They got a big ol’ glass house on the Plains.

By now, I’m sure that most of you have heard the news and seen the rejiggered Fulmer Cup standings.

It’s not so much that I feel a strong need to gloat today; it’s just that recalling this and this gives me some satisfaction in knowing that the Auburn fan base now appreciates the true meaning of the word “thug”.

Plus, this has suddenly dawned on some of them.


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  1. Scott W.

    Hopefully this isn’t the last red faced moment for the Tiger/WarEagle/Plainsmen.

  2. Irishdawg

    Well, that was an interesting read. Now, if you all will excuse me, I think I just broke a rib from laughing and need to go to the hospital.

  3. Samford Hall

    It’s the quick and easy way for us to get to 85 scholarships by enrollment day.

    You wouldn’t understand.

  4. Ellen

    Love the post! I was just telling a friend yesterday that I try not to trash-talk because something can always come back to bite you. So I’m keeping my mouth shut on this one, but I definitely have a big smile on my face. I guess if they were at Tennessee, the victimes would have asked that the players be allowed to stay on the team

  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    See….all this stuff about Awbun paying players is just hooey….if they paid them they would not have to rob and stuff.

    War Dead Oak Tree!!

  6. Sadly, some of them still don’t get it. Some Auburn jackass was on Twitter yesterday thanking God that they had Gene Chizik as coach, and not someone like Mark Richt, who refuses to kick players off the team for committing crimes. I asked him to remind me again which Georgia player had gotten to stay on the team after committing an armed robbery, but he just ignored me and kept on yakking about how Georgia players are “thugs” and their fans are “inbred retards.”

    I grew up less than an hour from Auburn’s campus and have literally dozens of good friends who went there, so it’s hard for me to lash out at them too viscerally in public, but . . . well, it’s getting a lot easier with each passing day. The NCAA’s hammer is going to drop on them sooner or later for the Cam Newton affair, and if that happens on a weekday, I’ve got no problem with taking a day off work just to drive over to Auburn and do a trolldance on Toomer’s Corner.

    • 81Dog

      the sun will expand and consume the solar system before the average AU fan will exhibit anything vaguely resembling common sense. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but as a group, I’ve never seen people less troubled by facts, reason, or reality.

      Therefore, to them, Bo was clearly better than Herschel (ridiculous), AU was clearly the best team in America in 2004 (hardly), Cam didn’t know NOTHING (uh, sure), and exiting an alley on a scooter or getting picked up on a bench warrant for failing to appear in traffic court for a speeding ticket is MUCH WORSE than armed robbery and burglary. Makes perfect sense to your average Barner.

      • Macallanlover

        I have come to realize how really bad the Auburn program/fans are, they are the very worst in the SEC relative to anything regarding ethics/character. Enough bad things could not happen to their program to satisfy me so this incident is enjoyable because it shows the nation what The aU is really like. They have been rotten for decades, this is just something even their police couldn’t sweep away. (I do think the 2004 team was better than USC that year.)

  7. Irishdawg

    What these punks did is not a petty crime like DUI or shoplifting either; these guys committed a goddam home invasion armed robbery. That’s the big leagues, son. I’ve seen street gangs go down on federal gun and RICO charges for committing home invasions. These idiots are in a shit-pot of trouble.

    I wonder if Trooper Taylor fist-bumped them afterwards.

  8. Brandon

    As many said when Eliot Spitzer went down, THERE IS A GOD!

  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    What’s behind the pay link?

  10. TennesseeDawg

    “I have a different constitution. I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man.” – Charlie Sheen (obviously referring to Auburn)

  11. fuelk2

    Ah, the link to the blackout game (the good one) made me laugh. Logan Gray waves a towel with so much more style than Trooper Taylor does.

  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Maybe Spencer needs to disqualify Auburn; he could modify the old Playboy mag party school legend about not rating professionals with amateurs.

  13. 69Dawg

    Well at least the cops over there are not pulling a UT. They got them all now lets see if the white boy driving the get-away car can get the UT treatment by claiming he didn’t know what the others were up to. These guys made a big mistake in picking their school they should have taken their talents to UT. Knoxville = Get out of Jail Free Card.

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  15. The Realist

    I concur that there are not enough possible bad things that could happen to Alabama Tech to appease my disdain. Except, perhaps Chizik getting a Paul Hewitt contract. Make it happen.

  16. shane#1

    I can take no joy in this. Karma is a bitch so one should always be careful when pointing and snickering at a rival program. I don’t know the law in Alabama but in Georgia using a firearm in the commision of a felony carries a mandatory twenty years. At any rate four young lives are ruined. Sad.

    • Dawgaholic

      That is not true. Using a firearm in a felony in GA does not get a mandatory 20.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Sad, really? I save my sadness for innocent victims of thugs like these. Four young lives ruined? Only because they chose to ruin it. It’s really a very simple choice they had to make: Be a student athlete or be an armed felon.

  17. 2011-dawgtrain

    The best thing in au is a damn tree(s). wtf were they trying to steal an 8- track tape player ?

  18. ScoutDawg

    Awtards getting 77 points at a gallop in the Fulmer cup, expensive. Shiznit getting P. Hewitts’ contract, PRICELESS. +1

  19. ScoutDawg

    On the other hand, how many scooters does it take to garner 77 points in the FC.

  20. ScoutDawg

    Because, with all of our THUGS, we are the champions,”FC”.

  21. BMan

    The Mean Machine team is gonna be hell on wheels next season. Lookout guards.

  22. ScoutDawg

    Mean Machine were NERDS compared to the Awtards.

  23. Dog in Fla

    They may soon be taking their talents to Holman Correctional Facility.

  24. Paul's Johnson

    Auburn and Chizik have a national championship. Georgia & Richt do not. That much is fact. All else are high horse antics and excuses from the red-clad crowd.

    • IndyDawg

      Troll’s gotta troll! The GT clan is desperate to distract from 9-1 vs big brother. Feel better? Get back to us when you flip that win-loss ratio to somewhere close to even.

    • NRBQ

      Fun tramplin’ your ass from atop this high horse every season. That much is fact, too.

    • Bark Madley

      Listen to this man. He knows what he is talking about.

      Paul has two national championships.

  25. shane#1

    Leave it to a Tech troll to post without reading the blog or the comments. Maybe he did read it but could not comprehend writing at this level. Anyway, go back to the AJC son, the Senator’s blog is over your head. I would consider changing my name also, Paul’s Johnson appears to be a little, er, flacid lately. Maybe some Viagra would help.

  26. Irishdawg

    Aaaaand PJ pops in with another tired, predictable little brain turd non-sequiter. You’re right, Paul, this is all sour grapes from Georgia fans because of Chizik’s title and that our players don’t act like MS-13.

    Let’s recap what happened; 5 Auburn football players broke into a house armed with guns and robbed people. They didn’t get into a fight, they didn’t steal a laptop, and they didn’t drive without a license. They committed armed robbery. Maybe we should talk the UGA linebacker corps into robbing a bank and getting into a shootout with cops like in “Heat”. Asshole.

  27. dudetheplayer

    Man, I just went back and re-read some of the comments posted on that link about the dancing in the 2007 blackout game…

    “I don’t think they like the idea that the next few years are going to be really ugly for UGA’s opponents. I am pretty confident we are on the cusp of a historic run the way our underclassmen have been playing and our recruiting board is lining up.”


  28. almightytmc1

    Attn: Mark Emmert and Mike Slive..

    Pst…..Psst…..psssttt…. Now that I have your attention.
    Thank you, Have a nice day fellas.

  29. Aious

    I am not sure why anyone would argue with anyone that went to Auburn

    To start off with, they went to Auburn b/c no other college let them in. Seriously, every HS I know sent the universal rejects to AU. There is not a soul in the country outside of AU people who look at Auburn as anything but a redneck, trash-filled school.

    Additionally, there is not a school in this country that defines “little brother” like Auburn. They make it so easy to call them that and I actually hate Alabama. When they win, it is ALWAYS about Bama. When they lose, it MUST be Bama’s fault. I mean, good god, can you douchebags ever at least act like you are another part of the family?

    Lastly, AU runs arguably the most corrupt program in NCAA history. Everyone knows it. AU fans know it. Thus, whenever they call us thuga or whatever, it is their way of letting out their anger at being looked upon (especially with Pay-For-Cam) as a corrupt, cheating team that will soon get pounded by the NCAA

    They won the NC this year yet still, nobody really gives them any national respect nor do they get any if much publicity as a team right now.

  30. Comin' Down The Track

    After graduating, I managed a bar in Athens for many years before diving into the corporate world. So, I can say with no little authority that AU’s fans are the worst, bar none. There is no discussion. Ask any bartender and they will answer the same forthwith. They are filth. Now they are acting out farther and farther in hopes that someone, anyone will give them recognition for their tainted accomplishment.

    It is only a matter of time until they get all the attention they can stand.

  31. S.E. Dawg

    This is just a small wave. The tsunami hasn’t hit yet.