How can you tell when Ohio State isn’t being straight?

When Jim Tressel nods his head and says “um-hmm”.


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  1. Joe

    I like the part where they claim it is normal to allow a 20 year old college student to take a car for 48 hours. Yes, they do that, but for very select well heeled patrons, not tattooed unemployed college kids.

    What’s next, because sometimes businessmen are taken to strip clubs, given cases of booze, a hooker and a hotel room in Vegas during the convention, UNLV is now allowed to do so?

    • Macallanlover

      Auto rental agencies will not rent cars to employed people until the age of 25! No way an auto dealer will loan a car to a college student unless the parents have put up some kind of guarantee.. tOSU is dirty, and has been. Remember when Maurice Claret reported having $12K worth of stereo equipment stolen from his car? A car? I have pretty good stuff, but I don’t have $12K in stereo equipment and TVs in my entire house, inside and out! No one even blinked, not even Papa Delany.

      • Joe

        WHO do they think they are? CONGRESS!!!

        John Conyers III, 20, told police two Apple MacBooks, valued at $1,100 apiece, and more than $27,000 worth of concert tickets to the Fillmore were stolen out of a burgundy 2010 Cadillac Escalade registered to the 14th Congressional District.

      • ScoutDawg

        That was just a perk sir.

  2. Tenn_Dawg

    “um-hmm”. Cool…..I’ll use that next time I am busted and I don’t necessarily want to tell a lie but I don’t want to tell the truth either. I thought Tressel was suppose to be a straight shooter? As the facts of this story become clearer it becomes harder and harder for the NCAA to just ignore. So he will tell some mentor but not the highly paid legal consel at Ohio State.

    I also loved this……
    Many in Pryor’s hometown said they have been stunned that the local prodigy has been criticized so harshly.

    “He has made play after play after play for Ohio State, and it just doesn’t seem like anyone over there is ever satisfied with Terrelle,” said Rick Pitzer, manager of Pitzer’s Townhouse restaurant in Jeannette, which Pryor has frequented over the years. “I know there are rules, but the items he sold were his. And to take away half a season from him and ruin his last chance for the Heisman just doesn’t seem right. We are so proud of him, but you have no idea what it would have meant to have a Heisman Trophy winner from Jeannette.”

    Yeah…it kind of sucks for you buddy….just like it sucked for AJ and the Bulldog Nation. I guess the lesson here is when you play college football your stuff is not really “YOUR” stuff.

    BTW…does anybody know what kind of loaner AJ had?

    • Joe

      Just like my medicine is mine, but I am NOT allowed to sell it!!

      That is the deal they sign, and I don’t care what these guys say, they KNEW this (these rules have been in place as far back as the 60’s.)

  3. JBJ

    OSU is delaying the inevitable. So long sweater vest, hello mediocre teams from NCAA penalties.

    The car situation really shows how people can skirt the NCAA law very easily. Just take your POS car to a dealership and they will give you something on loan while it is in for repair. Hell they do it for everyone! So what if your repair takes 4 years?

  4. Mr. Tu

    67 year old white “mentor” for Pryor? I am sure he has lot of “wisdom” to share. Of course, Tressel must have known he was more trustworthy than his AD or compliance Department. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have jeopardized a criminal investigation by telling him, right? Will people look passed the sweater vest and glasses now?

    Now, cue Texas Dawg to turn this comments thread into another screed about the evils of oversigning….

    • Ausdawg85

      But according to Neil Young…errr…Texas Dawg….explotation of black athletes only happens in the S E C!!

      Cue Dog in Fla to post some Lynryd Skynyrd video….you know which one.

      • Texas_Dawg

        But according to Neil Young…errr…Texas Dawg….explotation of black athletes only happens in the S E C!!

        Do you have a link to where I said that?

        Why do you hate Big 10 schools more than the SEC schools that are much more greatly screwing over UGA? Did you graduate from UGA or is it just another sports team for you?

      • Dog in Fla

        I’m on it…


    • Dog in Fla

      Gameplan for how tOSU will take on the NCAA:

  5. Ausdawg85

    Not that anyone seriously promoted the sweater vest for the job (although I think some posters actually had him on their fantasy lists) but for those who say “Fire CMR!”, the question still remains, who do you get? Sadly, the most successful programs of the era….USC, Bama, Auburn, Tenn, tOSU, etc….have had some serious issues. I’m omitting Florida because, well, they do no wrong since inventing football in the 1990’s. Texas is probably the best example of doing things (mostly) right and riding the wave of truly spectacular collegiate player(s).

    That’s not a strict defense of Richt, but if you want to run a clean program AND win, your choice of coaches gets pretty narrow. It would seem that for every Peterson, there is a RichRod. If and when CMR leaves, by his choice or others’, I’m fairly certain he will be holding his head high.

  6. 69Dawg

    This whole OSU thing is a shower show, every time you hear more you want to take a shower afterwards. I for one still think the NCAA will not do a damn thing more to the Vest than OSU has. The B1G is lobbying their butts off to stop their flagship from sinking.

  7. By Georgia We Did It

    “The salesman has told The Dispatch that Pryor didn’t buy the 2004 GMC Denali because he couldn’t afford it.”

    Really? A college kid with no job can’t afford a Yukon Denali? That saleman must’ve gone to business school at tOSU because he sounds really smart.

  8. Seems to be that some are trying to defend the actions and decisions of OSU since Pryor’s recruitment days as some mistakes that needs to be forgiven for his hometown sake and for the mistakes of a 20 year old kid???? The article seem to imply that since Pryor is just a regular 20 year old he should be excuse for his many transgressions. Alright, I will give them that break. But how about those 50 year olds or more that allow these mistakes to go on and even tried to hide them????????, and that includes OSU.
    Also if Tressel is crying confidentiality, he had broken it by sharing the email to another who is not a legal adviser.
    And the car dealer should have known before loaning a car to Pryor, that he cannot afford the car. Yes, they loan cars to OTHER FOLKS, but the car dealers know that these OTHER FOLKS can afford before hand when they check their credit report prior.

  9. Texas_Dawg

    It’s nice to see that OSU at least has to deal with a serious press. The Columbus Dispatch has done a lot of good work uncovering scandals at the school.

    As anyone who saw the “Pony Excess” 30 for 30 on SMU knows, it is a whole lot more difficult to pull off SEC West style rackets when you are located in a city and face a serious press. Buried in the backwoods of small, poorly developed towns, it is a whole lot easier to do what the SEC West schools do.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      Good point. I think that was the interesting thing to me about the SMU story. Rather than taking any sort of leading role in investigating the obvious rule-breaking going on in Texas during that time, the NCAA was finally forced to act because the competing Dallas press outlets basically proved the many violations and rubbed their noses in it. With most of the big boy schools, things haven’t changed one bit.

      • Texas_Dawg

        SMU’s situation was especially bad because not only was it right in the middle of a market with a serious press, but very few of those press members were SMU fans.

        The South Carolina and Alabama oversigning situations lately have been a great example of how the local press covers for the home team in these small markets. The South Carolina press asked zero questions of Spurrier and his staff with the Lorenzo Mauldin scandal. And a couple beat reporters were especially active in helping the SC coaches attempt to bury the story. But thanks to Chip Towers (working in a rival market), who looked into the issue after I and someone else I know contacted him and alerted him to the issue, the story blew up in South Carolina’s face, eventually even turning into an embarrassing Wall Street Journal report.

        Similarly with Alabama, several local beat reporters have very aggressively attempted to bury the oversigning story. And Auburn beat reporters and fans – who would be all over the issue were it a pay-for-play or similar scandal – want nothing to do with the story because their side of the street on the issue is also very dirty. It has taken reporters based in Alabama who are not from the South and not SEC fans (i.e. Kevin Scarbinsky, Jon Solomon, and Ian Rapoport) to go and ask the questions that most of the other Alabama reporters will not. They have done so in the face of extreme vitriol from a sick culture in a poor state, but the work of these few is starting to produce some very real results in the form of increasingly embarrassing details (e.g. the document redacting) coming out of Tuscaloosa.

        Cities (and those university towns that draw heavily from them) are full of professionals and well-educated people and thus produce stronger and healthier institutions (such as the press) than are found in the tiny towns of economically and demographically stagnant poor states. Thus UGA could never get away with the level of bad behavior SEC West schools could get away with. But that’s a very good thing and a sign of how much Georgia has progressed out of the Old South where the SEC West and South Carolina still reside.

  10. MinnesotaDawg

    The surprising thing is not that Tressel lied, and continues to lie every time he speaks. No, the surprising thing is that he keeps on getting caught. Though not ethical, I used to think he was pretty smart.

  11. Cojones

    It’s time for Tressel, the team, and OSU to take the medicine before the disease becomes terminal. And that means forfeiture of games as well.

  12. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Everybody’s equal ‘cept some are more equal than others in the eyes of the NCAA. That august institution will keep its head in the sand about all the scumbag things going on at tOSU because the NCAA does not want to find anything bad out about them. If they did the NCAA would have to act. The only way Auburn goes down is if the Feds have damning evidence from the ancillary criminal investigation proving Cammie took money to go to Auburn and that evidence is made public. Otherwise, NCAA head meet sand.

    • Texas_Dawg

      The NCAA recently gave USC, arguably the top college football program of the past decade, massive sanctions.

      And while we can debate whether or not the OSU players should have been suspended for their bowl game or not, they are still being suspended for 5 games next year. If, say, Florida players were facing such punishments, would you want them suspended for one quasi-exhibition game or for 5 games next year? That’s a very, very easy call for me. They can have the meaningless bowl game. I’d much rather them face a much bigger handicap with games that actually matter in the following season.

      The NCAA’s problem isn’t that it won’t hand out stiff punishments. It’s that it’s greatly understaffed and thus doesn’t hand out such punishments until long investigations provoked by the work of others in the press or government.

      And as for Newton and Auburn, numerous press members have aggressively looked all over the place attempting to find evidence of Auburn wrong-doing. For over half a year now. Yet they have found nothing. Maybe Cecil Newton tried to get paid, found no takers, and ultimately just dropped the scheme.

      If you are looking for a reason to believe the Auburn MNC is bogus, there’s an easier answer: they signed 119 players from 2007-2010. More than any other BCS program and 33 more players than Georgia, for example. Morally reprehensible behavior that has far more destructive results on human lives than does giving a poor family some money (which it’s increasingly looking like they didn’t do anyway).

  13. Cojones

    Forfeiture of games is not in lieu of suspensions. It is for the separate offense of playing ineligible players. The suspensions are for selling equipment, the same as AJ. Forfeiture is for the coverup and ensuing intentional lies in order that they could play the games and the bowl.
    The selling was done by the players and their suspensions reflected as much. The coverup and lies was performed by the coach and others to be named . While the players participated in the coverup it was at the behest of the coach with (the appearance of) additional OSU officialdom. Misleading the NCAA in order for players to continue in games is the morally reprehensible action Texas-Dawg tries to imply in overrecruiting . Extend that moral outrage to lies and coverup in order for players to be able to continue for the upcoming (2010) season. That ain’t chopped liver.

    • shane#1

      Tressel said he told no one, now we find that he told Pryor’s mentor. Are we sure he told no one at tOSU? Was Tressel the author of the coverup, or was the coverup managed by the AD? If that is true will Sweater Vest take a hit for the team or will he spill the beans?

  14. Jaybird

    How many of those 119 players that Auburn signed actually made it to Auburn’s campus? That needs to be answered if I am to agree with your premise of “morally reprehensible behavior..”…….. Tuberville was huge on signing players that were borderline qualifiers, or just the ” sign and place” kids that went the juco route, with hopes of re-signing with Auburn in a year or two. I’m going to place my bet that many, many of those kids just signed papers and never set foot on Auburn’s fields.