Home field advantage

What do you figure the odds are on something like this happening in Athens, Georgia?

Which leads to a philosophical question on my part:  if an arrest falls in Marengo County, Alabama, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound in the Fulmer Cup standings?


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  1. Jim from Duluth

    Brief “executive summary” please .. for benefit of us who are not scout.com members? Thanks!


    • Per Ryan Jordan:

      Barron was charged last Valentine’s Day with speeding, going 87 in a 55mph zone (32 Over the Limit). Barron then ignored the ticket and failed to appear for court, which issued a warrant for his arrest. Four months later, the Failure to Appear, Speeding Fine and Court Costs were all waived by a Judge who attended Alabama.

      This doesn’t happen to people not in his position.

  2. JW

    I have long suspected this occurs with most of Bama’s arrests. Oh and Bama players do not get arrested in TTown!

    • Go Dawgs!

      And not just Alabama. You’ll never convince me that this same thing doesn’t happen for Florida, Florida State, Auburn, etc. I also tend to think that Georgia players get away with more than they get arrested for in many cases, depending on when the potential “crime” happens. For every ACCPD or UGAPD officer who isn’t willing to let any little thing go with a football player, I imagine there are three or four who are.

      Thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, and men and women of the ACCPD, incidentally. They do a great job, minor quibbling over player arrests aside.

      • HVL Dawg

        It’s only minor quibbling when it wasn’t your son taken to the lockup for not properly disclosing his middle name during a firecracker investigation.

        • Go Dawgs!

          I agree. However, you’re also talking about one decision by one or two officers. The agency itself is a solid organization, and I grieve for the loss of one of their officers in a senseless act of violence, and I pray that they apprehend the suspect before any more loss of innocent life. Whether it’s emerging from an alley or the middle name arrest, there are things that I scream foul on. But I still have respect for those men or women who are sworn to protect, even if it means giving their lives, as one officer unfortuantely did in Athens yesterday.

  3. 69Dawg

    And this is surprising how? No elected judge in his right mind would dare do anything to hurt football in that state.

  4. Irishdawg

    I would wager this kind of thing happens in Gainesville quite a bit, too.

  5. Macallanlover

    It is another reason why those who work with, or care about, the Fulmer Cup should exclude traffic related offenses. I can see DUI making the radar but speeding, license violations, expired plates, etc., are so negligible compared to threatening/causing violence, robbery, rape, drug use, etc. Does any rational person really think the list of traffic related offenses from UGA this past year compares, in any way, to Time to Die, the Cop Stomp, or the home invasion on The Plains? I mean seriously, our guys act immature and may lack being responsible but that isn’t even in the same league with the seriousness of what I see around the country. Yes, we have had a few incidents of violence, but pretty minor compared to the above list….and they were dismissed from the team by CMR. Big difference.

    • Sparrow

      The Fulmer Cup championship was one of the only bright spots for our team last year… take away the traffic violations and all we have is a losing season to remember😉

  6. Lil' Jeffy Schultz

    yeah, but Kaleb King is like totes the werst person in the world LULZ!

  7. Texas_Dawg

    Barron is from a single-parent home in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country.

    Yet he has a 2008 Chrysler 300.

    “S-E-C! S-E-C!”

    • Go Dawgs!

      Right, because that sort of thing only happens in the SEC, hoss. They buy you houses in the Pac 10. And what was Maurice Clarett driving when he was found to be getting impermissible benefits in the Big 10?

      • Texas_Dawg

        Right, because that sort of thing only happens in the SEC, hoss.

        Hoss? Really? Wow.

        Anyway, no one ever said it only happens in the SEC. But it is widely viewed as being far more rampant in the SEC than it is other conferences. Go figure.

        • Go Dawgs!

          There are lots of popularly held viewpoints about the south that are BS. For example, there are rednecks and racists in upstate New York. The fact that this particular viewpoint about possible cheating being more rampant in the SEC than other parts of the college football world is being repeated by our own fans, such as yourself, while demonstrably untrue, is distressing.

          • Texas_Dawg

            Why do you think SEC schools are in general ranked so much lower than those of other conferences

            The fact that this particular viewpoint about possible cheating being more rampant in the SEC than other parts of the college football world is being repeated by our own fans, such as yourself, while demonstrably untrue, is distressing.

            I am not “an SEC fan.” I am a University of Georgia graduate. And right now numerous SEC school officials and fans (and, sadly, many Georgia fans) are making excuses for behaviors that my school’s officials are doing everything they can to eliminate given how badly those behaviors are screwing over the school and its players, coaches, and employees.

            The SEC is an embarrassing joke. Its schools (after UGA, UF, and Vandy) are extremely poorly academically rated. They are the laughingstock of much of the country, rightfully so. And as to your cherished Southern white man’s talking point about “racists everywhere,” it’s just so odd that, just as the water cannons and barricaded schoolhouse doors didn’t come out in New York, the oversigning racket that is exploiting young black adults and their families is almost exclusively found at Southern schools.

            While it still has a lot of work to do to help make up for its own embarrassing history with race, I’m glad that UGA has at least progressed enough to have removed itself in so many ways from these Old South institutions elsewhere in the SEC. It costs us heavily on the football field, but I would much rather lose every football game than go trying to be Alabama. The word “Alabama” is synonymous around the US and world with backwardness, racism, burning crosses, and water cannons. You may call that unfair, but that is reality. And that one of its flagship institutions is just fine exploiting its poor black communities just to get a few more football wins for its predominantly white fanbase is just one more reason why “Alabama” is what it is.

            The farther away from that Georgia and UGA can get, the better.

            • Go Dawgs!

              Well, hoss, I’ll thank you to never try to throw your generalizations about the Southern White Man at me ever again. I’m probably the most liberal person who comments here, yourself included. I voted for Obama, and plan to do so again. I share your view of Alabama, both the state and the institution of higher learning. But let’s be real here, hoss, I’m not excusing jack in terms of “behaviors” at other institutions in the SEC. Tell ya what, call the NCAA or University of Alabama and have them investigate the dude’s car. While you’re at it, have them investigate the 2000’s-model Corvette that is always parked outside of a dilapidated trailer outside of the town where I work. In fact, have them investigate the Porsche Carrera that is always parked at a rented town house near my cousin’s place in Charlotte. Or the other high-end cars you’ll sometimes find parked either near trailers or in the ghettos of our great land. Sometimes, people make choices in cars or clothes that are beyond their means. Seriously, take the long way home tonight and drive through the nearest housing project and let me know what kinds of cars you run across down there. Why are you assuming this kid from a poor neighborhood could only have gotten this car from an Alabama booster? Because he’s black? S-E-C!! S-E-C!!

              • Texas_Dawg

                Who said anything about being “liberal?”


                • Go Dawgs!

                  I did. You seem to paint everyone who disagrees with your hyperbole as some old south apologist. You speak of UGA progressing so as to separate itself from the rest of its SEC brethren (I’d agree, but I think there’s a little too much red and black tint in your glasses, too). Well, progressive attitudes are another way of expressing liberalism. As a liberal-minded person, I’m saying I’m not clinging to the Old South.

            • Dog in Fla

              The entire Magnolia State breathes a sign of relief knowing that someone blames its mirror image state instead of it for a change.

              Placing Vanderbilt in an academic group of three with Georgia and Florida seems unfair to Vanderbilt.

              No one expects Georgia, Florida or Vanderbilt to be next charter member to leave the SEC. Should that ever occur, it would be for a super-conference that focuses even more on athletics than the SEC does now.

              List the reasons why “UGA has at least progressed enough to have removed itself in so many ways from these Old South institutions elsewhere in the SEC.” And yes, a couple of days ago, I got the mag about the 50 year anniversary of desegregation at UGA but I’m interested in what you use to compare and contrast to show that we are in a different enlightened stratosphere from our sister institutions. And it needs to be something more than the old standard of Yankees moving into metro Atlanta to work with their kids then going to UGA.

              • Go Dawgs!

                And if you’re going to try to use something like the US News and World Report rankings, I’d remind you that Alabama and Auburn aren’t really all that far behind our alma mater in the rankings of public schools. In 2010 they had UGA at 18, while ‘Bama was tied for 34th and Auburn was the next school down, 38th.

                • Dog in Fla

                  I’ve never knocked the caliber and quality of undergraduate coursework at Alabama or Auburn. Excellent professors and challenging courses are available there just as they are everywhere else if you make an effort to look.

                  • Go Dawgs!

                    Sorry, Dog in Fla, that was actually aimed at Texas_Dawg’s assertion that the entire SEC is an academic joke, and that we somehow belong in the same sentence as Vanderbilt. I’m proud of my UGA degree, and I wish that was true, but Vanderbilt’s in its own category, sneering down at the rest of us.

                    • Texas_Dawg

                      You are all over the map here.

                      No one said UGA was Vanderbilt.

                      Really bizarre stuff.

                    • Go Dawgs!

                      You wrote, “The SEC is an embarrassing joke. Its schools (after UGA, UF, and Vandy) are extremely poorly academically rated.”

                      Glad that you think Georgia’s in Vandy’s league, and my degree is glad, too. I think Vandy may disagree. It’s bizarre how you forget what you’ve typed as soon as you submit it.

                • Texas_Dawg

                  And if you’re going to try to use something like the US News and World Report rankings, I’d remind you that Alabama and Auburn aren’t really all that far behind our alma mater in the rankings of public schools. In 2010 they had UGA at 18, while ‘Bama was tied for 34th and Auburn was the next school down, 38th.

                  That is their ranking of just public schools, and yes, that is quite a large gap. One that’s even larger when you include the overall USNWR list.

                  It’s very interesting that you are in such a rush to defend schools that are currently doing everything they can to screw over UGA. Ohio State certainly isn’t doing that.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Also, yes, hoss. I figured being a Texan, that would be a compliment.

    • Ausdawg85

      Let’s assume he’s as guilty as your implication. How far back do we go…birth or prior…to blame the greedy, white, conservative, male football fan for his lack of a moral compass? And what restitution do you propose so we can get off of this southern racism rant you equate to SEC fandom?

      • Stoopnagle

        Wow. That’s where you got from what was posted above?

        I just sort of figured that he was making the plain-as-day observation that football players get special benefits which are somewhat difficult to square with their supposed amateurism.

        But, hey, if you want to play the victim card, go right ahead.

      • Stoopnagle

        or maybe I missed something.

        His posts usually don’t add a lot, so I’m guessing there’s some background I’m missing.

        • Ausdawg85

          Mine was a reference to TD’s S E C! rant from Monday in the Mauldin post. Painful to go through if you missed it, but couldn’t resist the needle figuring I send him off on another 30 page thesis on how the black community is oppressed. Color charts and everything!

          • Texas_Dawg

            You’re right. Just a bunch of stuff non-Southerners completely made up.

            Amazing how that always happens.

      • Texas_Dawg

        Never equated SEC fandom to Southern racism.

        I’m fine with discussing the topic and answering any questions you have if you want to discuss reality (including what I’ve actually said) like an educated adult.

      • Dog in Fla

        Maybe this could be a starter. At least in Mississippi. AJ’s statement that he only answered 20 of 50 questions on the Wonderlic will no doubt be a huge relief to the Council of Conservative Citizens


        which, after an exhaustive review by the white nationalists of recent Wonderlic scores, worried that his IQ may not have been quite as high as that of the white genius.


    • tywebb

      Can you verify the neighborhood Mark Barron is from or his parents’ income? Because I can verify that he went to St. Paul’s, a private school in Mobile. It doesn’t cost anything like Westminster or other privates in ATL, but it’s still thousands of dollars of year. But if you want to make up rumors about his family being poor, go ahead, it is the internet.

      • Texas_Dawg

        He was picked up for questioning at his mother’s home on Butts Street in Mobile. It is one of the poorest areas of the city, right next to the Happy Hill housing project. He was brought to the station and told to tell the truth. When he refused to do so, his mother and grandmother came to the station and pleaded with him to do so. (Clearly his father isn’t involved in his life.)

        You might be new to the South and thus not aware of this, but affluent private schools in the South often give scholarships to the most athletically talented black kids they can find. Just FYI.

        • Stoopnagle

          So, he didn’t talk to the cops without a lawyer present? Sounds like he’s pretty smart to me.

          • Texas_Dawg

            Just the nearly inevitable product of a long-marginalized and institutionally brutalized community unfortunately.

            Have you read Doug Blackmon’s 2009 Pulitzer winner? It does a lot to explain why terrible decision-making still persists to such an extent in many impoverished African-American communities.

            As a UGA graduated, I’d like to see the university work as hard as possible, at every level, to help eliminate the problem… as opposed to looking for reasons to excuse the exploitation of it.

            • Macallanlover

              I honestly don’t know who is the bigger fool, you or Blackmon, but so long as the black community continues to point the finger at whites while ignoring the obvious need for positive leadership within their own homes, neighborhoods, and churches there will be no successful assimlation into American society, and blacks will never achieve the opportunities available to them. Black on black crime is rampant in predominently black neighborhoods, as is single parent households. The white man ain’t doing that. Not working in conjuction with police to have some semblance of order and security isn’t anyone’s fault but those who tolerate it. Not providing a safe environment for children is purely in the hands of black parents/leaders.

              Blackmon’s descriptions of “enslavement” by employers and farmers were every bit as true for poor whites working in mill towns and rural farming areas. Stop pointing the finger and take personal responsibility. There are many examples of citizens from other cultures (Cubans, Italians, Asians) who have succeeded in this country while facing language and cultural barriers and overcome resentment against them. There are also many blacks who have overcome these obstacles, but they are often ridiculed as haveing sold out to “whitey”. No, they joined a successful culture as opposed to fighting it.

              This bleeding heart crap, and excuses, has contributed to the failure of so many blacks for many decades. Time to step up and call out those who are responsible: hint, it isn’t the white man. It is the black leaders who derive their power base from a policy of polarization. It is they who have kept their foot on blacks since the 60s by spewing their gospel of hate. Without the hate, they would not get the media time, donations, and ego-feeding notoriety.

              • Dog in Fla

                If only they could all be like this family.

              • Texas_Dawg


                That isn’t what Blackmon or I am doing.

                And this:

                Blackmon’s descriptions of “enslavement” by employers and farmers were every bit as true for poor whites working in mill towns and rural farming areas.

                …is just simply false.

                You might want to read the book. The historical narrative you are working off of currently is not even close to reality.

        • Dog in Fla

          Butts Street is in Prichard. Where Vigor High is and where he probably would have gone to high school had he not gone to the private school.

          Spending time in Prichard is not a day in paradise.


        • Go Dawgs!

          I’m not sure that you can assert that “clearly, his father isn’t in his life” based on the fact that mom and grandma came to visit him in jail. The report doesn’t mention dad being there, but it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t there. In addition, you don’t know that the kid’s dad wasn’t unavailable to come to the jail due to work commitments or something like that. You’re making an assumption. It’s not because he’s black, is it?

          • Texas_Dawg

            Oh, jeez.

            It was 7 in the morning on a Sunday. The police brought his mother and grandmother to the station and the arresting officer said that he pleaded with Barron to not make such a stupid mistake.

            He lives in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country, a place where single-parent homes represent around 90% of homes with children.

            Sure, his dad might have been on a business trip in Siberia and thus wasn’t able to be reached in a serious emergency in his son’s life. Good luck with that.

            • Go Dawgs!

              I’m just saying, it’s not wise to make such broad, sweeping generalizations based on incomplete evidence. Off the top of my head I can think of several reasons why dad wouldn’t be there. Then again, you’re making the assumption that an Alabama booster hooked the kid up with a car just based on the neighborhood in which he lives, so I guess it’s not a huge leap to assume the dad’s not in the kid’s life based on who showed up at the lockup.

              • Texas_Dawg

                Off the top of my head I can think of several reasons why dad wouldn’t be there.

                List them.

                • Go Dawgs!

                  1) Dude’s sick.
                  2) Dude’s out of town for work. Maybe on a construction crew working on rebuilding the Gulf Coast.
                  3) Dude’s got reasons why he doesn’t want to go to the jail or a police station (he’d certainly not be alone).
                  4) Dude’s working swing shift and needed to be asleep.
                  5) Dude’s a deacon at the church and had to be there that morning!
                  6) Dude’s at the hospital tending to another sick relative and couldn’t break away.
                  7) Dude doesn’t live in the same home as the rest and had a dead cell phone battery.

                  Now, you can quibble about the plausibility of any of those, but I’m just saying that you can’t say “clearly” the dad’s out of the picture.

                  • Dog in Fla

                    8) Dude’s on a business trip in Siberia.

                    • Go Dawgs!

                      lol… it’s possible, but I’m hoping an Alabama booster gave him a really warm winter coat!

                    • Texas_Dawg

                      Every bit as comical as that list.

                    • Texas_Dawg

                      “What’s that? My son’s facing a serious arrest after his car was wrecked? He’s on the phone? Oh, well, I’d love to work on that, but I’ve got this church stuff to set up here…”

                      That is just awesome.

                      Now I see why this guy actually uses words like “hoss.”

                      Yee. Haw.

                  • Texas_Dawg

                    Ha. That is awesome.

                    I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of phones. If not, Google it. They can help you with some of these things you believe to be insurmountable obstacles in such situations.

                    Are you thinking acting like an idiot here shows you aren’t “racist” or something? If so, that’s hilarious. You remind me of this. Hoss.

                    • Go Dawgs!

                      I think you’re missing my point. I hate it when people just assume things about poor families. That’s my point. You don’t have any more information about this kid’s family than anyone else.

  8. Cojones

    I’ve got a son in Austin ,Tx and am going to investigate right now to make sure he isn’t Texas_Dawg or Ausdawg (unless you are from Austell, Ga). Crazy kid, born in Athens and graduated from Cal-Poly, but has a UGA Bulldog face tattooed on his shoulder. He tries to emulate his left-winger Dad , but he argued for last two years that we whine too much(AJ, Tressel, Meyer, bad officiating-LSU, you name the game, etc.). It’s the Texas right-wingers twisting his soul, folks. It’s more than a Dawg can take. Although he works in a molecular biology field, I’m now having a hard time teaching him that dogs prefer to eat horsemeat.

    Trying to find a “Eat Mor Hors” t-shirt to send.

  9. Cojones

    Maybe a “Dawgs eat Bevos” would be more appropriate.

  10. Cojones

    Sorry, my moral compass became rudderless.

  11. shane#1

    The blame for the arrests from the UGA cops and ACCPD does not rest with the officers. Adams wanted to end UGA’s rep as a party school and opened the door for all the BS arrests. Thanx Doc! I hate to hear of a person killed in the line of duty and my heart goes out to the police and the citizens of Athens.