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“My God almighty, he ran right through two men…”

Brian Grummell has a nice post up about how Herschel Walker changed college football forever (don’t worry, his header is tongue in cheek).  Give it a read.


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An easy way to determine if an athletic director is a moron.

Joshua wants to know something.

Sure wish Chip Towers could ask the South Carolina coaching staff if their bonuses are based on recruiting rankings on the Rivals and Scout sites and whether or not those bonuses are prorated to account for the signing of a fake letter of intent.

Don’t laugh.  Bruce Feldman says that’s a reality these days.

… For these reasons, some schools now give their coaches bonuses based on their recruiting rankings. And because of that it’s no surprise that some coaches privately lobby some online recruiting services who generate the star-system, defining how each recruit is graded.

Gee, now there’s a shock.

Feldman doesn’t name any coaches with such a provision in their contracts.  I’m a little surprised no one’s made the effort to do some digging on this.  Bottom line:  if there are any SEC schools dumb enough to reward their coaches on such a basis, the conference ought to put an end to it.  Not because it gives schools a competitive advantage (if anything, overranking players would seem to do the opposite over time) but because it incentivizes maximizing the size of recruiting classes for no productive reason.



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… and we’re all just living in it.

Jimmy Sexton – he’s not just for football coaches.  Rock M Nation takes a look at how the Sexton arsenal is deployed for the benefit of Missouri basketball coach Mike Anderson, who has been rumored to be a prime target of Arkansas’ interest.

The upshot is that it seems, once again, to have worked.

Pending formal approval today or tomorrow by the University of Missouri Board of Curators, according to two sources familiar with the dynamics, Mizzou is on the verge of finalizing a contract extension and raise for basketball coach Mike Anderson that it believes will keep him at MU.

If approved, the new contract would add two years to the five remaining on Anderson’s contract and call for a jump approaching $2 million a year from his current base salary of about $1.5 million.

This for a guy who’s teams have finished fifth in the Big 12 and have been bounced out of the tourney in the first and second rounds in the last two seasons.

If you’re wondering why college athletics administrators and school presidents would love to get an antitrust exemption, there you go.  These guys want something to help protect them against themselves.


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