We hope to do this again real soon.

You know what a meteor game is, right?

Well, this is a meteor interview.

… To Johnson’s analogy of dating other women after marrying, Chernoff counters that he’s allowed to speak to other women despite having a wife and asks about Johnson’s practice of recruiting players who are committed elsewhere.

Sure. They’re not committed if they’re talking to others.

Chernoff wonders whether that’s hypocritical, and then Paul Johnson happens.

Let me talk real slow and I’ll try to explain it to you.

Oh, snap.  But that’s not the final punchline.

After the interview, you could tell Chernoff was po’d at getting owned on his own show and let off a “I don’t want to get both GT fans mad at me” remark.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, here’s the link to the interview.


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26 responses to “We hope to do this again real soon.

  1. Gateiguy

    Yeah, I don’t see how anyone that was listening to that could think that Chernoff got owned. I was listening to that live; Johnson came off as the thin-skinned arrogant prick that he is. His stance is hypocritical and he got called on it and then got pissy. Arrogent, self-rightous, and delusional…Tech couldn’t have gotten a better fit.


    • Mark Badley

      Don’t you know, CPJ let Chernoff look like he won the argument. Bad things don’t happen to CPJ, he LETS them happen.


    • Reptillicide

      Yeah, you’d have to be a serious Tech homer to say that Chernoff got owned. To everyone else listening, PJ was being his usual arrogant d-bag self. And Chernoff is a tech man, so I give him kudos for asking the tough question and making him answer.

      The only reason Chernoff didn’t take the gloves off after the “let me talk real slow” comment was because he IS a Tech guy and he probably doesn’t want to kill his access to the program for future interviews.


  2. Sefdawg

    Totally agree Gateiguy. I heard it live as well. I thought Chernoff made a good analogy, and Johnson was ill-prepared for it.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Chernoff keeps it up and he’s going to get punched in the face. Tough to sell a lot of “4 Cokes, 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs” when you only have 2 fans.


  4. JWalker84

    To me the point is moot. It doesn’t really matter what your recruiting philosophy is when you run a highschool offense. No one with talent will come there anyway. You can go to Tech and run the same offenses you’ve been running since pop-warner or you can go to UGA and prepare yourself for the NFL. Tech is a joke. Go Dawgs!


  5. Dog in Fla

    Now that’s an interview that Yahoo! Sports or the National Enquirer could be real proud of, one in which Paul fails the both-ways test e’re though talkin’ real slow….”I deem them as not committed if they’re visiting us…”

    “That is a lie! Mayhap a tithe of trothplight – Lief I am not! I deem – e’er and anon! My words are but a twist. Tis a feigned lie …”


  6. Toom

    I think Johnson is wholly unlikeable and I will enjoy the slow, painful demise of his tenure at Tech and the sure-to-be slow realization that the offense is not sustainable. I want it to be a string of 6-6, 7-5, 5-7 – throw in an 8-4 just to get him off the hot seat – seasons – just enough to keep him around – with our continued dominance just draining the life out of the poor fellows.

    That being said, I actually think he held up OK on this interview.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Chernoff really should have buried the guy once the gloves came off. Here’s the thing, Coach, you are recruiting the guys who aren’t committed. So you’ve got a guy who commits to your school, but apparently isn’t very solid. By your own definition, he’s “not committed”. So, what makes that uncommitted player any different than the other uncommitted players you’re recruiting, other than the fact that he’s shown a VERY significant interest in actually coming to your school?

    I see where Johnson is coming from with this stuff, and it makes a certain amount of sense. Once a guy goes somewhere else and sees better facilities, better fanbases, better college towns to live in, there’s a good chance he’s going to de-commit. How do you combat that if you’re Georgia Tech? Make them afraid of being left on signing day without a destination. If you’re Georgia Tech, that’s really all you’ve got.


    • 69Dawg

      +1 Yea it is the old she didn’t leave me I left her face saving device. Paul just can’t bear the thought that a committed recruit might make him look bad so he launches the preemptive strike.


  8. It continues to amaze me that Techies look up to Paul Johnson as this old-school tough talker. Basically, he got called out for being a hypocrite, and he could’ve just said, “Yeah, that’s how I roll — I don’t want anyone decommitting from my program, but I’m gonna try to grab as many other teams’ commits as I can. If they don’t like it, they know where to find me.” Instead, he had to go be a whiny bitch about it.

    A word of advice, coach — go ask Jim Donnan about being that prickly to the media and where it’ll get you. Even fawning acolytes such as Mark Bradley eventually get tired of being told “Let me talk real slow.”


    • Go Dawgs!

      +1. Paul should take a look at his record last year and realize that Chan Gailey’s not likely to bring him any more NFL talents to exploit on offense. That stuff flies when you’re winning the ACC and upsetting your in-state rival (thanks to one great/awful 3rd Quarter). But when you’re going 6-7 and losing to service academies in Shreveport? You don’t look like a smart ass anymore, just an ass.


      • Stoopnagle



        • Jim

          Hold on – he did somehow “outcoach” us by giving us 7 points in last yars game. Never understood that one – if someone wants tomgive me a td i take it every time


          • JL

            Let me talk real slow for you, Jim. The game was over, 100%, if UGA takes a knee at that point. End of story. By conceding the touchdown, and getting the ball back still down one score, Tech had a chance. Not a good chance, but certainly a better chance than the zero they had before.


            • Moot point there, since Georgia wasn’t taking a knee.

              I’ve always thought that Johnson’s call there was more an act of desperation than genius. Maybe if he had Arkansas’ offense the strategy would have made sense, but all he was doing was postponing the inevitable. Tech would have had a better chance to win by coaxing a fumble out of Ealey and playing for a FG.


  9. Chuck

    I want that 12 minutes of my life back. Chuck, Chernoff, Johnson – which of the three is more annoying? That’s a close call. I like having Johnson at Tech – it’s almost as good as having Reggie Ball with a lifetime of eligibility.


  10. Hogbody Church Lady

    Lets’s see Coach Johnson, you can cut them loose if they visit another school after committing to you, and you’re the sole judge of whether they’re committed to another school when they come visit you.



  11. Irishdawg

    Anyone who says “Let me talk real slow” to me is risking getting cock-punched right off the bat. That’s about as condescending a thing as any man can say, and it proves (as if further proof was needed) that Johnson is a Weapons Grade Asshole.


  12. retwely

    Fun stat about Johnson: He has now lost 14 games at Tech in his 3 seasons. It was 2006, Richt’s 6th season, when he lost his 14th game. All of this in an ACC that is comparable to the WAC.


  13. ScoutDawg

    Retwely, why are you hating on the WAC?


  14. Homerism at it's finest

    Good lord, a “waste of time” is reading these comments. Having fun patting yourselves on the back fellas. So long as everyone agrees, it has to be true.


  15. Paul's Johnson

    The coach did quite well. Don’t blame him for busting the insufferable Chernoff, who’s has the on-air maturity & gravitas of a grade-schooler.
    This interchange suprised doggie-nation why, exactly?