Watch this space.

It’s gonna be a long preseason for at least two schools.  (And maybe the NCAA, now that I think about it.)

Charles Robinson, one of the investigative reporters for Yahoo! Sports, was just interviewed on the Waddle and Silvie show on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago.  He stated that there are two additional high-profile stories he is working on, on which will break within the next few weeks and another that looks like it will break in August.  Mr. Robinson was prodded fairly hard by Tom Waddle, but would not divulge any individual or institutional names.  He was asked to rate the Tressel story on a scale of 1-10 scale, and gave it an 8.  Mr. Robinson rated the story to be broken this month as a 6-7, and gave the late-summer story a 10-rating, without hesitation.

Hmm… what would you pick as a more explosive story than Tressel’s?



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  1. Two words: Cam knew.


  2. At least one of those programs is located in the Yellowhammer State. That’s practically a given.


  3. Happy Valley

    The 10 story: Joe Pa died in 2009.


  4. Danny P



    • heyberto

      I’m not sure people would rank any plight we have as a 10, unless it was Some thing like Mark Richt was caught doing blow off a dead hookers ass in a hotel room, so I’m not worried there. The 6-7… yeah could be anybody, including us but that doesn’t worry me either. The whole way we handled the AJ situation tells me we’re probably ok. If the same kind of thing were uncovered, I don’t see a potential errant player problem as a 6-7 on the scale. The wild card is if we had an unsanctioned issue with a booster… but I really don’t worry about that either.


  5. What would be a 10? Why, we’re all tomatoes too!


  6. Normaltown Mike

    The Big 10 has eleven members?


  7. shane#1

    I have been saying for a while now that the NCAA and the Conferences need to get a handle on things before this cash cow they have built blows up in their faces. Nobody wants to rock the boat because too much money is coming in. I tell you that kids aren’t the only ones getting money under the table.


  8. Chris

    What I am wondering is why the story wouldnt break until late summer?

    All I can really think would be because that is when a separate judicial process will conclude and records would be unsealed or something?


    • HVL Dawg

      Yeah. I’m wondering how a “10” story can wait until August without risking another outlet scooping the story.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The fact that this is against NCAA rules shows just how stupid that morally bankrupt organization really is. The NCAA ignores players like Newton being shopped around for money (and probably being paid) but focuses on this weak sh!t. Let’s just get all the major conferences together, form a new organization and fire the NCAA. F#ck ’em. Let ’em regulate D-II and D-III to their heart’s content.


  9. Jaybird

    Pollack and Godfrey should not have been at the podium with Drew at his committment ceremony. When are you guys gonna learn you “gotta keep it down home, cuz.”?? Look out….5 violations right there. Don’t get too sanctimonious.


  10. DavetheDawg

    If the assumption of one of the “high-profile” stories turns out to be Auburn, what could the other one be? More dirt on Oregon, perhaps? Maybe another (*gasp*) SEC school? Now what has Kiffin done…?

    I feel the odds-makers wheels a’ turning in Vegas right now…


  11. paul

    I’m not sure there is a bigger story than Tressel. A coach knowingly withholds information in violation of NCAA rules and his employment contract. Then he lies about it when he signs a document indicating he is not aware of any potential problems. Somehow he obtains ‘waivers’ for his players to participate in a bowl game even though they admit certain violations did occur (but not that Tressel has known and lied it about for months). Finally admits he knew and lied but refuses to apologize. His university president is just glad Tressel didn’t fire HIM. You couldn’t make that up. The players in question get a five game (delayed) suspension. The coach gets two? It’s all so totally insane the NCAA will probably go along with it. The good news is that the public won’t stand for it and perhaps we are seeing the beginning of the end of the NCAA as we know it. I doubt it’s going away but surely changes are inevitable. It’s been a total cluster-you-know-what for the past couple of years and it only seems to get worse by leaps and bounds. Apparently, no one ever told them the number one rule when you find yourself in a hole is to stop digging. I only wish Adams could have been in charge.


  12. JaxDawg

    Auburn Death Penalty. That would be nice, and hilarious.


    • Jaybird

      Some of you folks are ASSUMING someone at Auburn paid Cam Newton to go play there, based on ??? , Mr bama Scott Moore? The Death Penalty would not be an option, even in that case. My contention is this is a bigger problem for Mississippi State than it is for Auburn, and I guess we shall see.


      • Keese

        Auburn is going down this summer without a doubt. What will really be interesting is when we get into the plea agreement stage of this trial, which will happen before the tapes are released. The Auburn saga will replace the conference realignment story this summer.


      • Reptillicide

        Auburn death penalty for sure.


      • Laron

        Yes, I do assume that if someone turned down $180,000 to play at a school that he preferred to be at, he was paid even more to go somewhere else. As Cam said, ” the $$$ was just too much”. Death penalty plus Lowder gets 40 years in prison


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ohio State death penalty would be nice, too, IMO.


  13. 69Dawg

    I honestly think the NCAA is in over it’s head. More sh*t has hit the fan in the last year than any organization can handle. The amazing thing is the silence coming from the Big 10 Commissioner’s office. Delany has just thrown up his hands and gone to the let the NCAA handle it mode. I’m sure he is hustling his butt off behind the scenes to make this go away and I’m sure the NCAA lap dogs are listening to him again.


  14. 2011-dawgtrain

    Gordon Gee set cfb back 50 years, damn how stupid.pryor , claret, smith all took money.Pryor is known to have 3 vehicles all with dealer tags. Proof the coach knew of “inkgate”.Nothing to see here , move along.


  15. Dog in Fla

    “what would you pick as a more explosive story than Tressel’s” as tOSU Tressel Tatt-Gate will actually turn out to be? (condensed extended version)

    a. Four out of five Vanderbilt walk-ons make team.
    b. Delany orders Pelini to pre-season Anger Management class to neutralize tOSU dust-up.
    c. Richt reports five more secondary violations to NCAA; asks for, and receives, one (1) game suspension specifically for the Florida game.
    d. Emmert request for hazardous duty pay receives negative response.
    e. Emmert resigns from NCAA to spend more time with Newton family.
    f. Michael Adams again turned down for NCAA job.
    g. Leach finally gets a token interview.
    h. A few more TCU players are expected of not acting in a Christian-like manner.
    i. Michael Adams rewards self with contract for life.
    j. Ray “Bite Me” Ratto nominated for Peabody for best performance in “Midnight Cowboy.”
    k. The Ducks exile themselves to the Peabody.
    l. Lane says, “Who cares? Bite me.”
    m. The Ducks see the ducks at the Peabody and say, “Who cares? And why do they call it Bejing Duck instead of Peking Duck on the menu?”
    n. Zook spots and captures runaway Wisconsin Dems at frat house in Champaigne and offers to turn them over to Scott Walker, Zook asks for bounty.
    o. Walker takes Dems, gives Zook no bounty and fires him.
    p. Gee calls NCAA on pay-as-go cell for parameters on getting bounty if he flips on Tressel.
    q. NCAA has no clear understanding of what the word ‘parameters’ mean, asks that $50 of Wal-Mart debit cards to be sent to it in unmarked envelope before going any further with negotiations and hangs up on Gee.
    r. Gee extends contract for self and for Tressel, prepares to fire Tressel.
    s. Gee wins Nobel Peace Prize, asks for raise, throws self big party, buys bowtie, files Change of Name Petition to rename self, “Woody Hayes.”
    t. ESPN threatens to rename the BCSCG the Weed and Whacker Bowl unless this enigma can be solved: “What’s Irish and sits in the sun?” Charlie Weiss says “Me” and is gonged. Lou Holtz spits out that the correct response is,“What is Paddy O’Furniture?”
    u. Gee fires tOSU AD and selects Luther Campbell to be HCIW, has to pay $69 buyout to Miami Central High to get Luther out of linebacking coach contract.
    v. Luther balks at wearing Jim’s old sweatervests- a potential dealbreaker – Luther sees no need to wear used white man’s clothes from Plantation closet.
    w. Gee reminds Luther there were no Plantations up North. Luther reminds Gee that there were no sweatervests down South. Luther refuses to believe Gee because Gee wears a bowtie.
    x. Despite holdup in negotiations with Luther, Gee tells Tressel to start making plans to spend more time with the Family in Youngstown area.
    y. Luther accepts the award as NCAA President as an infinitesimal reparation for slavery and thanks his agent, Scott Boras.
    z. Sandra Bullock thinks she falls in love with and actually does marry another outlaw tattoo artist in Columbus. Nick Saban, in vintage Elton John elevator boots, is her best man. They both – along with everyone else – get wasted and receive “Death Before Dishonor” bicep tatts at rehearsal dinner blowout. Jesse James crashes wedding on a Ducati. No one notices.
    aa. Craig James finally convinces the Lubbockites that he is not related to Rick James thereby making his poll approval rating drop from 7.5% to zero.
    bb. In a startling development, despite remedial Kumon classes, it is learned that Houston Nutt simply cannot count no matter how hard he tries but he still remains top-notch in the people-helping business.
    cc. Nick quickly tires of new statue, demands that new one, the size of Saddam’s old one before toppling, be made. Stat.
    dd. Jimbo and Muschamp quickly tire of being in same State with each other, use pay-as-go cell and a $50 Wal-Mart debit card to hire Mickey Rourke to torch their Panama City beach house. Mickey and Kathleen Turner plan to both go commando to pull off this job. This time Mickey is getting some.
    ee. Keith Olbermann begs ESPN to give his job back, ESPN agrees but says he has to intern for Lou Holtz before KO gets his big head back on screen. ESPN decides to have head-size comparison of KO and Dan Mullen for the next in the “30-30” series with the winner being the one who comes closest to a 30 inch circumference of the head.
    ff. The SEC West is awarded Oscar for best technical performance in how to manage a waiver wire.
    gg. Nick receives Hippocratic Oath for having more med DQ’s than the rest of the country combined, Nick sends his agent’s receptionist to thank everyone and say he could not have done it without doctor’s orders which means doctors following his orders.
    hh. Mike Hamilton wins Golden Globe for AD of the Year Award, accepts, thanks agent and unclear chain of command on just exactly who could fire him and says he really could not have done it without the help of Monte, Lane, Orgeron, the super-hot Vol Orange Hostesses, Bruce and Mike Garrett.
    ii. Groveland High coach offers to give Steve Spurrier free outpatient breast reduction surgery
    jj. Urban Meyer leads group to become majority shareholders in Disney Company.
    kk. A long-time listener first-time Bama fan caller admits to Paul that he has crop-dusted the entire village of Auburn with some kind of herbicide that will kill all herbs in Auburn within ten days. He also admits that he has a borderline personality disorder. Paul, outfitted in his usual Alabama gear, quickly picks up what he calls his Red Phone – a pay-as-you go cell – and dials the Alabama Department of Fatherland Security to turn in his mandatory report. When he does, he hears on the other end of the line, “Nick speaking. How may I help you?” Paul faints.



    The biggest story may very well turn out to be how lightly the NCAA goes on OSU . Tres will be sacrificed, but the institution will get a (relative to what an SEC or ACC team would get) a wrist-slap.
    Another big story would be if the NCAA took the murdering of the trees at Toomers as “punishment enough” for our friends on the plain.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      The key to every scandal is that the NCAA would like nothing more than to see each problem-du-jour just go away. Smart programs help make that happen for them.


  17. Derek

    “Saban admits to pre-game blood ritual involving infants. Says it isn’t against the rules so its “no big deal.” Saban does regret the relatively minor injuries sustained by infant killed prior to the Iron Bowl. Fans immediate concern is Saban’s level of committment in light of this restraint. However, many fans are hoping for immediate conception so the off-spring can be offered up for the “priviledge” by the 2011 Iron Bowl. ‘Saban Ate My Baby/Roll Tide’ t-shirts sold out, everywhere. Mal Moore asks what Alabama fans would NOT tolerate in the name of winning. After a 10 minute pause, Moore says “I dunno but it would probably make both Robert Mapplethorpe and Toby Hopper puke instantly. Movie on Saban’s lifestory put on hold after Javier Bardem turns down role because its “too similar to Anton Chigurh.” Says “my ability to act evil has limits and this is beyond my capacity.”


  18. Irishdawg

    I’m thinking it’s going to hit a program that’s had a lot of media coverage in the last few years. My money is Auburn getting clobbered, but it could be another big time school like Texas or Bama or (Please God, Please God) Florida.


  19. Bulldog Joe

    “It’s gonna be a long preseason for at least two schools.”

    I agree. It will be the school who committed the violations (Ohio State) and the school who will end up paying the price.

    Yesterday, I was convinced the school to pay the price was going to be Tennessee. Then I realized Tennessee still has a strong legal staff with a solid track record of fighting off NCAA penalties.

    No, it will be a school naive enough to self-report and one who is very likely to be out of the BCS bowl money by game two.

    …and just in the nick of time, one school (again) steps into the line of fire:

    The NCAA says, “Thank you very much”.


  20. I agree with the idea to tell the PAC 10, the Big 10, ND, & the NCAA to take a flying F*ck. The other D-1 schools could do better establishing their own governing organization. Equal gain & equal pain for all.


  21. Cojones

    You idiots! You woke me up with your incessant blogging on this subject.
    Review: OSU (aka JTU) not only lied to get punishment deferred to an easy part of next year’s schedule, but also talked the NCAA, the BCS and the Sugar Bowl Committee into letting them play. Don’t know about youall, but that smacked of a lot of “in yo face” to all D-1 schools in my book. What has escaped everyone’s attention is the fact that the school to take their place in the Sugar Bowl never saw daylight. Who might that have been? Let’s see:

    The team that was the Big10 champion went to the Rose Bowl;

    Since the next best team in the Big10 gets to go to a major bowl, good ole JTU was selected to wallow with the pigs in the Sugar Bowl;

    Since they were in fact ineligible because they had played ineligible players all year, who should have replaced them in the Sugar Bowl?;

    That team got screwed royally because with forfeiture of all games plus the Sugar Bowl, the trophy can now go to the SEC opponent, Arkansas who ain’t out of the woods yet due to a possible ganja coverup implicating the QB. Who the hell does that team sue? JT? JTU? NCAA? BCS?ESPN(they have the SEC contract)? Sugar Bowl Committee? Delaney/Big10? I just know with all you lawyahs bloggin on here that I just gave the world of college football power to whomever figures it out and represents the school that got screwed the most in the Big10 by the Big10. All I want is a findah’s fee of 5%.

    Let’s see: (Adding up the numbers is a bitch in this review);
    1.JTU has to return the trophy and declare forfeiture; therefore, they still don’t get to record a post season win over an SEC team for each year that ole JT has coached at JTU.
    2.The screwed team gets to sue everybody in sight/out of sight.
    3.Both teams that played for the NC will probably default because they both bought players from agents(Oops! That’s changing the business subject).

    I’m going to be busy for the next day or so figuring out who got screwed out of legitimately representing college football in the NC. I can begin by discounting the Sugar Bowl teams. My new lawsuit referral business is going to be busy for some time.

    Then I’m going to look at basketball. Since it’s a two-gender sport we have numerous moralities to fry. Hell, if I wasn’t so greedy and lawyah-minded I could have gone for the Peabody. I wouldn’t have won anyway because Shlabach(sic?) will write all of these stories and gets the award by default since no one else at OSU-dominated ESPN has the guts for it. You don’t believe me? Check it out!


  22. Cojones

    Has the JTU QB shown a receipt for his car rental(s)?

    Was it the same “rental” agency where Maurice Claret “rented” his vehicles?

    I think more than one Grey Goose has been cooked here.


  23. Mike

    EDSBS has a classic about Tressel ordering a burger at Wendys.