Craig James, eat your heart out.

This may not be Julia Child, but it’s alright.

(h/t EDSBS)


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6 responses to “Craig James, eat your heart out.

  1. jerome

    My God…I love this man.

    Also sums up nicely some of our recent efforts:

    ” “Fat little girlfriends” is a metaphor for relaxed, content and complacent comfort which is counter-productive to football.”


  2. jerome

    Should’ve included this essential caveat:

    “There’s nothing better than spending time to enjoy a meal, get close to each other, laugh and just savor life. Although the relaxed, content and complacent comfort which is provided by fat little girlfriends may not be productive to football, it is the mortar that binds family and friends together.”


    Viva fat lil girlfriends!


  3. Pumpdawg

    Picture’s not coming up on my computer. And since I’m technology challenged,I’ll take y’all’s word that it’s funny.


  4. siskey

    They really messed up firing this guy. If nothing else people knew who they were because of his personality. His ten years there were their best as he took them from a school that I best remembered for beating Duke in Spurriers last game there to being the number one ranked team in the nation.
    I bet there is a great recipe for “Complacency Kills Cupcakes” and “Craig James Whine and Raisin Pie.”


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I like Mike Leach both as a coach and as a man. He is a breath of fresh air in a profession full of self-important stuffed shirts. He was/is an innovator in the passing game in a business where everybody else runs the same old stuff year after year. He is also a little bit of a nut who can rub people the wrong way at times. The Texas Tech people have effectively won. They fired the guy for cause for trumped-up reasons to get out from under their financial obligation to him because he pissed off the hierarchy there by talking to other schools about head coaching vacancies and the Texas court system (one of the crookedest in the country, Louisiana ain’t got nothing on them) sided with the state institution (surprise) and used a tort defense (governmental immunity) to let Texas Tech off the hook in a breach of contract case. Texas Tech used the money it saved by stiffing Leach to hire Tommy Tuberville who is a fine coach and probably will have Texas Tech in contention for a championship soon. “Winner” says Charlie Sheen. The only way this blows up against Texas Tech now is for Tubs to runn offt to another SEC school and then (hopefully) nobody good will take the job for fear of being shafted by Texas Tech like Leach was. Probably ain’t gonna happen. I hope Leach catches on with another team but the truth is he may have to go back to being an assistant for awhile, maybe forever. I wish we could hire him as OC and let Bobo just function as QB coach but that ain’t happening either.