I do not think that number means what you think it means.

A. J. Green’s 2010 season gets Chris Low all twisted up like a pretzel.  In this post where he places Green as the eleventh best player in the conference last season, Low observes,  “Green was easily one of the best three or four players in the SEC this season.” Which, like, totally explains his ranking of eleventh.

It’s one thing to argue that Green’s season was diminished by his suspension.  It’s quite another to say that about his ability.



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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Low uses Congressional math to explain the ranking.


  2. Bad M

    “It’s special because it goes all the way to eleven.”


  3. merk

    True story…when green had Staff throwin to him in year 1 everyone was all like Green looks good cause Staff is a good QB and Jones had to deal with whoever was Bama’s crap QB that year. Then like 2 years later and 2 QBs later Green still puts up better stats despite Jones being on a NC team with a Heisman RB + same QB for 2 seasons.
    I do not get why everyone seeems to doubt Green. Every time he goes up against “the best” he owns them. See the LSU TD or the triple coverage TD vs Fla. I mean Peterson and the Fla DBs have been the best the last couple of years.


    • 69Dawg

      Yea and Peterson when asked who was the best WR you faced said AJ Green by a mile. He said AJ could be covered up and still catch the ball because of his size and hands. This answer totally pissed off the ESPN interviewer who thought he was going to say Jones. He made a sarky remark about AJ only getting 4 catches against him in the game but Peterson reminded him that there was a TD in there. ESPN is the biggest pimp organization in sports.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    All I can say is soon an NFL team will be getting one hell of a WR.


  5. Sanford222View

    The good thing for AJ is that the NFL scouts know what he is and that is an incredible talent. Julio is very good as well and may have better measurables but the proof of Green’s greatness are the incredible catches he makes. The catches he made against Colorado, LSU (2009), Florida, and Tennessee last season would have been incredible if they were against any team or level of talent. For me, what separates AJ from Julio are the extremely difficult circus type catches he makes. AJ turns incompletions into touchdowns.

    The only knock or possible worry I could see about AJ in the pro game would be that he needs to bulk up to get off press coverage in the NFL. I will say though for being so wiry he seems pretty strong when you see him stiff arm DBs on the college level.


  6. Really confused what this has to do with oversigning. No one ever claimed Tressel was morally superior to anyone, just that the Big Ten has good rules in place to curb its abuses.