“I really have noticed it. I’ve really changed the way I eat.”

You know, there may be one added benefit to this year’s “bigger, stronger and faster” regimen that no one has mentioned:  the players have gotten so wrapped up worrying about the consequences of eating an order of french fries that nobody’s considered piling into Mudcat’s car to do something that would incur the wrath of the campus cops.

Jimmy Williamson probably has somebody researching the legality of football players eating at McDonald’s as we speak.  Gotta keep the troops busy.


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32 responses to ““I really have noticed it. I’ve really changed the way I eat.”

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Am I the only who noticed that it took 10 years under Richt before someone figured out that proper nutrition was important to athletes?

    • In a world in which somebody with Grady Jackson’s body type can go on to have a productive NFL career, Richt is far from alone on that.

      • TennesseeDawg

        True, but Grady Jackson isn’t a corner, wide receiver, linebacker, etc….

        • How about Clemson?

          We know that Harper was around 230 in August, and weighed 233 at the combine. What we didn’t know was that he was 249 lbs when he weighed in for the bowl game.

          How the hell does your only RB put on 20lbs of fat during a football season? If you recall, our entire DL (aside from Sapp, who needed to add weight and couldn’t until after leaving CU) gained weight during the 2009 season. There is simply no excuse for this shit.

    • 69Dawg

      The absence of a training table was probably a combination of the budget process and part of the NCAA crack down on separating the athletes from the general student body. This was never a problem during the days of McWhorter Hall.

      • Vinings Dog

        You are exactly right. I wish someone would do a timeline on the eventual mandated breakdown of the athletic dorm. Was it mandated by the NCAA, the SEC, UGA? Regardless, there seemed to be more oversight in the years we had McWhorter. Is it still used as a dorm of any kind?

        • nate

          McWhorter is gone. Demolished and turned into a gravel parking lot last time I was on that corner of campus. Thats been at least two years so there may be something else there now.

  2. OnTap

    Alcohol=empty calories.

    I could kind of understand jumping on Richt’s record from ’06-’10, but these guys are throwing him under the bus for his first five years? Really? WTF?

    • 2006 Georgia 9–4 4–4 T–3rd (East) W Chick-fil-A 23
      2007 Georgia 11–2 6–2 T–1st (East) W Sugar † 3 2
      2008 Georgia 10–3 6–2 2nd (East) W Capital One 10 13

      That number 2 in the 2007 row was a AP number 2 finish in the nation….
      just sayin’

      • dan

        I love Mark Richt and hope he turns it around and stays 20 more seasons.
        But don’t use the 2008 season as part of a defense for anything. Worst coaching job ever. I don’t care what the record was.

  3. Irishdawg

    The strength and conditioning has really only noticeably slipped in the last 3-4 years. I seem to remember the kids being pretty strong early in Richt’s tenure, and weren’t all sorts of weight room records smashed as well? It appears to me that maybe Van Halanger got burned out and a change needed to be made, not to mention that big strides have been made in sports nutrition and conditioning in the last few years.

    UGA’s staff is taking it seriously now, though; I talked to a kid on the team who said they have to take pictures of what they’re eating for the coaches to critique, and the new strength program is said to be gruesome.

  4. Gatriguy

    I think S&C has to constantly evolve or the players adapt and let up. Have to constantly switch things up to where they’re never comfortably and can’t loaf.

  5. Irishdawg

    “I think S&C has to constantly evolve or the players adapt and let up.”

    Absolutely. Look at popular fitness trends right now; Crossfit, P90X, etc. Most of them rely on muscle confusion, which is really just changing the workouts up constantly so your body doesn’t plateau.

    • coastiedawg

      crossfit is all about changing up the workouts from day to day. I went to a crossfit certification and chuck carswell (uga corner 88-91) was one of the instructors. he looks like he could suit up today and play. he said that if he had crossfit back then, he would probably have had a long successful nfl career.

  6. Dawg

    Can someone explain the Mudcat reference?

  7. Dawg

    Mudcat Elmore a player I’m forgetting?

  8. HVL Dawg

    UGA has been at the forefront of animal husbandry for decades.

  9. Dawg

    Who in the hell was Mudcat?

    • 69Dawg

      Another of those can’t miss recruit that not only missed but became a legend by missing, and the car thing helped out too.

      • T-bird

        To be fair, Mudcat’s “missing” was largely attributable to major back surgery; I believe right after his freshman year. He busted his butt to get back in shape and was able to play some and contribute, but never made it back to the level that made him a five-star recruit.

    • Mudcat

      It’s me.
      Mudcat Grant: Lacoochee FL
      Stay away from my car.

  10. The NCAA will probably decide that having a training table or keeping tabs on what they eat separates the student athletes from the general student population & should be eliminated.
    I still believe having dorms for athletes, study halls & tutors for athletes, & training tables for athletes were better options for the student athletes than for their respective teams & coaches. The athletes would benefit personally from this type of supervision.

    • shane#1

      I agree. Athletic dorms would be a tremendous help in today’s college sports. College football players train year round now. Voluntary workouts are voluntary in name only. The average player at a major program works 40hrs a week on football alone. Jeff Owens posted his schedule a couple of years ago I am doing this from memory so I may miss something but you will get the gist of it. 6:ooam, get up and go to weight room. 7:30 am, breakfast, 8:00am, off to class, 12:00pm, lunch, 1:00pm back to class untill 3. 4:00pm, practice for two hrs. 7:oopm dinner, 8:oopm, defensive team meeting. 9:00pm, back home to study, 12:00pm, lights out, and back up at 6 the next day and back to weight room, rinse and repeat. This was during the season, so add in game days, travel tine for away games and etc and you see how hard these guys work. No wonder some need tutors.

    • Getting rid of athletic dorms was one of the more bone headed moves by the NCAA.

      I wouldn’t say it was the law of unintended consequences but the law of exact opposite of the intended consequence.

  11. Jimmy Williamson

    I won’t rest until every player is routinely using his middle name.