Another random musical interlude

Inspired by a comment, I thought I’d share this 1966 recording with you.

That’s Rick James singing… and Neil Young on lead guitar.  These guys actually signed a contract with Motown Records.  Oh, what could have been.



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7 responses to “Another random musical interlude

  1. NRBQ

    Fortunate failure.

    Might have killed the whole Buffalo Springfield/CSNY/Crazy Horse/Poco tree.


    • Go Dawgs!

      And also both Rick James and Neil Young. Can you imagine the amount of recreational drugs that would be used on THAT tour bus?!


  2. Neil Young on guitar? Looks like someone playing bass. Bruce Palmer? St. Nicholas was with Stepphenwolf by then. Those were the days. Ironic that Rich James was a front man for the Sailorboys while wanted by the US Navy for not reporting for duty. Thanks for the post.


  3. Rick James, Bitch!



  4. Thanks for the post… As much as I like to pride myself as a music aficionado, I never saw this coming. Fantastic song!


    • Russ

      Agree. I learned something with this post. Thanks!

      BTW, Rick James does sound like Elvis Costello in that recording.


  5. dudetheplayer

    It is incredibly strange that I was just reading about this band out of the blue yesterday and then you deciding to post this today. Just a weird coincidence out of nowhere. My life has been doing a lot of that lately.

    You’ve got some damn good taste in music, Senator. I’m still tripped out by the Frankie Miller cover of “Jealous Guy” you rec’d a while back. Keep it coming, man.