Now this is a sad and ugly quote from Bruce Figgins:

“Guys are used to Memphis and Shreveport and the Capital One Bowl,” he continued, recounting the Bulldogs’ more modest postseason destinations of the past three seasons. “All bowls are nice, but I tell them, ‘Oh, that Sugar Bowl!’”



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  1. There is a difference in “being used to ” & “being satisfied with” . Whatever results you experience have got to be what you are “used to”. The Sugar Bowl & even the Capital One Bowl have not been experienced by most of the current Dawgs.


  2. JBJ


    Hope to see him knock some people on their ass this year while Crowell speeds down the field.



    • Also, this.

      Figgins “is seeing the possibilities of his new role and how it could be really good for him and very good for Georgia,” coach Mark Richt said. One potential advantage, Richt noted, is that when Figgins is in the game, opponents won’t know for sure whether he will line up at fullback or tight end. “It gives them less of a clue” what’s going on, Richt said.


      • hailtogeorgia

        I’m really hoping they capitalize on these possibilities. The ability to be able to start him out in a tight end role and motion him to the fullback spot (something we saw a little of last year) or vice versa is pretty nice. For that matter, it would even be possible to have Figgins motion from FB to TE and then kick one of the current TE’s (either Orson or Aron) out wide. Talk about being able to exploit mismatches and personnel arrangements!


        • fuelk2

          My memory is fuzzy, but don’t I remember doing some fairly creative things with our tight ends in 2005 (Pope & Milner)? Maybe I’m off, but I thought we moved them around a little.

          The point is that this is not novel stuff. I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to capitalize on an apparent embarrassment of riches at the TE position.


          • Not to mention our long history of letting FBs play a role in the passing game — I can remember J.T. Wall, Jeremy Thomas, Brannan Southerland and Shaun Chapas all making some fairly clutch catches in their day. For whatever reason, we seem to have gotten away from that over the past couple seasons, but I’m hoping our depth at both FB and TE inspire Bobo to start mixing it up again.


            • AthensHomerDawg

              Jeremy Thomas….transfer from Air Force? Did he play in the same backfield as Patrick Pass? I remember JThomas was not afraid to hit someone.


            • hailtogeorgia

              My guess would be that the poor line play has prevented us from being able to send the FB out on pass routes because we’ve needed him to protect the passer. I do remember Chapas catching a touchdown pass in the Auburn game this year though. Hopefully with Figgins as a converted TE, that’ll give even more incentive to throw him the ball.

              Honestly, with the praise Crowell’s gotten for his good catching ability out of the backfield, it wouldn’t be completely far-fetched to think that we could start out in an I and shift to an empty backfield with Figgins moving to TE and Crowell going to the slot and running a little stick route.


    • ScoutDawg

      Seems to me with his comments + positive praise from the coaching staff that this Damn Good Dawg is stepping up to provide leadership. Much like Shock and Mr. Rennie provided. To me the biggest problem we have had in the last few years is a serious lack of veteran leadership. I can’t wait to see him planting people on the field, and inspiring/ shaming teamates off the field. Please Lord let there be Senior LEADERSHIP.


      • shane#1

        I agree. I think one reason for the off field problems and stupid mistakes on the field was a lack of senior leadership. In the past UGA has had guys like Green and Pollard. Then later there was Trae Battle and Thomas Brown. Which of the seniors is going to step up now?


  3. tduga1

    Here comes the cynic….

    How many times have we heard about how this player or that player was going to be used in a new dynamic way in the preseason (ie Logan Gray) only to watch the usual offense in the regular season?

    I love the possibilities that Figgins brings to the position but will take a “I’ll believe it when I see it” approach as the summer arrives.


    • AlphaDawg

      I totally agree, I thought the fact we had an exQB at wideout last year was a perfect scenario for a trick play or two. But instead we got a light weight tailback running dive plays instead of getting him into space show he can use his speed.


  4. jim

    Pessismists aren’t allowed here