Little bits of history repeating

Stop me if you’ve heard this song before.

… The Bulldogs lined up Tuesday with Glenn at right tackle, Justin Anderson at right guard, Ben Jones at center, Kenarious Gates at left guard and Trinton Sturdivant at left tackle. That quintet has combined for more than 100 career starts, though Anderson may face a challenge from redshirt freshman Brent Benedict. [Emphasis added.]

That experience and five bucks will get you the proverbial latte at Starbucks.

Speaking of Benedict, it sounds like he fits right in.

“You never know how a guy’s going to recover from some kind of a nerve issue,” Georgia head coach Mark Richt said. “But the good thing on him there was always something going on good that made you think he was going to recover.”

Asked if Benedict is recovered enough to compete for a job now, Richt replied, “Well yeah, he’s out there.”

Well, that’s got me fired up now.


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9 responses to “Little bits of history repeating

  1. Spence

    Glenn missed enough assignments last year to get a kid held back from kindergarden. I sure hope Anderson rembees the playbook of Glenn improves, otherwise the right side of the line may be a trouble area.


  2. Joe

    At least they don’t have a bunch of shoulder injuries anymore. How many guys did we lose to that issue??


  3. JaxDawg

    Spare me the talk about the Oline. I’ll believe they’ve made progress when I see it.


    • Dooms Day Dawg


      The proof will be in the puddin’! Regardless of coaches’ quotes, players excitement and/or media hype, I WILL not buy into the “This group is making huge strides and they look awesome” garbage. Time to step up and be the road graders that an O-line should be.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Funny, Gates was a recruiting afterthought, and only offered a scholly because we had an extra opening appear just before signing day. Ended up starting as a true freshman, and it looks like he’s a solid starter now. What happened to those ‘hyped’ recruits, like Austin Long, AJ Harmon and Chris Burnette, etc.? Seems like we have perpetual O-line problems no matter who coaches them or recruits them. If Friend can solve this problem we should give him the keys to the kingdom.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You never know how an 18 year old is going to turn out. So much of it is dependent upon motivation.


      • shane#1

        Long came in with an injury so he was red shirted, Burnette was badly out of shape so the S&C staff got him down to 280 in his red shirt year. Now he has to build himself back. Harmon seems to be on the right track. According to Seth’s blog they have to run him out of the weight room now, so don’t count these guys out yet. I am excited to have so many upper classmen in this starting line.


  5. Texas_Dawg

    That experience and five bucks will get you the proverbial latte at Starbucks.

    There is a strong, positive correlation between OL returning starts and winning percentage. Strongly positive correlations with improvement don’t guarantee success (especially in small sample size trials), but if you are after improvement they are better to have than the other options.

    Also, Georgia’s offense (and defense and kick coverage) significantly improved in 2010. But in a short sample size trial, in a sport where randomness (or “luck”) plays a large role in individual game results and thus season records, a significantly improved 2010 Georgia team ended up with a poorer overall record.

    That’s how football go, but the positive-negative balance of such randomness regresses to the mean over time, which is why pythag records, especially where they strongly deviate from actual records, are many times better predictors of the next year’s W-L record than are actual records.