Nobody wants to kill the golden goose.

I wouldn’t say that Ivan Maisel’s interview with Bill Hancock contains any big surprises, but once you get past Hancock’s nonsensical lip service about not letting a D-1 football postseason interfere with academics, it’s very, very obvious that the people running college athletics don’t trust themselves enough to stop bracket creep from screwing up the good thing they know they have.

And, no, that’s not a compliment.


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4 responses to “Nobody wants to kill the golden goose.

  1. Toom

    I struggle with the rationale that at its core says, ‘Don’t put an appropriate playoff system in place because we’re sure to go beyond that and won’t be able to reel it in once we do.’

    But, I think it is good on another level to be so transparent as to say, ‘The money we could have by allowing more teams in would be too much to turn down.’


    • Dog in Fla

      It parallels the Steven Garcia party like a rock star dilemma – hotel room, alcohol, five girls two of whom are transparent would be too much to turn down had it not been for highway state trooper intervention.


  2. Jim from Duluth

    March Madness this year is proving THERE CAN BE NO LIMIT to bracket creep. Three at-large teams were added .. yet *the” four-letter sports monster spent a couple of evenings complaining about 4-5 teams that got in and trashng a couple of teams that got in (as well as the selection committee). Coincidentally – or not? – the teams being trashed were two of the three teams that got in which the bracketologist for said network had picked to not get in.

    Whatever one thinks of the BCS, at least we don’t have bracket creep to deal with. 🙂



  3. Macallanlover

    Hard to take any concerns about the loss of academic time seriously with a basketball season that lasts from November until April, mid-week games played nearly every single week, and travel to every region of the country. Sure, adding 2 games to an already limited schedule might mean the players may not be top of their class. I mean, how do you not just laugh in the face of anyone who tries to bring up that excuse?