It’s kind of like the Pope excommunicating Henry VIII.

Heisman Pundit tosses Florida out of his “Gang of Six” for the heresy of ditching the spread option.


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  1. D.N. Nation

    Who is the Gang of Six these days, anyway?

    1) Oregon
    2) Auburn, sometimes
    3) Boise

    That it?

  2. HK

    nice scientology ad below the article.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin


  4. Slic Rick's Friend

    I hate Florida. We need to get over this hump with them. Muschamp is a traitor.

    • Hackerdog

      He was willing to coach a rival school in one of the most talent-rich states in the country for $2.5 million. What a douche.

      • Mike

        At one of the top one or two jobs of its kind in the nation

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          How can something be “one of the top one?” You betray yourself Mikey, as someone who never set foot in a University of Florida classroom.

          • Mike

            Mmmmm…..I wrote one of the top one or two. Something wrong with your ability to read? Or are you so ADD that your attention span falters after reading 6 words?

            Since I apparently have to explain it to you, what I meant is that the Florida coaching job could be THE best job of its kind in the nation, but if not the best, then certainly in the top two. As an aside, I would not put the UGA HC job in the top five in the nation. Probably the top ten though, but I would have to think about that. Certainly the UGA job is the third or fourth best in the SEC though. Most intelligent thinkers would place the UGA job behind Florida, Alabama. And probably even LSU, although that is arguable.

            You will also be happy to note that I did indeed matriculate from the University of Florida.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Gee. I must have struck a nerve. And it is matriculate “at” the University of Florida not “from.” You are bringing down Florida’s academic reputation further with every post. Keep it up.

              • Mike

                Ahhh ….yes, when all else fails, when few of your sports programs can top Florida, when even most academic rankings favor Florida, resort to grammar smack.

                And weak grammar smack at that. I think both “from” and “at” are proper uses in this context.

        • Reptillicide

          Two things –

          1. You can’t be “one of the one”

          2. The top four jobs in the country are, in no particular order – Alabama, Texas, Southern Cal and Notre Dame.

          The highest you could argue for Florida would be fifth, but you’ll have to argue with a small bevy of schools for that one.

      • Reptillicide

        Pretty sure dude is a troll.

  5. sUGArdaddy

    Well, it’s not like he was getting chump change in Austin and didn’t have a good gig. He was the head coach in waiting at what I believe is THE best job in America and making $1 mil. as the DC.

    You can just say, “No.” How beloved would he have been if when offered the job he came out and said, “It’s my dream to be a head coach at a BCS conference, and I’d love to be a head coach in the SEC, where I was raised and played. But there are 4 schools that need not solicit my services for future job openings: Georgia Tech, Auburn, Tennessee, and Florida. They were and always will be my rivals.” (personally, I’d throw Clemson in, too).

    That probably seems a little outlandish, but Spurrier wouldn’t coach at Florida State, Miami, Tennessee or UGA if his life depended on it. I’m not fan of SOS, but I’ve always respected his love for his alma mater. He coached harder at Florida because it burned his bones to see the orange and blue lose. It wasn’t just about him and winning. It was about HIS school.

    Muschamp has decided he never wants to coach at UGA with this move. If he fails, we’re never going to hire the guy that failed at UF. If he succeeds, he ain’t leaving and we have too much pride to try to hire a Gator coach. I’m not saying he shouldn’t have taken the job. I’m just saying I wouldn’t have. But I probably love UGA more than Will.

    • JBJ

      I don’t know what you do for a living. However, what you are saying is that you would limit your job prospects in whatever field you work in due to “loyalty”. It’s one thing to say you wouldn’t go work at another company because of their ethics. It’s quite another to say you won’t go work at another company because they have been a long-time rival. Especially when the rival company is offering you a huge salary increase and you run the show.

      At the end of the day, yes I hate Florida. However, Will Muschamp’s job is coaching and he should not be limited in his choices by something like rivalry with other schools. I hold no ill will.

    • There have been plenty of rumors over the years that Spurrier put out feelers for the Georgia job after Dooley resigned.

      What could have been, eh?

      • Toom

        From my observations:
        1) My gut says it would be so hard to work/coach/play at a rival’s school. I don’t know if I could do it at AU/Tech/UT/UF
        2) That being said, it happens in the industry so often, it must not be nearly as hard as it seems from the ‘outside’.
        3) The only think I can personally relate to is seeing my kids in sports. Whatever team they’re on, that’s the team I’m rooting for and nothing else matters.

      • Mike

        I think it is more than rumor, Seantor. In the early 80s, Spurrier came right out and said he would have been interested in the job, after Dooley retired. the LSU job too.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You and I agree on most things but we diverge on this. I don’t like it that Muschamp took the FLA job either but he got offered that job, not the UGA job. Is he supposed to sit around waiting for UGA to come calling? I think not. If Nutt can go from Arkansas to Ole Miss and Tuberville can go from Ole Miss to Auburn, Will Muschamp (ex-UGA player and assistant) can take the FLA job. P.S. If Muschamp is ultra-successful at FLA and Mark Richt retires, quits or is fired in a few years I am all for taking a run at Will Muschamp to be HC at UGA.

  6. UGA Hoops Nut

    Sugar, Senator is correct that SOS, when he was at Duke, make an effort to get the UGA job when Vince retired. I am glad Auburn alum and freshman coach Vincent J. Dooley did not say, “Big rival UGA need not apply.” QB Mark Richt’s biggest rival? Offensive coordinator Mark Richt’s employer. Back in the day Ga Tech anbd Tennessee were big SEC rivals. College FB Hall of Fame player at UT became a college football Hall of Famer at GT (Bobby Dodd). It happens, and thank goodness it did in December, 1963.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Oh, I get it. I understand the coaching world and how it works. It would just be fun to see someone behave like us fans.

      Far be it for me to limit Will’s prospects. Every man’s got to take care of himself. I’m just saying it’s not like Will was the DC at North Dakota St. making $78,000 a year and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

      He was making a million as the head coach in waiting at the state university of possibly the biggest, most talent rich state in the union, where players virtually sign their LOIs to UT by their sophomore year in high school. He had a pretty good gig.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yeah, but he wanted the chance to be a head coach in the SEC, the best conference in America and he got the chance at FLA. I do not blame the guy for taking it.

  7. As the resident HeismanPundit historian, I feel it necessary to point out that Weis’s Notre Dame was in the original Gang of Six because they threw the ball to backs and tight ends, among other such nonsense.