Guess who’s not coming to spring practice?

Over the past few seasons, this may be the most predictable event in SEC football:

South Carolina quarterbacks Stephen Garcia and Andrew Clifford have been suspended for the first portion of spring practice, a source confirmed this afternoon.

Neither Garcia, a fifth-year senior who has been the starter the past 2 ½ seasons, nor Clifford, a redshirt sophomore, are at this afternoon’s initial practice for the Gamecocks.

The suspension, a source said, is related to an incident during the team’s bowl week in Atlanta. Garcia and Clifford broke team rules, but were allowed to stay in Atlanta.

Evidently those crazy sounding rumors had some legs.

As for what this means in the fall, who knows?  It’s not like Garcia hasn’t recovered from worse before.  And I’m sure South Carolina fans will be quick to assure us that it won’t affect the ‘Cocks’ inevitable return to Atlanta in 2011.


UPDATE: This is how a dumbass thinks.

I think Taneyhill needs to mentor Garcia.


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14 responses to “Guess who’s not coming to spring practice?

  1. Willie

    Shocker………. At least garcia got to play in the bowl game. CSS has no shame, leaving him out of spring practice will teach him a lesson I’m sure.


  2. No One Knows You're a Dawg



  3. Slic Rick's Friend

    Will Muschamp is a traitor. He didnt even want to go to UGA when he was a college player.



    That’ll teach ’em…way to go Head Cock


  5. Scott W.

    How long is Garcia going to stay at SC? Seems like 15 years already.


  6. Spike

    Ever seen Charlie Sheen and Garcia together? Me neither.


    • gernblanski

      I haven’t seen them together but Sheen was able to cut Garcia’s hair with just his mind. Sheen doesn’t use scissors like the rest of us mortals out here.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Thing is, cutting his hair will most likely work. Every Gamecock booster out there is saying, “see, the boy finally done straightened up”.


  8. mykiesee

    You can take the boy out of the trailer park…..


  9. Dog in Fla

    “I can’t go have a sandwich . . . without someone coming up and saying, ‘How’s that (expletive) Garcia doing?’ ”


  10. Todd

    5 women, two of which were naked. Ya’ll without sin cast the first stone. I’m sorry, if you say that you wouldn’t get drunk and screw 5 chicks in an Atl hotel before playing in a bowl game,…..well you should be GT fans.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    For the record, Steve Taneyhill cut his hair a long time ago.