCAA playoff. The question all BIG 6 Conference schools’ FANS should answer is “Are you willing for your SCHOOL to lose big solid money for a Crystal Ball that BREAKS, and give the money all to those incompetent NCAA officials and smaller irrelevant schools?” There should be no OBAMA care in college sports. The rich should just get richer and the poor poorer in business.