See if you can guess what I am now.

Travis Fain brought this to my attention the other day – did you know that if you google “Blutarsky”, this site comes up ahead of the character?

As a huge fan of the movie, I don’t know whether I’m more amused or appalled.  But I am appreciative.  Thanks to all of you who visit here.


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13 responses to “See if you can guess what I am now.

  1. Joe

    Just don’t follow his lead and self destruct!


  2. crapsandwich

    Thank god you don’t call yourself Senator Flounder, we have enough of those guys in Washington.


  3. Castleberry

    Wow indeed. Not sure if you saw the “Where are they now?” special feature on the Animal House 30th anniversary, but apparently the Senator made it in to the White House.

    I still think Senator Blutarsky has a nicer ring to it.


  4. 81 Dog

    why shouldnt you come up before Belushi? Not to denigrate the original, but you’ve had a lot better run the last several years than he has. Mazel tov!


  5. 69Dawg

    Have you ever received a cease and decease order from the Producers???


  6. Ausdawg85

    Wait…you’re not him?!


  7. H-Town Dawg

    It IS impressive, actually. Congratulations Senator!


  8. CDawg

    fyi, it’s been coming up that way on Google for at least 3 years and is the way I sometime still pull up the site. I assumed you were paying some type of search engine fee for that. Glad, but not surprised, to hear that’s not the case.
    Keep up the good work!


  9. Tim Rankine

    Kudos! I noticed this a year or so ago. Can’t be easy to lay off the coke and hired women and also compose these daily nuggets of truth.


  10. Spike

    You are now on DOUBLE, SECRET PROBATION!!


  11. Bad M

    Not that there’s that much competition, but you are also number one when you google “get the picture”. Put those results together and you have yourself a powerhouse site. Congrats.