Wednesday morning buffet

Today’s tastes like Gator, I guess.

  • Here’s a pessimistic look at the quality of this year’s SEC quarterbacks.
  • Here’s news about an interesting class action suit filed by junior college football players against the NCAA over its transfer rules.
  • Meet Will Muschamp, micromanager“Muschamp said deciding whether his players should eat green beans or English peas at the training table even became an issue.”
  • Somehow, you just knew somebody would eventually play the race card over the recruiting services controversy.
  • Which makes Mike Riley sound even more grounded.  But let’s see if he feels the same way 10 years down the road if the 7 on 7 stuff has become to college football what AAU ball has become to college basketball.
  • Is it a 4-3 or a 3-4 that Florida is installing on defense this year?  Only the Gators’ defensive coordinator knows for sure.  But it sure sounds complicated:  “To help incorporate both styles, Quinn said he will cross-train his linebackers and defensive ends and will have his defensive tackles cross-train at nose tackle.”
  • And Spencer Hall sets a low bar for Florida’s other coordinator:  “Charlie Weis is not Steve Addazio. Remember this, even when it grows dark and circumstances grow stupid.” Hey, that can work.  I told myself something similar when Richt hired Todd Grantham.
  • The academic side of Finebaum (I can’t believe I just typed that) isn’t very different from the radio side.


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26 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Boz

    RE: Quarterbacks – remind me whether or not the last two MNC signal callers were considered “proven” at this point in their respective campaigns.

  2. Prov

    I don’t want to live in a world where I have to choose between green beans and peas.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Over/Under on the number of weeks it takes for Jort nation to grow tired of Mushchamp’s schtick.

  4. As far as that last item . . . sigh. Just a couple months ago Finebaum was praising Chizik and the Auburn program for having proven all the doubters wrong (this after having been one of the loudest voices jeering Auburn for having hired Chizik in the first place). Now he’s railing away against Auburn as a corrupt institution. Guess he got the memo that the Teagles only have six starters returning this season, so he’s leaping back aboard the Bama bandwagon while the leapin’s good.

  5. Bad M

    I’m sure growing tired of Mushy’s schtick. I can’t believe anyone is buying it. From that article, all I see is division and indecision. Seriously? Pick a side dish. Pick a defense. (You can add to it after they master one scheme.)
    /Not that I’m not all giggity inside watching the future train wreck. I loved reading the Jort fans get all mad at meyer…now I can’t wait for the backlash to start against Mush. Mushy arguing with Charlie because CW has three superbowl rings. Mushy arguing against his Def Coordinator because he knows the Texas Way. Mushy vs. overprivileged pot head players. QB vs QB vs QB. Pro Style vs. Spread. 3-4 vs. 4-3. Mushy vs. the legend of meyer. Brantely vs. GPOOE. It’s like the night before Christmas! WHEN WILL THE SEASON START ALREADY?!

  6. Yurdle

    I read the article about SEC QBs. What made me happy is that all of the author’s negative comments about Murray came from Murray himself. He was down on his performance more than anybody else.

  7. Bo

    Murray’s right. QB’s are judged on wins against ranked teams. I like Lemay because he wins and I think we’ll see him starting by game 3, I got Georgia losing to both top 10 ranked team, and Murray throwing 2-3 interceptions per game, like he did in Georgia’s 2 biggest games last season (Flo & UCF).

    • Dude. Not again with the “Murray sucks” stuff.

      The only way LeMay starts by game 3 is if Murray is seriously injured by then.

      • Macallanlover

        Good reminder of the “every fanbase has them” adage. UGA could very well lose the first two games, and turn out to be a decent team, but it won’t be because Murray is the QB choice. Not a knock on Lemay’s potential, or saying AM will be All-SEC in 2011 but that isn’t a fair fight. One guy who has just stepped on campus after sitting out his Senior year of HS verssus a guy going into his 3rd year in a system where he started 13 games last year. Yep, we don’t got no delusional fans.

    • Normaltown Mike

      UCF was one of our biggest game last season?


    • Derek

      That’s right always go with the guy who won in high school. Joe Cox was 30-0 as a high school starter and that worked out great.

      • Joe Cox's Dad

        STFU asshole. Joe played his guts out. That team had no defense at all and only an on again-off again running game. UGa had to score over 30 points to win most games and it was up to Joe and the receivers to do that basically by themselves. If Joe doesn’t play his guts out UGa loses to Arkansas, South Carolina and Arizona State on top of the games the team did lose. I’d like to see how many interceptions you would throw if every Defensive Line you faced got to tee off on you like they did on Joe. Joe took it and kept his mouth shut. He’s a DGD.

        • Joe Cox's Dad

          P.S. The year Joe was the starting quarterback the Bulldogs won 8 games, lost the Kentucky game because Ealey fumbled on an easy TD ’cause he got the call wrong and had a win against LSU stolen from them by the refs. That’s an eyelash away from 10-3. From where I sit that looks like a whole lot better season than what we all were subjected to last year.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      If ‘biggest games’ = ‘top ranked teams’, then the awburn, arky, and msu games would’ve all been more important for the Dawgs than flo & ucf.

    • Murray was one of the top QBs in the country in pass efficiency last season. LeMay hasn’t played a game period in more than 15 months.

      I, too, look forward to LeMay becoming one of Georgia’s greats — eventually — but if you’re hoping for him to replace Murray by game three, you’re either a Tech fan or a dude whose girlfriend Murray stole in high school.

  8. Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog

    I DO hope the Gators incorporate mixd 3-4 and 4-3 defense concepts.

    If 3-4 is as hard to learn as widely reported this past year, Florida’s throwing in the added complexity of sometimes playing 3-4 and sometimes playing 4-3 should allow Murray to feast on confused Gator defenders!

    That kind of advanced learning is no problem for the Gators, though, because UF does claim to be such an intellectually superior school.

    That’s right, UF does outrank UGA by a whopping three points (Three Points! Again!), as the Fifty-Third best National University to UGA’s Fifty-Sixth. See U.S. News and World Report College rankings.

    Oh, but what about UF’s and Georgia’s law schools? How do they compare?

    Well, that same definitive U.S. News and World Report ranking UF three points higher than UGA has Georgia’s law school at Number 35 and the Fredric G. Levin school of tobacco torts litigation and unconscionable contingency fees at the U of F as Number 47 (with all due apologies to my loving spouse for dissing her school). That’s thirteen (13) points difference!

    God, we beseech Thy Providence to smite the Florida Philistine come October 29!

    • Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog


      Had I gone to Tech, I would know that 47-35=12, not 13!

      But, had I gone to Tech instead of Georgia and married a fellow student there, I’d have a manish wife as opposed to a saucy Auburn-haired Gator wife.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Son, you make a good point about the difficulty of coaching defensive players to all understand their responsibilities in both the 3-4 and 4-3 at the same time. However, your exuberance is a bit over the top with the rest of your post. The UGA and FLA undergraduate schools and law schools are each outstanding and are pretty even scholastically. I take it from your comment that you must be a lawyer, which is fine. However it would behoove one not to speak contemptuously of fellow members of the bar who do work other than what you do by making insulting jabs at “torts” and “contingent fees” as if those things were beneath you. Also, permit a bit of unsolicited advice from someone who has long been married to an alum of a university that is a big rival of the Dawgs: Do not demean your wife’s alma mater even in jest. If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

        • Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog

          Thanks, Mayor.

          A couple of points of clarification, though.

          First, my slap at Fred Levin was at Fred Levin, not trial lawyers and not contingency fees in general.

          Levin made a $300 Million contingency fee representing the taxpayers of Florida in lawsuits in which Levin successfully convinced jurors that tobacco is dangerous. Levin then gave $10 Million to the University of Florida, which renamed its law school, until then known since 1908 simply as “University of Florida College of Law.” in Levin’s honor.

          Many commentators in Florida were outraged at Levin’s $300 Million fee, that state government failed to limit the size of Levin’s fees by contract because everyone understood it was a huge verdict case, and that the choice of Levin to represent the state in a likely huge verdict case pursuant to a standard contingency fee contract was politically (Can you imagine that!) motivated.

          Second, agreed that UGA and UF are very similar schools with very similar academic and other reputations.

          But have you ever tried to point out to Gators that the two schools are really substantially academically equilavent? I have. The Gator Nation’s response to any suggestion of UF’s academic parity with UGA isn’t typically so, shall we say, magnanimous, as your own.

          Third, my wife is smart enough to know that I really wasn’t dissing the law school distinguished by having her among its many alums.

          But you are so right about the happy Momma,

          Thanks again.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            My only regret on this issue is that the State of Georgia did not hire me to represent it in its tobacco claim. The Attorney General of Georgia, Thurbert Baker, settled the Georgia case against big tobacco for approximately $2.9 Billion without employing outside counsel. Looks to me like Mr. Levin did a pretty good job for the Florida taxpayers with his $13 Billion recovery, certainly better than Baker did on his own. The contingent fee Levin got represents a miniscule percentage of the total recovery (1/3, the normal contingency, would have been $4.333 Billion). That said, I also disapprove of renaming law schools, business schools, etc. after people who gave a large financial gift to the school. The universities have a name for it: A “naming gift.” The culprit is the guy at the University of Florida who agreed to name the law school after Levin because of the bribe (can you really call it anything else?). That is the guy you should be upset with–not the guy who got the taxpayers of the state $13 Billion and gave $10 Million to his alma mater. P.S. I’m sure your wife is a smart person, but people do not like it when you diss their school, even if in jest. Believe me, even if she doesn’t say it to you now, it secretly pisses her off and you will hear about it sometime down the road. Take my advice–don’t do it any more.

  9. Scott W.

    Aw poor Boom MF getting criticism without CMB throwing him under the bus. Last year notwithstanding does FU really need a complete overhaul? Oh goodness, I hope this blows up as much as it sounds like it will.

  10. Cojones

    Might remind everyone that adverse comments about Gator women are off-limits on here. And that applies to upbeat comments about mixed marriages also, Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog.

    Flenory, the owner of 7 on 7, has a point and he sounds sincere. His quotes are all up front and you have to give him good marks for doing that. He has been grouped with others by innuendo. God knows that I dislike agents for kids in high school, but I also would dislike for my efforts toward inner city kids and later my business to be shot down by innuendo of association with sleaze agents. I didn’t read one thing directed toward him by innuendo that he didn’t defend quite well. Usually people who are public and upfront with their words are innocents that have something genuine to say. Didn’t see anyone shoot him down for his quotes, either. It would have helped if the schools that dropped him didn’t leave the pregnant chad hanging like that by explaining fully why they dropped his services. He did no more than Rivals and Scout do with their services.