Auburn, I got ‘yer “all in” right here.

This post is so straightforward about it that I have to admit to a certain perverse admiration for the author.  (h/t EDSBS)


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  1. mwo

    Typical, delusional, in denial. Auburn has as many adjectives to describe its fans as they do mascots- Tigers, War Eagle, Plainsmen, etc. These people really believe they will still have a national championship in 10 years. Keep checking.

  2. Chuck

    “Four kids who on the sum, played a minuscule role in Auburn’s magical season, made a horrible judgment call.”

    So your football team felonies don’t count unless they were committed by starters? That is a common problem with sports blogs: you can (and will) say things like that without thinking if that was what you really meant to say. Stay classy Auburn,

    • Macallanlover

      It’s because they are WINNERS, and those commenting have pathetic, loser lives. And then there is all that “tiger blood” running through them. I fully expect to see Master Sheen wearing an AubieCane hat this fall as he roams The aU’s sideline in Sanford.

  3. Laron

    Typical “it doesn’t matter, we won” from the Barn. A rogue football program that controls a crummy school.

    • joe

      YEP, “Let’em all talk. I just checked again and Auburn’s still national champions.”

      That is ALL that matters to these actual life losers.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Check again after the FBI releases what it has on Cecil, Lowder and Auburn in about a year.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    The guy might have a point. Florida’s off season arrest record didn’t throw things off track. Cam Newton and these arrests make good sport, but nobody can tell what effect they’ll have.

    Mr. Coulter ignores however, that Gene Chizik still has a mediocre career record, and Auburn is losing a pantload of starters.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    ALL IN!!! (thru the front door with a loaded gun)

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    “they’ll never take away that cool fall day in mid-November when Georgia came calling and limped out an 18-point loser.” Well enjoy it while you can but your in our backyard in 2011 and I believe we have something for you to remember us by.

    • 81 Dog

      they wont take away any of the previous several fall Saturdays (2006-2010) when AU limped home a loser, either. AU people are kind of GTU Lite: All the arrogance, none of the book smarts.

    • retwely

      If we are fortunate enough to have the Auburn wins vacated by this fall (highly doubtful I know) then we can tell them to “fear the thumb” when they limp into Athens.

      They have a special type of biterness towards us because about 25% of their student body applied to UGA and didn’t get in.

  7. HC

    And so far the popular vote says let the four receive their national championship rings…ya gotta love it…I’d wear mine proudly in prison. Wonder where the presentation ceremony will take place.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    Ever notice that whenever someone says, “last time I checked…” something really stupid always seems to follow?

    Just set this article link to the side, Senator, and then the next time he writes anything referring to Georgia as “thUGA” when we have a player arrested on an underage drinking charge, throw it back in his face. Or, when any other school has someone arrested, no matter how serious the charge. Because the Auburn “Family” has just gone “All In” with the notion that coaches really can’t know if they’re recruiting character athletes or not, and they really can’t do much to stop them from home invading the hell out of the local population if that’s what they’re bent to do. Auburn just surrendered any right they have to ever again say anything about discipline at other schools.

  9. Ricky McDurden

    So… who wants to break it to the author that what Auburn has been through and is going through now is not the same as what Bama or Florida or LSu went through with their legal troubles or troubles with the NCAA? I guess a case could be made for USC though

  10. 69Dawg

    The NCAA proudly rewarding the 2% criminal element in college sports since the 1980’s. The SEC and the NCAA are just a really bad joke.

  11. Boss Dawg

    I love Holly (even though she is all VAWL). Good catch and luck Doug.

  12. But I am sure though that Harvard and Yale have a lot of Valedictorians in their team. LOL

  13. Silver Britches

    Somebody get that Auburn fan a cross so he can nail himself to it. Good grief there is no more self-righteous, conspiracy theorizing, inferiority complex-having fanbase as Auburn. There is no vast national conspiracy against Auburn because not enough people give a shit to make the effort.

  14. Brett

    Judgment call? To me a judgment call is one that teeters on the edge of right or wrong- one in which the actor carefully weighs the benefits and costs of a potential act. Deciding to assist an auto accident victim in spite of the risk of personal injury is a judgment call. To barge into a home with firearms for the purpose of taking another’s property is anything but.

    Once again, the Auburn “family” exhibits an enviable self-delusion. I’m sure their hearts were in the right place, though. (*eyeroll*)

  15. It’s weird. Growing up in Columbus, I had a lot of Auburn friends. Most of ’em were good, laid-back guys who were about something a little more low-key than Athens. Neither rocket scientists nor big bar-hopping scenesters. Just good, somewhat country guys you could grill out with on a Saturday afternoon. They might rib you about your deer stand etiquette or knowledge of fishing, knowing you don’t give a shit.

    So it’s really tough to reconcile those guys against what the element that is so beautifully encapsulated in the post you linked to — the thin-skinned, paranoid, holier-than-thou, dogmatic types.

    My theory is that there’s a dichotomy amongst Auburn types. There are the ones who grew up in Alabama in the shadow of the Iron Bowl rivalry and have this red-assed jihad/crusade perspective that Coulter seems to symbolize. Then there’s the guys from Georgia who, aside from being a little prickly about having gone out of state to a lesser school (witness snarky comments about “AH-thens”), are mostly pretty easy-going.

    • Man, I am so right there with you. I grew up in Columbus, too, and I’ve got many, many dear friends who went to Auburn. We trade ticket hookups depending on whose town the game is being played in that year, talk trash in a goofy and genuinely good-natured way . . . it’s part of the reason I enjoy this rivalry so much, and why Georgia-Auburn is the one game I always make it to even if I can’t get to any of the others.

      And to be fair, these people aren’t the ones showing their asses about Camgate or the armed robbery or any of that stuff. But good Lord, the sidewalk fans, Finebaum acolytes and “CAM DIDNT DO NUTHIN U JUST JELUS” Twitter/message-board freaks have been so obnoxious that part of me thinks “To hell with my Auburn pals, I hope the NCAA levels the entire campus so that I can do the Roger Rabbit on the piles of rubble.”

      Yeah, I think a lot of it has to do with the inferiority complex they feel toward That School In Tuscaloosa. But that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.

      • 81 Dog

        I dont know what part of Columbus you two grew up in, but I live here now, and I would say the nice AU fan/jackass AU fan ratio I’ve experienced is about 1:20. The ones over 40 think Bo Jackson was the greatest player who ever lived, the ones under 40 think Cam Newton was the greatest player who ever lived, and they will all tell you in the shrillest of tones that both of them were WAYYYYYYYYYY better than Herschel Walker.

        It’s like Ron White says: you can’t fix stupid.

        • I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I haven’t lived in Columbus full-time since high school (’93). Back then, sure, they were insufferable about Bo, but the stupidity amplifier that is the Internet didn’t exist then, so you didn’t have to deal with this aggregate voice — just individuals that you choose to associate with.

          Now they have their first title in half a century and the platforms of Finebaum, blogs, message boards, etc., from which their dumbest and loudest can crow the hardest, we’re getting a big dose of the Auburn Id.

        • mwo

          That is about the same ratio here in Harris County. Except I am still looking for the 1 decent AU fan.

  16. I am trying to think of a more delusional fanbase than Auburns. Notre Dame? USC? Michigan? Nobody compares.

    • the Coondawg

      South Cackalacka are tops in the Delusional Catagory

    • David

      Just out of curiosity, what’s so delusional about Auburn fans? While many care far, far too much, most who I know don’t think the program is something that it’s not…which is around the top 15 all-time in wins, multiple SEC titles, multiple national titles, multiple Heisman winners….really about the same as Georgia, which is why it’s such a great rivalry. If you don’t agree with that, maybe you’re the one with a perception problem.

      • Macallanlover

        Please, don’t even begin to compare the two programs. I do not personally know one, zero, UGA fan who would support what Auburn condoned last year. The coaches, fans, administrators all let it slide. Even TN would have had dissenters with that. And that doesn’t even go to the other decades of problems. The two programs may have similar accomplishments, but the way they were obtained is not even in the same universe. Don’t kid yourself, you have no respect anywhere in the country. Last year was an embarrassment for all of CFB, especially those of us in the SEC. The aU was the laughingstock of all CFB, and it just gets worse.

  17. Dog in Fla

    “Don’t Believe the Talk; Auburn’s Football Program Remains Solid”
    by Jay Coulter

    Jay must be kin to Ann.

  18. Scott W.

    I’m sure the home invasions are an isolated incident. Pardon me if I am skeptical. These people saying this is no big deal are the same folks who wanted to be all moral high ground about a couple of Dawgs selling their SEC rings or not giving their middle names.

    • That’s been my point in highlighting their reaction to the arrests. Suddenly it’s okay to acknowledge that every program has its problem children.

      • And it’s also perfectly reasonable to think that an expired registration or “emerging from an alley” occupies the same moral plane as an armed home invasion. If you live in Lee County, that is.

  19. Schlagdawg

    I love this gem of a comment:

    “Trust me, it is better to be harsh and decisive in the reaction to these types of incidents. I firmly believe that the programs that have continued problems with discipline, ALWAYS underperform on the field because they don’t truly respect their coaches. You CAN NOT win by forfeiting character and discipline….you see this currently with Mark Richt at Georgia and he is on the verge of being fired because of it. Coach Chizik ferried this team through the most tumultuous waters I’ve ever seen a team go through during a season, and I’m sure this will be a distant memory by the end of spring practice.”

  20. Texas_Dawg

    Ah, the SEC.

    • Dog in Fla

      Where all the head coaches are strong, all the athletic directors are so so and all the university presidents pale in comparison.

  21. shane#1

    I used to trade posts on the AJC blogs with a guy that called himself War eagle. I haven’t heard from him in several years and I know he was battling cancer, so I am afraid he is no longer with us. This man played on AU’s undefeated 1958 team and was a team mate of a man in knew in Albany. They were both good men and you heard little trash talk out of them. It seems that fans carry the trash talk, stupidity, and hate for rivals much further than those who were on the field. I guess when you are punched in the mouth enough on that field you learn a little respect for you opponent.

  22. Scott

    armed robbery > theft

  23. 81Dog

    Are AU fans delusional? Doesn’t Tech still have more SECOND football titles? Yes, they’re better than S Carolina. No, they aren’t the 70s Steelers, or even UGA. The dye era? Cheaters who got probation. Tubs? One hit wonder. The Chiz? Here comes the NCAA posse.