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“I don’t care who wears the T, I support the T. The man’s human. The T goes on forever. I’m a Vol for life.’’

As rants go, Chuck Smith’s is pretty damned entertaining, right down to the self-proclaimed “Vol for life” wanting to coach elsewhere in the SEC East against Tennessee.

But it’s Bruce Feldman’s “business as usual” observation that’s depressing.

Fred (Florida)

Just saw your tweet about Chuck Smith DL coach from Tennessee being fired right after signing day in which he signed 7 high profile commits. How must these recruits feel that UT waited until recruiting season was over to fire him.

Bruce feldman

(2:13 PM)

That 25 minute rant that he had is one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen from a coach in a while. I’d heard a lot about how there was a lot of friction with Smith and the UT defensive staff all season and that Smith probably was gonna be pushed out. UT waited till after signing day so it wouldn’t affect their recruiting class. It’s a fairly common move and you heard it from him apologizing to recruits for “lying” and saying he would be there to coach them. I’m sure he would like to still be there to coach them.

At least Dooley didn’t oversign, though, right?



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Walk on.

Sure, it may be Vanderbilt, but this clip is fun to watch.

In fact, it’s fun to watch because it’s Vandy.  Some of those kids may actually have a chance to fulfill a dream.


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