Touched by a sleazebag

With Scott Moore’s revelation/accusation/confirmation/fictionalization that it was Florida’s Urban Meyer who was man who blew the whistle on Cecil Newton, maybe it’s time to speculate on which SEC schools won’t have their names dragged into the mud in connection with Cam Newton’s recruitment.

I got dibs on Vandy.



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17 responses to “Touched by a sleazebag

  1. 69Dawg

    I can’t blame Urban for dropping a dime on them. To compete in the SEC and win you either have to have a great recuiting base which he has or be able to coach your players up which he for the most part did. Now consider all the hard work and look at Auburn hell just buy it. If Auburn really did it and they get away with it then Auburn will dominate the SEC for years.


    • Peter Rajecki

      Good point. As I have said many times (in other forums), there is no way I would want to win another NC if we have to emulate Auburn or Alabama to do it.


  2. NCT

    I can’t keep up with this any more. I’m not sure I ever did. The whole thing is starting to feel like there’s some kind of Witness for the Prosecution strategy going on.


  3. Stoopnagle

    Well, since we were recruiting him as a tight end, Georgia?


  4. gernblanski

    Vandy and UGA are probably the safest bets.


  5. Tech Fan

    Are superior academics precluded CPJ from recruiting him.


  6. JBJ

    I don’t think its fair to still call Vandy an SEC school. I’ll pick Arkansas just because it is physically farther away from Auburn than any other school.


  7. baltimore dawg

    i guess urban just couldn’t go on holding his nose from the stench of the sec’s sordid carryings-on and had to retire. ah, he begs to be mocked in ways he’ll never comprehend.

    when slive is done with the sec his greatest accomplishment will have been restoring to the conference its 1970s reputation.


    • Dog in Fla

      “when slive is done with the sec his greatest accomplishment will have been restoring to the conference its 1970s reputation”

      At the 30,000 square foot fortification provided by the City of Birmingham to The SEC for headquarters, Mike already had his staff watching some old film on some prospective keynote speakers for entertainment at the farewell celebration before they were learned that one was dead


      and the other was trying to get there


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Between the posts on Team Speed Kills a few days ago, and this bit by a talk show host hustling for ratings, this is beginning to sound like Geraldo Rivera. Play the friggin tapes already.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I’m definitely of the school of thought that says this guy doesn’t have anything on tape. If he did, he’d have whatever pay day he expects lined up by now and we’d have heard not just the tapes, but also the aut0-tune rap remix.


  9. Orson where art thou?

    If I were an Alabama radio host, this would be the right time to start pitching the story about how Cam slept with Tiger Woods.


  10. almightytmc1

    Statistically, Auburn is does not have the same size fanbase as any of the majors in the SEC. They are not nowhere near the fanbase of UGA, Florida, Bama, LSU, UT, or South Carolina for that matter. They dont sell the same seats during the games, and they are not exactly a big television draw. They are not an academic school like Vandy (although they pretend to be Ivy League standard.) And honestly, compared to the tradition/records of the above mentioned schools they are a relative lightweight.

    Even after a couple of fairly mediocre seasons and one utterly atrocious bowl game, they come in with a top 5 recruiting class and manage to snag some of the top JuCos in the country. How did that ever happen? Next year the offensive line is going to look like a train wreck. Cam is gone. And the defense wont be able to contain a pre-school jungle gym with 10 kids on it. Yet once again at the last minute Auburn pulled off a bumper crop. Snagging top recruits out of Arkansas and Louisiana. They almost pulled 2 five stars from Bama.
    I have to ask myself…. what the fuck is wrong with this picture?
    I can pretty well figure out that Arkansas is sick of Walt Williams pimping in-state talent out to Auburn and Petrino wont be sitting on his hands for that very much longer. Meyer was probably sick to death after this season. He was a pompous jerk at times but he treid to play by the rules. Saban wont say anything, he will work his ass off to beat the odds and adversity. Richt will get sick of it. And Miles will probably call a press conference and all but accuse Auburn of cheating for the two boys out of thibadeaux. Miss State is still asking “Why would he charge us and Tennessee and then go to Auburn for free”?
    There is noticable a ground swell. A lot of the traditional big boys are getting sick of No Name Auburn raiding their prize recruits with nothing but their “Auburn Fambly” schtick as a plausable excuse.
    And speaking about the whole “people come here because we are Fambly” red herring……. Jesus f*cking Christ…. does ANYONE believe that bullshit? Every college has a close nit culture. Auburn did not invent it or revolutionize it. Yet every time they pull a top 10 recruit they trot out that same old tired excuse. Conversley they keep the phone line bogged down with accusations that someone else is cheating. Mostly Bama. Something else to ponder is that I have to think that Richt’s recruiting has been somewhat limited because he had to cross every “t” and and dot every “i”, so that Auburn wouldnt start accusing Georgia of cheating.
    I have heard…. (Dont quote me, I heard this on Finebaum,) that 95% of all complaints and accusations at the NCAA office come with a LEE COUNTY zip code attached.
    So if and when the NCAA does stick it to Auburn U. I will so overjoyed I will take a week off work to blow all of my money at a strip club in celebration.
    I am pretty much over it with Auburn and a lot of others in the SEC are also. The SEC and the NCAA are going to have to show something substantial against thier golden goose informant. If they want to make all of the bad feelings go away. Whether they do it wil Emmert still in charge or someone else. It has to be done. The rest of us are sick of the stench ruminating out of southeast Alabama.