Good morning, Mr. Trice.

During his nine-year stint in Athens, I don’t remember Willie Martinez doing anything this dumb:

… According to documents obtained by the Tulsa World through open records laws, an unnamed student-athlete last July declined to sign a compliance department log documenting hours spent in voluntary offseason workouts. The student-athlete then asked to talk to a compliance director and played a recording during which Martinez asked why the student-athlete missed a voluntary workout.

“He didn’t record it,” the second source clarified. “What happened was (Martinez) left a message on his voicemail, and he kept the voicemail. That’s a big difference. It sounds sexier to print it like (it was recorded), but that’s not the way it happened.”

Trice was not named in the compliance department’s correspondence with the NCAA (the school redacts any student-athlete’s name before releasing documents to the media, but no student-athletes were named in these documents).

According to the documents, Martinez on the recording questioned an unnamed student-athlete about why he had missed a voluntary workout.

According to NCAA bylaws, members of the coaching staff are not allowed to monitor attendance or even inquire from members of the strength and conditioning staff about a players’ performance at voluntary workouts.

Leaving a voice mail recording of an NCAA violation – now there’s common sense at work.  Maybe Willie thought the tape would self-destruct in five seconds, just like in Mission Impossible.


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8 responses to “Good morning, Mr. Trice.

  1. Wow. Caught on tape committing an NCAA violation, and on top of that, he’s losing a 5’8″ cornerback? This has got to be one of the worst days of Willie’s life.


  2. Dawg

    secondary violation


  3. 69Dawg

    This is just another nonsensical rule by the NCAA. Why should a head coach that is charged with running a multi-million dollar business not be able to keep tabs on his employees. This is just another of the insane rules that are made to be broken. Until a couple of players died in “voluntary” work-out the NCAA would not even let S&C coaches or trainers attend the work-outs. The total stupidity of the NCAA knows no bounds.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, just as it is insanely naive to think their aren’t consequences at every program to players missing “voluntary” workouts. It doesn’t require a cell phone message to point this out, why major in minors? The NCAA makes a living doing just that, while the bigger issues sit right in front of their face and the public laughs at them for being so inept..


  4. Dawg19

    This defense will self-destruct in five seconds…


  5. 81Dog

    Willie should have offered the kid’s dad 180 grand to show up for the workouts. He’d be bulletproof from the NCAA that way.