What’s the rush?

Shorter Doug Segrest:  given that a little over a month has passed since National Signing Day and Georgia hasn’t already wrapped up another top five class for 2012, perhaps it’s time to panic.


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7 responses to “What’s the rush?

  1. KornDawg

    It’s the same question every year, why does UGA lose all the top Georgia recruits? To me, it comes down to numbers. We’ve heard it a million times, South Carolina and Alabama don’t have the the talent, numbers wise, that Georgia does. I get it, all the people on this blog get it, why can’t the media get it?


    • Texas_Dawg

      It does come down to numbers… but not those numbers.

      Alabama oversigned by a total of 21 players the last 2 years.

      Georgia oversigned by 0.

      Kind of easy to raid other states when you have no concern for basic ethics.


  2. My heart rate has been running in the 140’s since these recent signing of GA players by other schools and I will have no doubt have a heart attack and continue to lose sleep before the next signing day and after that.


  3. Actually the shorter version is even worse than that:

    Q: Should Georgia be worried?
    A: Not really, no.

    Seriously, by the end of the piece he has basically confirmed it as a non-issue.

    So…why even write the piece in the first place?


  4. Cojones

    To quote the famous reply by Gen McCauley at Bastoyne, when asked by the Germans to surrender, “Nuts!”.

    UGA has the best running back in the country on the way to join the other best running backs in the state. We don’t need no stinkin’ RBs so let every one get what they want while the student-athletes get a free college ride.
    If we need the best receivers next year, we will go and get them no matter where they are. The same for all positions. There is no longer pressure to get Ga players only.

    So let the AJC columnists make their bones by extolling the loss of Ga players one-by-one. That’s their schtick so let’em do it. You don’t have to be influenced or pressured because Tower headlines every player that gets a scholly out of state. He should put the GT headline out to lament their loss to the state-and now GSU. UGA has shown that they can get the players needed from the state when it counts. Who would want to come here to play backup to this stable of runners?


  5. The Dawgs have to be very selective. May have only 18 scholarships available & 2 of these are for our 2 JC Players & 1 for the Kicker.
    The numbers will not warrant a top 10 class; but , the Dawgs will get the players they need at the positions they need. Meanwhile all of the other players will have gained another year of experience. That all works for me.


  6. Keese

    I stopped reading at Mariano Rivera