BCS Busters busted.

It occurs to me looking at this blog post at the Orlando Sentinel that in one particular sense the mid-majors have won a battle.  None of the five schools listed there as potential gate crashers to the BCS title game play more than twice against BCS-conference opponents.  (Indeed, the main reason Tulsa and Nevada are on the list in the first place is because they have two such games that they’ll need to win to be considered relevant.)

But the two shiniest mid-major programs, TCU and Boise State, only have one game against a Big Six team, and while Boise’s is at least against a school that should be ranked in the top 25, TCU plays a Baylor team that finished last season on a four-game losing streak.  Yes, the two Mountain West schools do play each other, but that’s a pretty similar pattern among all five teams on that list.

In short, the bar appears to have been lowered.  Now maybe it’s not much lower than, say, what the eventual ACC champ will have to negotiate, but compared to the gauntlet that a school like Florida has to run (playing the other MNCs from the past five years back-to-back-to-back), that seems a little light.  Yet these two mid-majors are in the conversation with little reservation, it seems.

My point isn’t that they’re deserving or not.  That’s what playing the games is for.  It’s just that who they’ll be playing doesn’t seem to be as big an issue as it used to be.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Boise State apparently went to the McGarity School of Scheduling. They already know who you are, no need to play tough nonconference games anymore.


    • joe

      Apparently no need to play touch in conference games as well. Certainly not back-back-back last five BCS champs!


      • Go Dawgs!

        Well, it’s not like Boise has a whole lot of control over who they play in conference. (neither do we, and I do get the idea that McGarity’s scheduling philosophy is that our conference slate is tough enough to get us where we want to go if we play well, I just wish he’d keep a little more beef in the nonconference schedule, too).

        Boise has even tried to get into a better conference situation, and I respect that. I’m just saying, if you’re Boise and you don’t get to play in a power league, you’d best be getting at least two major league nonconference opponents if you want folks to take you seriously. Well, Boise’s only got one this year, and frankly, it’s a team that had a losing record last year. But they’re a BCS “Buster” and a darkhorse MNC contender because of what’s happened the last five years. That’s my point.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Florida’s guantlet: “playing the other MNCs from the past five years back-to-back-to-back…” Gee, Senator. I thought you always preached that each season is a brand new season, each team is a new team and what happened in the past doesn’t matter. At least that is what you always say when I bring up that UGA kicked LSU’s ass in 2008 as evidence that UGA would have won the SEC Championship game in 2007 if the Dawgs had been allowed to play.


    • At least that is what you always say when I bring up that UGA kicked LSU’s ass in 2008 as evidence that UGA would have won the SEC Championship game in 2007 if the Dawgs had been allowed to play.

      Maybe I’m missing the point, but I’d argue that they shouldn’t lose to a six loss South Carolina or get obliterated by a four loss Tennessee and maybe they would have been “allowed” to play, no?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And also would have kicked LSU’s ass if the Dawgs got to play them in the BCS National Championship game that year (which couldn’t have happened since the weak-ass tOSU buckeyes were guaranteed the top spot in that game.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    This post makes a pretty subtle point. You probably can’t offer more than anecdotal proof, and on something like this you shouldn’t have to. I gather that your point is: that particular blog article holds mid-majors to a lower standard of schedule toughness, to get in the door of BCS discussion, than prior years.

    Can you throw us an example or two from prior years for comparison?


  4. mwo

    You could insert tOSU’s schedule into this discussion most years.


    • Macallanlover

      A-Freaking-Men. Any conference where TWO teams have like 80 conference titles between them has no stronger case than the mid-majors. How many faux national titles do Meechigan and tOSU have where they played one real contest during the season and ducked out West to hide by playing the PAC10 champ? Not saying they may not have been very good teams but how would you ever know?

      You can never have a fair and balanced debate on conference strength, no one buys it. Play it off!


  5. Jim Holton

    I just tripped over your blog a week ago and have read it constantly ever since…as a former UGA player you have brought back some amazing memories for me and opening your blog is now part of my regular morning routine…YOU ROCK!!!


  6. Macallanlover

    Thank God that basketball distraction thing got out of the way. Now UGA folks can get back to thinking about what is happening at Spring Practice Football, the real important stuff!