Jimbo Fisher: Greyshirts? We don’t need no stinking greyshirts.

Putting this post up on a blog called “The Chopping Block” is either an unfortunate coincidence or entirely apropos, depending on your point of view.  (h/t EDSBS)


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9 responses to “Jimbo Fisher: Greyshirts? We don’t need no stinking greyshirts.

  1. GreenDawg

    Geez, no one has even accused them yet and we are already hearing the standard “oversigning fan” excuses.

    “The Seminoles need some roster attrition, but some of that was expected anyway. As it stands now, a few players could be eligible for medical hardships. Some might be ready to transfer for lack of playing time, or for other personal reasons.”


  2. Mike

    Medical Hardships, the next legislative issue with the NCAA


  3. FSU Compliance

    Press Release from FSU Compliance Intern*

    The NCAA OSS (Oversigning Service) arrives fully armed with pocket protectors, bandoliers and legal pads at Jimbo’s office, the former Palace of Bobby f/k/a Coach For Life, and ask if he’s got any grayshirts in there. Jimbo repeats himself with

    ”Not necessarily – we’ll wait and see on that. You know, we’re planning on trying to get everybody in here and get them in class and see what goes on. And if something like that happens, if we have to [we’ll do it]. But that’s not the plan right now.”

    Then Jimbo says it’s not a matter of black and white, mans up like a Nick would and demands that if the OSS are the federales like they say they are, they have to show him their badges and gets this rude treatment instead

    * http://www.cbsnews.com/i/tim/2010/10/22/jenn_sterger_pictures_%25252823%252529_370x278_370x278.jpg


  4. Texas_Dawg

    Andrew Carter said in that blog entry that he would have from FSU the total scholarships number by the next Monday.

    FSU refused to give it to him, just as Alabama redacted its total scholarships numbers from the Birmingham News document requests.

    @Oversigning: @os_andrewcarter: Did FSU ever give you the total scholarships # from the 2010 football season?

    @os_andrewcarter: @Oversigning: They’re Alabama-ing me. Still working on it.