Putting the work in workout

With all the interest we’ve taken in Georgia’ offseason strength and conditioning program this year under Coach Tereshinski, you might want to take a look at this post from a Washington beat writer about the Huskies’ S&C workouts.  There are lots of details, much of which may not match up exactly with what’s going on in Butts-Mehre right now, but this overview sounds right:

… Lewis also talked about the value of off-season conditioning: “I think it’s so important this time of year because it really shapes your team. When you look at it, it seems like a long time between football seasons, but it’s really not because in between when you look at what goes on, you have finals week and spring ball and in a quarter system another finals week and then summer, so the amount of time you get with guys is so critical.

“That’s why January, February, March is so important to get as much out of these guys as you can. It’s not just physical but it’s also mental, getting them to learn how to finish. That’s a big mantra is finishing and competing and not letting (up) just because you are tired, learning how to work under adversity and work through it and be better than anyone else out there. I think that’s what is really important, and getting a message from the head coach and being on the same page and being around these guys all the time. (Steve Sarkisian) and I are on the same page with everything and it’s really drilling the message of the football program every day so that we are ready to compete and finish as a team.

“This is the first time they are all working together and being around each other with the loss of the old guys and a couple of additions of a couple of new guys. It’s a great time for them to start developing who they are, who are we? And this is a great time for that.”


UPDATE: And here’s some of what they’re doing at Cincinnati.



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2 responses to “Putting the work in workout

  1. 69Dawg

    Is it just me or does the word voluntary seem to mean something different to different schools?


  2. Irishdawg

    Tough team workouts build team unity and chemistry, without a doubt. A lot of military training, particularly among elite units, involves putting guys through a grinder and seeing how they respond mentally and if they can work together. I certainly hope the new workouts make the Dawgs mentally tougher and help overcome the injury plague we’ve had the last 3 years.